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Spring 2015  

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Parent Heart Watch is the national voice solely dedicated to protecting youth from Sudden Cardiac Arrest and  preventable Sudden Cardiac Death. 

Parent Heart Watch leads and empowers others by sharing information, educating and advocating for change.

They Said It...
"Thank you for the posters and handouts regarding SCA in Youth.  Every school nurse dreads the call that the AED is needed, but I believe in being prepared. Getting the information to parents and coaches about the symptoms which are alarming and could point to an underlying problem, still need to be communicated.

Sandy Moritz, M.Ed, BS, CSN, RN
School Nurse Consultant 

In the News  

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National Think Tank on ECG Screenings
Held at FDA

Parent Heart Watch members played an important role when national and international stakeholders gathered on February 20th at the Cardiac Safety Research Consortium (CSRC) Think Tank on the Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death in the Young. The focus of the presentations and panel discussions was screening youth with electrocardiograms (ECGs). 

There are currently 44 Parent Heart Watch member organizations providing free or low cost heart screenings for youth in 25 states.  Many of these PHW members participated in a pre-Think Tank survey on screenings, which provided useful background information for this important conversation. A working group will convene to discuss next steps.
NCAA Medical Director Issues Supportive Statement on ECG Screenings
In a March 3 Wall Street Journal article, NCAA Medical Director Brian Hainline disclosed that he is preparing to recommend that athletes at higher risk of cardiac death, like male basketball players,  be required to undergo an electrocardiogram (ECG) test to search for cardiac defects.  Click here to read full article.
Legislative Update
The Texas legislature will hold a hearing today on HB 767, which states that students required by the University Interscholastic League  to have a physical examination before being allowed to participate in an athletic activity, must also be administered an ECG. 
New Mexico
Congratulations to PHW Board Member Steve Tannenbaum for helping re-draft the New Mexico Good Samaritan Law (SB189).  The new bill broadens immunity from litigation for individuals who use an AED, and for those who install them in their places of businesses.  Under the new bill, it must be established that the rescuer and/or provider must be grossly negligent and must cause injury or death before any liability can attach.  The bill has been passed by both houses and is waiting for the Governor's signature. 

Learn about all of the latest in legislative initiatives concerning SCA in youth.
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