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Rima Dickson MPA
 PPOC BC Chair

First of all I'd like to welcome our newest member -   Mark Gibbon of Vancouver!

Our PPOC BC board has met and we have readjusted some of our portfolios effective Jan 1st, 2016. Our full election will be in the spring as the board terms are switching to be June 1 to May 31st annually.
In the position of chair we welcome Renee Charboneau , in the position of vice chair we welcome Melanie Dreyer , our treasurer remains Larry Sherban , Andrew Simpson will be handling scholarship  and Susie Crichton moves over to   Accreditation.. New to our board in the position of communications we welcome Ivan Yastrebov , honors and awards remains Kent Wong , our new salon liaison is Tracey Harper, membership will be handled by Alexis Walters , Rob Salmon will be handling our nominations  in the spring, Jillian Chateauneuf and Anna Beaudry will be co-chairing PHOTOGraphie , and I remain PPOC BC director to the national board. We thank you departing members for your service and our great year! 
Congratulations to all on our board, and we look forward to another great year.
We are still looking for more members to join our board, so if you are willing to come and serve, wanting to earn more merit points towards your CPA, MPA or SPA, please contact me or Renee Charbonneau directly.
I hope this season has been a great season for your family and your business!

Rima Dickson, MPA


Accreditations do not have to be a last minute thing! REALLY!

Increase you chance of success and plan ahead. Use the brain trust of all the BC Region Judges to help select your accreditation images. Get constructive comments and have a phone consultation to summarize the whole thing! Do it as many times as you want and it ' s FREE!!!

Pre-Accreditation Reviews are available all year long, Start now for the February submission.

Click Here for the Pre-Accreditation guidelines.
Philomena Hughes MPA, F/PPABC - BC Consulting Judge
Jason Shafto - BC Publisher


For those thinking ahead to future accreditation submissions, the following submission deadlines have been set for 2016:
February 1, 2016 (preview deadline January 17)
April 4, 2016 (preview deadline March 18)
July 11, 2016 (preview deadline June 24)
October 3, 2016 (preview deadline September 18)


BC Region has launched an online critique service.

Having members formally engage in critiques of their own work is a powerful educational experience. The BC Region believes that it is important to re-establish interaction with its members to discuss how their work relates to the full range of saleable professional imagery. Having a membership that fully understands how to recognize what is a professional saleable image baseline is better for us all. Having a member that understands the criteria that separates a saleable image, an above average image and an exceptional image will add clarity to creative vision and the image merit system.

This program will be PPOC image evaluation 101, a conversation with the maker about their finished work and how it is presented. It will be available to all BC members. Promotional focus will be to the new members requiring accreditations and those not entering the regional salon. Submit images via email and you will get a written report and a phone consultation to summarize the results.

The Program:
  •  Is in addition to image critiques held by branches, regional seminars and nation events
  •  Based on an online survey service
  •  Accepts random subject matter
  •  Up to 10 images
  •  Critique based the question - As a professionally produced salable image, it is believed to be:
    • o    Below Average
    • o    Average
    • o    Above Average (Accreditation level)
    • o    Exceptional (Salon Level)
  •  Reviewed by BC Judges
  •  Comments to be collected from the judges
  •  Consultation with maker by a BC National judge with good  experience.
  •  Service will not be available for the 5 weeks prior to each  quarterly Accreditation deadline
Submission is easy and follows the same file prep as the 
Pre-Accreditation review.

The Critique digital files shall be:
1)  Sized to no larger than 1200 pixels wide x 800 pixels high.
2)  (Vertical images will be only 800 pixels high).
3)  Viewed on a horizontal display only.
3)  Saved to approximately #8 (of 12) or 70% compression JPEG.
5)  Adobe RGB1998, sRGB or ProPhoto profile.
6)  Named in a two digit sequence as 01.jpg, 02.jpg...
. 10.jpg.
7)  Compile the 10 images into a zip file (only).
8)  Zip file is named -   Makers Name critique.zip ( J Doe critique.zip )
9)  Email submission to critique@ppoc-bc.ca
10) Include a short summary of your target sales market for the images
(portrait, stock image, corporate, press etc.)

