"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.  
2 Corinthians 5:17

The Pilot
A newsletter of the Pilot Mountain Baptist Association       
May 2017 
A word from Walker,

Over the last two months I have addressed some of the organizational and personal reasons we struggle with change. This month I want to look at what happens if we refuse to change.
Let me say once again that not all change is good. Many who read this newsletter would agree that much of the moral and spiritual shifts we have seen occur in our country over the last fifty years have created more pain than progress. I am sure others would say that the gridlock we hear about in our nation's capital seems to perpetually stymie any real progress or needed breakthrough from happening at a time when we need it the most. Bad changes can bring about what seems to be insurmountable problems.
The kind of change I am referring to is not bad, just difficult. So, when a person or group of people bristle at the thought of any form of change, that attitude is typically an indicator of a rigidity of spirit that is not healthy. This refusal to adapt and change creates several problems. Here are just a few:
First, when we refuse to change we become situationally blind to incredible opportunities . A church that refuses to change might complain about how their community has "gone to the dogs," but this negative spirit causes them to not see all the ways they can offer the Good News of Jesus to broken people. Jesus tells us in the Sermon on the Mount that we are by calling and empowerment salt and light to the world (Matt. 5:13-16). This is not a reactive reality but a proactive one. We are told not to hide but to display our good works before men that people might know about our great and good God. If we withdraw from society and don't adapt our ministries to touch broken people's lives, we will miss out on a lot of wonderful things.
A second consequence that occurs when we refuse to change is that we become negative, self-absorbed people.  Have you ever noticed that people who hate change tend to complain a lot? I bet you don't have to think too hard without quickly coming up with a few people like this in your family or your church. What is quite ironic with these folks is that they don't think their negative spirit poses any problems. They believe when they complain that they are just being honest. The problem is that their negativity is contagious or repulsive. They can get a complaint congress together in a very rapid fashion. Complainers like being around other complainers. If they are not gathering people around them that feel the same way, then they are driving people away who look at things in a more open-ended fashion. Our negativity is not only noticed by believers but also by those outside of the faith. This type of behavior sullies our reputation rather than enhances our witness (Phil. 2:13-14).
Third, another result of refusing to change is that we become unaware of our own problems and struggles . Assuming we are ok just the way we are can become a slippery slope to becoming ineffectual ministers in our communities. Just because we are comfortable with the way things are does not mean that our preferences translate to ongoing effectiveness. Too often, I have seen pastors and churches that were "married" to a particular ministry or way of doing things because it had been successful in the past. I have often found that these people are shocked when they don't seem to connect to others the way they did twenty years ago. I can understand. I have a way of seeing and doing things that fits me. The problem occurs when I think that my way is free from flaws or can't be improved. In fact, not occasionally evaluating what we are doing is a sure way to become hypocritical (Rom. 2:18-24).
As you can see, none of us are immune to the challenges associated with refusing to change. May God give us the grace and wisdom to cling to what is unchanging and hold loosely to that which is temporary, even if it is what we prefer.
Your fellow servant in Christ,
Walker Armstrong
Executive Director PMBA

Laura Edwards
Administrative Assistant
First Baptist Church of Stanleyville

Let Us Hear From You!

If you have a ministry event that you would like for us to send out to PMBA congregations, please email shelley@pmba.org.  We can send either an e-card invitation or place your notice in  The Pilot   Newsletter.
PMBA Senior Adult Luncheon
Thursday, May 25 at 12 Noon
Old Town Baptist Church

Get your tickets today!

O nce again it is time for the PMBA Senior Adult Luncheon.  The PMBA Senior Adult Response Team is selling tickets for this annual event.   Tickets are on sale for $6.50 per person and can be purchased by calling PMBA at 336-830-8189 and telling us how many tickets to send you.  Will will put your tickets in the mail and you send us your check, payable to PMBA for Sr. Adult Tickets, P.O. Box 11843, Winston-Salem, NC 27116.  Deadline for purchasing tickets is May 19.  

