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Thank You for the Water!

Before, Elise walked all the way down to the valley to get water from the river. It took 45 minutes and she was often late for school, especially in the rainy season when the path is muddy and slippery. The teacher hit her with a wooden stick to motivate her to get to class on time. 

Now, it takes her only 5 minutes to get water from the new tank at the church. Elise gets to school on time. She can focus on learning and not worry about missing lessons or getting beaten.    Read more...
Built to Last
Churches in Rwanda need ladders to keep the new rainwater gutters clean.   Ladders are too expensive for most rural churches to buy. 

Churches supply the wood and 
PEACEwater uses its power tools to build a ladder to leave at each church.
Rainwater Answers Prayers

Domitile Yankurije told us that her community desperately needed water. 
God answered our prayers and sent PEACEwater here to install this big tank. 
Children are doing better in school and adults have more time to earn their living. 
3rd Quarter Water Projects will Benefit 10,000 More Rwandans
Kigali Life

Life is tough in Rwanda. Children spend their days working hard, hauling water home and doing chores. We seldom see any toys. On Sunday afternoons, we invite Rwandan families to our home for croquet, ping pong, and Rummikub. The games are a big hit. 

Pictured above are Mary Kamanzi, a staff member in Saddleback's Kigali office, and her family. 
July 2015

Water and 
the Word
Isidore Rwamiheto

Working for PEACEwater has improved Isidore's life.

Pastor Isidore 

The next
fundraiser for No Thirsty Child will be held on September 24th at Pelican Hills in Newport Coast.
It is a fun event for a worthy cause. Please email to golf, donate items for the auction, or volunteer to  help.

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