In the Service of All Humanity:  PICS 2016 Interns in Action!
October 2016 
Dear Friends of PICS,  

We are excited to have had over 160 interns serving all across the country and abroad this summer, engaged in almost every aspect of the non-profit sector you can imagine. We have experienced tremendous growth in the PICS program this year, which we believe is indicative of the value placed on civic service by students and other members of the Princeton University community.

I hope you enjoy this opportunity to see what some of Princeton's finest have contributed and experienced in the summer of 2016!

With sincere gratitude for your support,


Chuck Freyer '69
Chairman, PICS

PICS Reception Video
See Highlights from PICS Summer 2016 Internships Experiences!

Kyle Lang's Internship Experience
"Every Hand Joined is a great environment for interns, especially those for whom it is their first internship, as it was for me. Everyone I met was so encouraging and supportive of my endeavors both in and outside of work, and I cannot thank everyone enough for that. Additionally, the work I was tasked with was both challenging and worthwhile. Because it is a small organization, I felt deeply involved into the work environment, and I could clearly see how the data I put together was and will be incorporated in the future. I am so blessed to be a part of the PICS program!"
Kyle Lang '19, PICS 2016 Intern at Every Hand Joined
A Summer with the Quebec Labrador Foundation
"Our wonderful 2016 Intern, Aleks Cvetkovic, is now an official Newfoundlander! ...wherever PICS found Aleks, we should declare it a very special place!   We are proud to soon have Aleks in the ranks of our QLF Alumni." 
Larry Morris '69, President of Quebec Labrador Foundation (pictured) with Aleks Cvetkovic '18

"During my PICS internship with the Quebec-Labrador Foundation (QLF), I got to see icebergs for the first time. This one was in the bay of St. Anthony, Newfoundland, where I and the other interns led an educational program about the local ecosystem at the Boys and Girls Club. We used a lesson on icebergs -- a familiar and cherished site for most of the kids -- to introduce them to the concept of climate change." 
Aleks Cvetkovic '18
In the Service of Humanity

 "I have learned an incredible amount about changing and improving society through a life in public service. While the change that we are fighting for can often times be slow due to partisan politics, I have experienced no other environment where people work passionately, not for the pay, but for the goals that they are trying to achieve."
Jarred Felix '19--PICS Schaeffer Internships in Government Service intern at the Office of Congressman Jared Polis '96--Colorado's 2nd Congressional District, pictured with other interns

"I had an awesome time working on Capitol Hill this summer. This is a picture of the Rayburn House Office Building, where Members of Congress and "hillterns" like myself went to work each day!"   
Kevin Zhang '19--PICS Schaeffer Internships in Government Service intern at the Office of Congressman John P. Sarbanes '84--Maryland's 3rd District

What Our Interns, Supervisors, and Alumni Partners Have to Say

"It was truly a pleasure to work with the PICS interns in Oakland and Philadelphia. Each of them was able to contribute to their school in a unique way. We'd love to continue partnering with you in future summers!" 

Laura Banos | Program & Analytics Director, Springboard Collaborative


"We LOVE working with PICS and remain grateful for our partnership." 
Liz Steinhauser | Director of Youth Programming at St. Stephens

"I'm enjoying my internship very much. I am loving the challenge of teaching these bright young scholars.  Sometimes it has been frustrating, but many of my students have really caught fire in terms of their motivation to learn and excitement about the subject matter, and that's very fulfilling and inspiring." 
Maya Aranoff '19, Breakthrough Miami intern
"Mr. Frank, my alumni partner, visited last week and did a walkthrough of our school. We discussed the work that's being done and various approaches to inner-city education. He also talked to me about my future major choices and career options, which was very helpful towards thinking about what classes I want to take next semester." 
Victoria Tang '19, intern at NorthStar Academy

"Everyone in Congressman Buck's office is so friendly and helpful. I have been able to meet several members of Congress and attend many lectures, hearings, and briefings. This has been a new experience for me, and it has been very exciting to get a better understanding of the finer details of how our legislative system functions. I have also had the opportunity to interact with many constituents and advocacy groups who are pushing for support for certain legislation. It has been very eye opening to understand the impact federal legislation has on the everyday lives of Americans all across the country. 
Looking forward to all that is to come!" 
Kaylee Grant '19, intern to Congressman Ken Buck '81
Donating to PICS

PICS internships change students' lives and help shape their futures. 