Or, you can drop by the PMBA office Monday -- Thursday, from 9 AM -- 4 PM. You can call ahead (336-830-8189) and let us know how many to have ready for you to pick up.  

This year we have the opportunity to hear Hanna entertain us.  

Betty Huff and her crew will provide a delicious meal at a very affordable price.  To end the event, we will have door prizes to give away.  If any church or individual has a door prize to donate, please call Karen at 336-414-0812 or email her at karen@pmba.org.  The team is already collecting door prizes. 

Bring a van load or a bus load!  Invite your friends to join us!  

Call Karen Taylor if you have questions or need more information.  
Pastors' Conference June 11-12 
Phoenix Convention Center
A two-day conference for pastors, their wives, and anyone else who would like to attend. It's free and takes place on the two days before the Annual Meeting, in the same convention center.
If you would like to attend, but cannot afford the travel expenses, the Pastors' Conference is offering a scholarship program that may be able to help. See the link below for more information. 

For more information:
Website: www.sbcpc.net
Facebook: facebook.com/sbcpc

Upcoming Events

May 1--31 - Collecting stuffed animals, children's books and gently used toys.
We are collecting the above items for a summer reading program at one or two of our multi-housing ministries throughout the month of May.  Please drop off items at PMBA, Monday - Thursday from 9 AM - 3:00 PM between now and the end of May.  Also needed:  volunteers to serve as "listeners" to children as they ready and to help with the summer reading program one day a week this summer.  Contact David Parsons (336) 399-7613 or Karen Taylor (336) 830-8189 for more information.
May 6 - Community Day - Love Your Neighbor  -- Plan a day for the neighbors in your community.  Looks for ways to focus on the people. Making them more aware of your church and services to the community.  Go to www.pmba.org for a complete list of possible projects.
May 18 -- Bread of Life Food Pantry Yard GiveAway  -   We are still collecting household items (irons, ironing boards, vacuum cleaners that work, small appliances, microwaves, all kitchen utensils and dishes, pots and pans, bed linens, pillows, decorative items, bath mats, bath linens, etc.); yard items (rakes, clippers, trimmers, patio furniture, nice flower pots, etc.); gently used toys and children's clothing.  Bring all donation items to PMBA, 407 Petree Road, Winston-Salem 27106 by Tuesday, May 16.  Items can be dropped off between Monday - Thursday, from 9 AM - 3 PM.
May 25 -PMBA Senior Adult Luncheon at Old Town Baptist Church at 12 noon. 
Make plans to attend and invite neighbors and friends.  We have wonderful, uplifting entertainment, a great meal prepared by Betty Huff and her Crew, and door prizes!!!  Tickets are on sale for $6.50 per person. Make checks payable to PMBA (for Senior Adult Luncheon) and mail to P.O. Box 11843, Winston-Salem, NC 27116-1843.  Call in the number of tickets you need and put your check in the mail.  We will mail them out to you immediately. 
Pick a day from the above list or set aside another day for your church to focus on 
your community...your neighbors...first responders near you!
Make a difference!  Contact Karen Taylor (336) 830-8189 or (336) 414-0812 if you would like help in planning an event or if you would like to partner with another church close to your community.
Now Hiring Summer Interns!

If you have a college student that would like to serve as a Summer Intern, please have him/her send a biographical sketch, including a testimony, to Karen Taylor, Community Missionary by May 10. We hope to hire four summer interns to serve our churches this summer.  The ideal candidate will have church experience, especially in the areas of VBS, and other community mission events.  
The candidate will work between 30-35 hours per week, must have transportation and be willing to travel to different PMBA congregations as needed.  Our interns will be available to serve in areas of VBS, Backyard Bible Clubs, Wednesday and Sunday night youth events, possibly serve as a youth counselor for a mission trip (if requested and available).  All summer interns will participate in Student Life Week and Deep Impact, if needed.  
Interns will work from June 1 -- July 31. Will be paid twice monthly and receive a gas stiffen of $100 each month.
Those interested need to submit their biographical sketch (to include any mission/church experience as well as their personal testimony) to Karen Taylor. Contact information:  Karen Taylor, Community Missionary, PMBA, PO Box 11843, Winston-Salem, NC 27116-1843 or , karen@pmba.org. Please call Karen at (336) 830-8189 or (336) 414-0812 if you have questions or need more information.
Food Roundup

Collections for the Baptist Children's Home Food Roundup has been going on during the month of April. We hope to deliver the food by Friday, May 5. There is only a couple of weeks left, so please deliver your contributions ASAP.

