PAR Mail 2018-082 | May 11, 2018
PAR member organizations are cordially invited to submit nominations for PAR's Board of Directors and Officers for this coming year. Each PAR member representative who has the vote of his/her PAR member organization is eligible to submit a nomination.
Please review the PAR Board of Directors Nominating Guidelines before submitting nominations to PAR's FY17/18 Nominating Committee Chair, Rob Reid, ( ) or to PAR's Assistant to the President and CEO, Candy Condran ( ), by close of business on Tuesday, June 5.
With your nomination, please provide a narrative that supports your nomination as meeting PAR's Nominating Guidelines . Submitting the nominee's resume is also helpful but not required. The Nominating Committee will focus on the Nominating Guidelines in its review of the nominees.
Election of officers will be held at the Annual Meeting on October 22 nd at the Harrisburg Hilton and Towers. Immediately after the election, the new Board of Directors and Officers will assume office. Bolding (below) indicates board positions open for nominations.
Terms of Office:
Each Board Director serves a 3-year term and may be re-nominated for a second 3- year term. For any individual who has served two consecutive 3-year terms, a one-year minimum rotation off the Board is required before an individual is eligible to be nominated again.
The PAR Board has four (4) Officers who are elected annually and may serve up to three (3) consecutive one-year terms in any one office. The Board Chair, Board Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer positions are open for nomination annually.
Names or positions bolded below are eligible for nomination or nominees.
Class of 2019
Kathleen Brown McHale (eligible to be nominated to a third and final one-year term as officer/Board Chair)
John Barber
Denise Clofine
Charles Hooker
Terrence McNelis
Kathryn Susano-Morris
Rob Reid
Ruth Siegfried
Class of 2020
Stephen Bruce
William Miller
Dean Stoesz
David Wyher
Class of 2021
Paul Coleman (eligible for 2nd 3-year term nomination)
William Harriger (eligible for 2nd 3-year term nomination)
Gregory Miller (eligible for 2nd 3-year term nomination)
Vacancy (Sr. Maryalice Jacquinot rotates off the Board per bylaws term limits)
Vacancy (Dr. Scott Spreat rotates off the Board per bylaws term limits)
Chair: Kathleen Brown McHale (eligible for nomination to a third and final one-year term as Board Chair)
Vice Chair: Terrence McNelis (eligible for nomination to a third and final one-year term as Board Vice Chair)
Secretary: Denise Clofine (eligible for nomination to a second one-year term as Secretary)
Treasurer: Vacancy
Board Members at Large: *TBA by the Board Chair
Immediate Past Chair : Rob Reid
*Board Members at Large are appointments of the Chair with approval of the Executive Committee. Appointments are made to achieve balance and bring various expertise onto the Executive Committee.

Note: Current Board members along with their organizations' names are given below:
John Barber, President and CEO, The Barber National Institute
Kathleen Brown McHale, CEO, SPIN, Inc.
Stephen Bruce, M.Ed., BCBA, Operations Vice President of Adult Services, Devereux
Denise Clofine, Administrator, St. Edmond's Home
Paul Coleman, CEO, LifePath, Inc.
William Harriger, CEO, Verland
Charles Hooker, President and CEO, Keystone Human Services
Sr. Maryalice Jacquinot, President and CEO, St. Joseph's Center
Terrence McNelis, Executive Vice President of IDD Services, Merakey
Gregory Miller, President and CEO, Penn-Mar Human Services
William Miller, President and CEO, Martha Lloyd Community Services
Kathryn Susano-Morris, President and CEO, Fayette Resources, Inc.
Rob Reid, President and CEO, Access Services, Inc.
Ruth Siegfried, President and CEO, InVision Human Services
Scott Spreat, Ph.D., President, National Research and Evaluation Center, Woods Services
Dean Stoesz, CEO, Indian Creek Foundation
David Wyher, President and CEO, Delta Community Supports, Inc.
PAR strives to provide a balance of representation by selecting executives who represent a variety of types and sizes of agencies regionally as well as particular skills that are needed on PAR's Board of Directors.
A proposed Slate of Directors and Officers will be completed by the Nominating Committee and published in a PAR Mail at least 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting which will take place during the PAR Solutions Conference on October 22, 2018.