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Valentine's Day, a holiday that celebrates relationships, reminds us to think about the importance of social connections. Although nursing homes are filled with people, residents often experience a depth of loneliness that affects their physical and mental health. This month we are releasing a tip sheet that provides strategies to meet residents'  Social Preferences . Find the tip sheet  on our website, , in the Tip Sheet section of our Resources page or click the image below.
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Success Story Spotlight

This month's success story comes from Mari Engelhardt, Administrator at Crawford Manor in Cleveland, OH. Mari explains how her staff found a way to honor residents' activity and social preferences -- and enliven their week!
Crawford Manor
Oscar,* a resident in the community, grew uncharacteristically withdrawn and despondent once he learned that he would not be able to return home because of his need for extensive help. A generally jovial and funny guy, Oscar felt that his life was over.

Seeing the change, Mari and her team asked Oscar what he would enjoy doing if he were at home. After Oscar said no to several options, the team asked if he likes to play games or cards and he answered with a resounding "Yes." In fact, he said he loved to play Spades.

In short order, Mari and her activity staff discovered other residents with the same preference and got a game together. Over the next couple of weeks, the group played happily a few times and then stopped. When Mari asked the residents why, she learned that the group needed help to organize the games. Now the Activities Department facilitates the weekly Spades session and all are delighted with the results. Mari says that Oscar's spirits, along those of the other card players, have brightened from the pleasure of sharing a game they all enjoy.

* Name changed for confidentiality.

Mari, Thank you for this wonderful example of honoring activity and social preferences!

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