Please deliver food collections to the PMBA office at 407 Petree Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 anytime Monday - Thursday, 9 AM - 3:30 PM.  For a complete list of collection items, please visit the Baptist Children's Home website:   www.bchfamily.org

Help us pack our trailer.  If you can help load the food Thursday, May 4, please let us know!  We just need a few good men to help with loading. We ask that all items be placed in boxes for easy packing. If you have additional boxes you can bring us, please drop them off ASAP. Boxes should not be too large in order that they can be lifted and placed on the trailer. 

Gift cards need to be handed to Shelley Vestal or our receptionist when you bring your food. We will hand-deliver the gift cards to Thomasville when we deliver the food. Monetary donations should be mailed out to the Baptist Children's Home for Food Roundup, and mailed to their office in Thomasville.

Contact Karen Taylor at 336-830-8189 if you have questions.
Baptist On Missions

May 6th The Baptist On Mission golf tournament will be held at Oak Hollow golf course   Click here for more information

June 26- July 1 FBC Walnut Cove will be hosting the Stokes/Forsyth Deep Impact camp. Deep Impact is a missions camp for middle school and high school students. If you know of any projects that they could work on, please contact me and let me know. 

Openings Among 
PMBA Churches

  • Union Cross Baptist Church - is looking for a a part time minister of youth and children. If you sense God could use you in this part time position, please send your resume, including relevant experience/skills to kent@unioncrossbaptist.org.  Hiring August 2017
  • Iglesia Bautista de Union Cross is seeking a Bivocational Pastor for a local PMBA Hispanic congregation. Please call: Miguel Alvarez @336-772-3257
  • Walkertown First Baptist Church is seeking a part-tiime Minister of Music. Please send resumes to:  Personnel Committee, Walkertown First Baptist Church, PO Box 310, NC 27051
  • Union Hill Baptist Church is seeking a part-time Pianist.  For further information, please contact:  Pastor Christopher Burcham email: burchpastor@triad.rr.com phone: 336-575-1870.
Please note: 
Check out our website:  www.pmba.org  for job openings from local businesses. 
Please help us pray for:

David & Kathy Parsons' family - 
Had to travel to New York due to granddaughter's declining health, and the mother is expecting another child. 

Barbara Benge - member of Bethany Baptist Church and PMBA volunteer, Barbara is in ICU 168 at Forsyth Hospital, having suffered another stroke. 

Kathy Hughes  - member of King Cowboy Church wife of Pastor Rick Hughes, with serious health concerns. 

Sandra Pollard  - member of Ardmore Baptist Church, ongoing chronic illness.

Cliff Willis   - Pastor of Willow Oaks Baptist Church - recovering from some health issues.

Giles Smith - member of Lewisville Baptist Church and served on the PMBA Senior Adult Ministry Response Team for many years.  - cancer 

Please keep these people in your prayers this month.  If you would like to have someone added to our list or if you would like to send a note of encouragement, please contact the PMBA office at 336-830- 8189 for their address.
Leak Memorial Baptist Church  is looking for a large passenger van for their church.  
If you or anyone you know has one for sale or donation please call:  Craig Richards, Pastor @ 336.655.4888

Are you interested in becoming a Foster Parent?

The Baptist Children's Homes of NC can assist in licensing families that are interested in becoming a foster parent.
If you or someone you know is interested, please contact 
Danetta Christmas 

If you know of someone who would like to receive The  Pilot Newsletter, please call the PMBA office at 336-830-8189 and give us their email address or home address.  Or, email their contact information to shelley@pmba.org.

Please share this information with others in your congregations.