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"In my years (now 7) of serving as an alumni partner I consistently feel like I have gotten more out of the partnering experience than I have put into it.  The Princeton students with whom I have had the privilege to work have inspired me, made me a better, more thoughtful, more giving person, and have opened my eyes and helped me to see the world in ways I would not have been able to see the world without their intervention.  I'm grateful every day to PICS - and to my PICS partner-students - for being a part of my life!"  Sue McSorley '77

Contact Jeri Schaefer,
609-258-2682 to learn more
Many Thanks to Our 2016 Alumni Partners 
Harry Aldrich '82
Allyson Alimansky '96
Bob Axelrod '69
Terrence Ayala '81
Nina Bang-Jensen '77
L. Cole Barfield '03
Henry Barmeier '10
Bill Benjamin '69
John Berger '74
Ralph Binder '70
Gordon Bonnyman '69
Marc Brahaney '77
Jess Brondo Davidoff '04
Ken Buck '81
Robert Burkhardt '62
Tom Byrne '76
Zeit Cai '13
Anne Charrier H'69
Bill Charrier '69
Christine Chen '97
Peter Cohen '70
Michael Cunningham '77
Shantayanan Devarajan '75
Marc Diamond '87
Nancy Easton '88
Rich Edwards '69
Marty Eichelberger '67
John Evanko '91
Courtney Everson '03
Robert Falk '85
Gwen Feder '78
Alan Fine '79
Jay Finkelstein '75
Lauren Fisher '74
Jessica Flugge '98
Joan Foot S'69
Buck Foot '69   
Claus Frank '69
Chuck Freyer '69
Hope Glassburg '11
Paul Haaga '70
Paul Hanle '69
James Hartling '69
Sara Hastings '09
Emily Henkelman '04
Bruce Hillman '69
Steve Houck '69
Charlene Huang Olson '88
Matthew Jacobs '77
Colleen Kelly '77
Jim Killinger '95
Meredith Kimball '07
Rick Kitto '69
Bon Ku '09
Katie Kuga Wenner '04
Miriam Kuritzkes '10
Cheryl LaFleur '75
Rick Lapidus '98
Heather Lapidus Glassner '96
Dawn Leaness '06
Ann Lee Steinberg '07
Ayn Lever '88   
Nina Lightdale '96
Nancy Lin '77
Daijing Lin '11
Pamela Lloyd Coulter '72
Bob Loveman '69
Abigail Ludwig '09
Christopher Malik '97
Tina Masters '89
Michael McCrory '00
John McPherson '89
Sue McSorely '77
Seth Meisel '95
Chris Meyer '69
Lori Mihalich-Levin '01
Kathy Miller '77
Cathy Milton S'69
Chris Milton '69
Larry Morris '69
Phil Murphy '75
Dave Offensend '75
Christopher Olofson '92
Wayne Paglieri '78
Tom Perlmutter '85
Francis Pickering '04
Jared Polis '96 
Cheryl Pollack '75
Melanie Prusakowski '97
Carlos Ramos-Mrosovsky '04
Richard Rampell '74
Skip Rankin '72
Sandy Rea '69
Joyce Rechtschaffen '75
Rich Rein '69
Cheryl Rowe-Rendleman '81
John Sarbanes '84
Walt Schanbacher '73
Rich Schimel '75
Bruce Schirmer '75
John Scott '75  
Joe Serota '75
Lori Shearer S'69
Fred Shearer '69
Cathy Shu '04
Michelle Silverthorn '04
Morris Smith '76
Bruce Sokler '71
Heather Steans '85
Jadrien Steele '96
George Stern '69
Mary Strother '90
Erica Thaler '86
Elise van Oss '77
Lindsey White '04
Jordan Winter '97

We apologize for any errors or omissions. Please contact us with any corrections at 609-258-2682.  
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