October is a big month with PCSC and PC 4H partnering to make two major events occur. A major fundraiser for 4H, Bust'n Pumpkins, on the 14th and 4H providing a dinner for us before the Election Oct 19th. Before that, on the first Saturday is a major Swap Meet at our Events Building. 

We can't stress how much we'd appreciate your support of these events, so mark you calendars,  enjoy the fun and accomplishment the events provide.

You know that "diamonds in the rough" are found at PCSC Swap Meet !  I've never been to one that didn't benefit.  Even if it is just for the lunch by Dee's Treats and the camaraderie, the Swap Meet is hard to beat.

Just when you thought there was only one event on the second Saturday, the 14th, think again. AT 7:30 AM registration begins for the continuing revival of Pistol Matches at PCSC. We have a member with a golden curriculum vitae, a fun and caring personality who is the match director - where the match is for fun AND learning !  Yes, Fred Muller is enthusiastic and dedicated to helping improve participant skills in pistol safety and performance.

Last in the month, but not least, is the David Reuter Memorial Rifle Match and scholarship fundraiser raffle.  You can read more about all in this newsletter and at www.parkersportsman.com.
We all know the club has become a great gun range, but with events like occurring in October, it is a place and time, NOT TO BE MISSED !

As always, thank you for being a member and...

Enjoy the range - be safe !

Keith Eberly
President 2017
Swap Meet October 7th be here before you know it !!!
The food is exceptional, and a real VALUE ...
Dee's Treats...
don't miss out !
Raffle Tickets for Golden Boy Rifle to benefit David Reuter Memorial Scholarship fund also available !
4H Bustin' Pumpkins !  It's that fun time of year again OCT 14 9AM
A lot of work has gone into making one of the best sporting clays courses.
Click on link below or the image for TWO PAGE information flyer.
This year PCSC has authorized sponsorship of two teams.
This is a great course of fire and not set up but once a year.
Don't miss this event - it is Parker County 4H biggest fundraiser of the year !
AND, All Military,  First Responders and PCSC members enjoy a 10% discount. Don't delay and later wish you had signed up this MAJOR event for PCSC and our own 4H Club. You can still sign up for the early registration gun drawing until the October 1st deadline. See the flyer for contact information and details !

Pistol Competition on the Second Saturday !

Monthly Pistol Match is authorized for the Second Saturday of the month for the next three months at 7:30 AM on Range A.  Contact Fred if you have any questions and or want to assist in some way.  We are fortunate to have Scott Maclaskey and Fred Muller heading up our Pistol Division ! Read more...
Contact Fred Muller at fmuller@FA-Texas.com

Service Rifle News - Most active CMP club in area !
The 2017 Service Rifle Schedules 
Full Service Rifle Match Document is a big file, allow time for download.

See FB PCSC PRivate group for videos photos and more.

Gun Raffle Tickets $10 or 3 / $25 !
November and December Membership Drive
Tell your friends and guests. They can join in November and December for the year 2018 and get key for Nov/Dec 2017 - FREE.  Yep. FREE two months.  Probably the only real Free item you'll get in your life, well, you know...Everything has a hidden cost, but this, not really.  Yes. Tell your friends, join by attended an orientation in November or December of 2017 for 2018 and you get keys for both. Spread the word...those guests you been bringing out and being responsible for, let them be a member too ! Have them contact us via http://www.parkersportsman.com/contact.html or even better, call our New Member Concierge, Ron Woods at 817 694 9817. And remember the new member documents are available for download in PDF format at http://www.parkersportsman.com/repository.html
 September Meeting Notes - Secretary 

The meeting started on time with Keith Eberly presiding. A quorum was present. The main thrust of this September meeting is getting ready for October Events, particularly the Officer and Director Election and the Membership Renewal and Election Notification Mailing. There were no nominees from the floor and the board authorized an official ballot. The list of nominees and their resume' will be included in the renewal document package to be mailed out on or about Monday October 2nd. Resumes are being published via US Mail hard copy to respect nominee privacy. The election is incorporated in the October board meeting and will be held early in the meeting to respect the many members valuable time. Bring your membership badge with you to receive a ballot. We want to support the 4H club with donations as they are providing a light dinner for us about 6 PM prior to the meeting as was done last year.
All events are ready to go.
There will be a Envelope Stuffing Part on Saturday the 30th starting at 10 AM. We hope to be done by 2 with a lunch provided. We hope all members receive their LARGE ENVELOPE during the first week of October.

Facility Notes
By Jon Kitts: Please help by not putting oversized targets, targets too close to edge and therefore shooting up the wooden part of the target frames. Membership fees can go up to accommodate the excessive repair in labor and materials that come from not caring for the target frames. Read More click here.

By: Byron Miller 
We encourage all members attend a shotgun orientation, get qualified to operate the throwers and enjoy our trap and skeet facilities.
These machines sometimes break or need adjusting. I am asking for your help to keep them running properly.
Byron Miller 817-304-9904
Henry Harwood 817-229-8625
Please provide details of the problem so we can obtain the proper supplies to make the repairs.

October Calendar
Facilities impacted by events: Saturday events in October will impact the following parts of the facility. Oct 7th Swap Meet: Event building and considerable parking, event open to the public. Oct 14th Range A from 7:30 until about 12:00 Noon: Pistol Match. Property to the North and traffic on Advance Road and range most all day 4H Bust'n Pumpkins. October 21st is Range C for 8:00 til about 2PM? Contact 817 694 9817 for details on Service Rifle Match and Swap Meet. Contact Fred Muller for Pistol Match, see article pistol match Read More...
See Bust'n Pumpkins Flyer for information on that event. As always, http://www.parkersportsman.com/contact.html gets to the Secretary and routed to proper personnel.

Parting Shots - Wow OCTOBER !
PCSC Election 2017 !
Bust'n Pumpkins 4H Fundraiser !
Pistol Competition continues !
Swap Meet !
Rifle Match !
David Reuter Memorial Scholarship !
Did I forget something? Probably, with so much going on.
Wow, PCSC is more than just a gun range.  With what all that's going on in October, just this one month is enough to make you proud to be a member of the best little secret in the country - for enjoying the 2nd Amendment.
And more...consider the fine members we have and the good time you've had just shooting the breeze !
This past Sunday left me with a great feeling - having my wife out to shoot with us and she got to visit with new friends at the range.
And, your Vice President, Ryan Donnell has been getting things done in a big way to get an Archery Range to the West of Range A, just behind the Guard Shack. Thanks to Ryan and I don't know who all just yet that is making this happen. More as this progresses.

It is easy to forget that all these events, all of them, require dedication and work. Time spent, enjoyable time, putting something together for the benefit and learning it provides members. There is a long list of folks at PCSC that spend countless hours making it all happen. For this, we say a big "Thank YOU" !
So, come enjoy your club and support the fundraisers that you choose with as little or as much as you desire.
Members, regardless of attending events, you are appreciated by the Board of Directors and Administrators - for making our club a safe and enjoyable place to be.

Chuck Garrett

PS: We have a newsletter sign up button on the website front page. If you have article for newsletter its easy to CONTACT US at
http://www.parkersportsman.com/contact.html or
email direct at chuckgarrett@msn.com. Entries need be ready to publish in MS Word or Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Thanks! 

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