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Gender Diversity: Including Men in the Conversation
Our program highlighted the value that gender diversity brings to individual career development and corporate success. Ken Heath Award Winners shared their personal experiences during a fireside chat moderated by Ann Neidenbach of Convergex. Keynote Candace Straight, Executive Producer of the film "Equity", spoke about her personal experiences with male mentors.

Please enjoy photos from our March 9th event.

Featured coverage:
Recognizing Men Who Promote Gender Diversity
Silvia Davi,, 3/7/17
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News Highlights 
An inclusive experience: Connection
Deloitte, 3/13/17
At Deloitte we believe inclusion unleashes the power of the diversity of our people. We are constantly innovating policies and practices that invite authentic and active engagement and help all of us develop and maintain a strong connection, feel that we belong, and continuously grow.

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Caroline Paul: To raise brave girls, encourage adventure
TED Talk, Filmed October 2016

Gutsy girls skateboard, climb trees, clamber around, fall down, scrape their knees, get right back up — and grow up to be brave women. Learn how to spark a little productive risk-taking and raise confident girls with stories and advice from firefighter, paraglider and all-around adventurer Caroline Paul.

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There's a surge in women trying to run for political office
Story Hinckley, Christian Science Monitor/Business Insider, 2/6/17
WASHINGTON — Brittany Shearer has always been interested in politics. She majored in political science in college, and regularly calls her state representatives about issues she cares about, such as education.

A $2.5 trillion asset manager just put a statue of a defiant girl in front of the Wall Street bull
Rachael Levy, Business Insider, 3/7/17

The world's third-largest asset manager installed a bronze statue of a defiant girl in front of Wall Street's iconic charging bull statue on Tuesday morning as part of its new campaign to pressure companies to add more women to their boards.

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Transforming the C-Suite: Developing and Advancing Women Leaders
Fortune, 3/3/17

[Despite] progress in many areas, the evidence shows that there is much more work to be done, particularly in achieving true gender parity in all levels of business. While it is widely accepted today that the full inclusion of women executives improves a company’s financial performance, and a majority of organizations have a formal senior leadership inclusion initiative in place, the data shows that the number of women in these positions is still significantly low.
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A former Wall Street exec says some of the most common career advice given to women is deeply flawed
Catherine Rice, Libby Kane, Business Insider, 2/27/17
On Farnoosh Torabi's 
So Money podcast, Krawcheck discussed the career advice commonly given to women. The major flaw with much of it, she said, is that women are encouraged to adopt more traditionally masculine traits in the workplace — to their detriment.

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9 Things You Can Do To Promote Gender Equality In The Workplace
Fairy Godboss, 2/21/17

If you’re reading this, you’re probably on board with Fairygodboss’ mission to promote 
gender equality in the workplace. Most of your friends and colleagues probably are, too. But it’s difficult to figure out how to get there. More and more companies are embracing gender diversity, setting ambitious targets and improving their parental leave policies. But if we leave it entirely up to companies, we won’t reach true equality as quickly as we’d like.
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Missing Pieces Report: The 2016 Board Diversity Census of Women and Minorities on Fortune 500 Boards
Deloitte, 2/14/17
This multi-year study published by the Alliance for Board Diversity (ABD), in collaboration with Deloitte for the 2016 census, provides powerful metrics on the slow change of diversity in the boardroom, and may help to guide corporations and advocates toward future improvements in minority and women board participation.
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Women are Less Likely to Apply for Executive Roles If They’ve Been Rejected Before
Raina Brands, Isabel Fernandez-Mateo, Harvard Business Review, 2/7/17
Although women make up 
40% of the global workforce, they hold only 24% of senior management roles around the world — a figure that has not changed significantly over the past decade. Of chief executive officers of S&P 500 firms, only about 5% are women. Why aren’t more talented women moving up? Researchers have pointed to an array of reasons, from explicit discrimination to promotion processes that quietly favor men, but one of the most perplexing is that women themselves aren’t as likely as men to put themselves forward for leadership roles through promotions, job transfers, and high-profile assignments.
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