Rob Salmon, MPA, SPA, F/PPABC
Critique Program Committee Chair

Ivan Yastrebov
Program Critique Publisher


Thank- you to everyone that supported the Scholarship Silent Auction with donations,  by outbidding fellow members, setting up and helping out. We could not have done it without you! 
This year's recipients are the following members - whose names were drawn during the break at the Ken Sklute presentation September 28th during PHOTOGraphie:

1. Devin Manky
2. Wayne Carlton
3. Tina Richardson
4. Brett Hitchins
5. Wesley Allen Shaw

Congratulations to you all! 


Interior Branch

Branch Meetup!  Vision Casting & Planning for 2016
Sunday, November 22, 2015 2:00pm
Martin Veght's Studio, 5277 Silver Star Road, Vernon B.C
This is a great way to connect with other members in the interior so we can learn and grow together. Martin will share some of his experience of 30+ years in the industry and how it's changed and grown.

We will be planning for 2016, so bring your ideas for what kinds of topics or events you would like us to host.

Bonus! Martin is retiring and selling a bunch of his equipment, we will have first dibs on Sunday.
RSVP Melanie Dreyer 778.220.9604 or email:

Northern Branch

Thank-you to all the members that came out to our annual meeting on the 19th of October. Our current board as it stands:  
Vice Chair Jayson Hencheroff, secretary Debbie Malm and Chair position being vacant;however, we do have a member willing to Co-Chair this position so if this would interest you please let us know.

Jayson Hencheroff  is still the contact for the Local Airport where our images are on display, thank-you for doing this. If you have images up, let's help him out by changing our images up regularly so we can keep this display area. 

Our Winter Social will be on the 12th of December at 6:30pm where we will be meeting up for a group photo with Kelly Bergman at the Pine Center Mall. Then we will be heading over to Bobbi Carpino's studio so bring an appie, dessert and spirits to enjoy.

My time on this board will be coming to an end in November and am positive whomever takes on this role will do a fantastic job. I wish you all the best in whatever endeavors you approach  upon and in the future of PPOC-BC.

Warmest Regards,
Susie Crichton
Northern Branch Chair


The Professional Photographer's of Canada - BC Region is pleased to announce the recent presentation of a BC Fellowship to Burnaby member, Anna Beaudry MPA.
Anna Beaudry MPA

Regional Fellowship is earned by volunteering on PPOC-BC boards and committees and by consistently achieving the highest standard of image quality in the annual BC Image Competition. 

Anna joins an esteemed group of  members who through their skills, dedication and determination have reached this milestone in their profession.  BC Fellowship receiptients  are the leaders, innovators and talented individuals who help our regional association move forward.  

Congratulations, Anna.

Making Money with Outdoor & Nature Photography

Would you like to make outdoor and nature photography part of your photography business? Many photographers would love to make money with their photography but the markets these days are crowded and complex. Despite all that competition however, many photographers continue to make a full time living as an outdoor and nature photographer. In this session we will be discussing strategies for creating images the markets want, finding clients, and other income generating strategies. We'll look at 'newsworthy nature', conceptual photography, markets, agencies, and more.
Join us to hear from Charlie Borland of TheCommercialPhotographer.blogspot.ca .

Webinar: Tues. Nov 17th @ 3:00-4:00PM EST

**please note the change in software for the presentation of this webinar.  You may wish to login a few minutes early to familiarize yourself.


Stay tuned for news about the 2016 National Image Competition.  There are some changes to be aware of and all will be highlighted in the entry package.  Look for updated descriptions in some of the classifications as well as a change in class requirements for Photographer of the Year eligibility.  Full details will be in the December eContact.  We will update the PPOC website (under Image Competition) as the entry package and the upload link become available.  To start, here are the entry deadlines:
Early Deadline - Wed Feb 10 5:00 pm EST
Final Deadline - Wed Feb 17 5:00 pm EST
Judging Dates - Mar 4 & 5 
With the NATIONAL IMAGE COMPETITION just around the corner ... it is time to get working on your images!
Rima Dickson MPA
2016 PPOC Image Competition Chair 

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