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PRA President, Jehan Clark 
Jehan FTT

For those of you that don't know me, I want to give you a quick background...   

I moved to Pensacola in December of 2004 and fell in love with the area and the people. To quote the late Mayor Vince Whibbs Sr,  Pensacola is "where thousands live the way millions wish they could." 


Nothing could be more true. What a great venue for those of us that like to be active outdoors. Where else can you find a place that has a minimum of one race or athletic event and often multiple events every single weekend. 


My story is like many of yours.  Not long after moving here, and with a little prompting from a friend, I decided to do a little running.  My first race in Pensacola was the Fiesta 10k.  I was hooked. Then I found out about the PRA.  For a nominal membership I could run all PRA races at a discount and be kept up to date on all the other races around town. Sounded like a deal so I joined and started running any event I could.  After an injury I discovered that rewards also come from volunteering at events. In 2008 I was offered a position on the board and jumped at the chance. 


Now taking the role as President I am excited to have the new board at my side. Our first board meeting was very exciting and invigorating.  It is so great to have such an energetic and engaged group of people to serve the PRA. We started off by setting some new and much needed committees and it was great to see almost all of the new and returning board members willing to take on roles as committee chairs. We have had some great new volunteers step up and offer assistance, but we could always use more, so if you are interested in helping please contact me at . In the future months we are going to have some bios on each of the board members and officers so you can get to know them all a little better. I hope you are all as excited as I am for this years PRA race season. You will probably see a bit more of us out at other events as well, trying to promote the Mission of the PRA.


The Mission of the Pensacola Runners Association is to promote, support and develop running and racing along the northern Gulf Coast. Our objective is to provide information, education, training, social and sporting events for competitive and non- competitive runners and walkers of all ages, races, genders and abilities.


Thanks for all of your support!

Jehan Clark


Running Thoughts   Running Thoughts
    by Timo Hartigan

Baby It's Hot Outside

Well summer is upon us... and has been for quite some time.  At least by temperature and humidity readings if not by the date on the calendar.  And this summer is bound to break some records so be sure to be EXTRA cautious if you choose to exercise outdoors.  


I ran yesterday with the East Hill Hare and Hounds Running Club.  We didn't even start until 6pm and there was a cool breeze as we ran through downtown and along the bay front.  It was a beautiful trail set down by some real "hotties"... (Their term, not mine and pun intended).  


I had plenty of water, yet about 2.5 miles into the run, I was showing signs of heat distress.  I'm not a doctor and won't try to diagnose myself, but I make every effort to listen to my body, and I was hurting.

In fact, at the midway stop, (something the Club calls a "Beer Stop" even though plenty of water is served), I had only water, which is a bit unusual for me when free beer is available.


The run continued for another 1.5 miles and I took it real slow.  Post run I had about 5 mugs of Powerade and went with the Club into New York Nicks for our supper, (called the "On After" by members).  It wasn't until about 9pm that I was feeling better and by then I just wanted sleep.  I was exhausted.


I stay in good shape and try to eat well, but yesterday, the heat, humidity and summer activities all caught up with me... 


The day started with a big breakfast, only snacks for lunch, a few hours out in the sun at the beach and then a beer tasting held by the Brewers Guild of the Escambia Bay Homebrewers Association, and then the run.  


I only sampled a few ounces from 5 or 6 different beers at the beer tasting, but the dehydration that comes from consuming alcohol combined with the hot sun and only a snack for lunch created a potentially dangerous situation.  


I am a seasoned runner who normally wouldn't think twice about running any distance at any time, but yesterday surprised me.


So be careful this summer.  Run early if you can.  If you can't run early stay hydrated and keep air conditioned or at least in the shade and covered up before the run.  Carry water on your run or plan plenty of water stops...  And listen to your body.   Slow down, walk, or even stop if you feel unusually tired. 


Have a great summer but remember its hotter than you think...  And stay tuned for more Running Thoughts...



UWF Cross Country Teams to host 5k run on Campus. 

The University of West Florida Men's and Women's Cross Country teams kick off the fall cross country season by putting on a fundraising 5k race on their campus.  While the athletes themselves will not be racing, it is a chance for others to support the team and race on a course that represents one of the teams workout loops.  The race is directed this year by Seniors Jared Black (Tallahassee) and Tyler Bowman (Pensacola), and has awards for all age groups.


The race is August 13th on the UWF campus, with the start time set at 7 am to avoid the summer heat.  The course starts near the Soccer/Track complex and heads down campus drive, looping thru the center of campus and then back thru the cross country trail to come out at the track for an olympic style finish around the track.  The course record is 16:56, set last year by 29 year Darrell Williams of Daphne, Alabama, while the Women's record was also set last year by 33 year old Jennifer Pinto of Jacksonville in a time of 19:30.


The course records for the Master Division include a 17:21 time recorded by 40 year old Matt Dobson (former UWF Cross Country Coach) from Jay.  The Women's Master record was recorded in the 2009 race by 43 year old Shannon Kohler of Pensacola, with her 21:53 performance.

In the inaugral Argonaut 5k in 2009, the top time was turned in by 15 year old Jordan Redd of Fairborn, Ohio in a time of 17:27.  Jordan recently raced again in Pensacola, finishing last weeks' Firecracker 5k in second place, just behind current UWF cross country athlete Eddie Pagan.

The race includes a $15 entry fee, and includes a t-shirt as well as a challenging 5k run.  More information including pictures from last year, can be found on the following link.



Runner's Profile
 by Erika Smith
Erica Sapp- Runner


          After graduating from high school, Erica Sapp began running when her father invited her to join him as his "accountability partner" while he prepared for his Army PT tests. Erica was no stranger to athletics; she was a ballerina growing up and danced throughout high school.  She wanted to stay active and remain in shape after graduation and found running to be the "perfect solution".

            Erica's favorite race, "hands down", is the McGuire's St. Patrick's Day 5k. She also loves the PRA's Seafood Festival 5k and the Disney Half Marathon. In fact, she will be joining a few friends and PRA members for the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon on October 1st in Orlando. The group is also planning to return to Disney in January 2012 for the marathon - Erica's first!

            One of her favorite parts of running is "watching the sun rise over Pensacola Bay on my morning runs along Bayfront Parkway." She describes it as a "little slice of bliss handed down by God each morning." She enjoys running because of this spiritual aspect as well as the "sense of balance and all around good feeling" that running brings to her life. She adds that the free beer at the end of the races certainly doesn't hurt! J

            Erica grew up in Bonifay, Florida. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Political Science/Pre-Law in 2007, after completing an internship in Washington D.C. for Senator Richard Burr (NC). Since then, she has been working diligently on her Master's Degree in Political Science/Public Administration at UWF. She'll be graduating this semester! She is also employed at the law firm, Beggs and Lane.

            With full-time work and school, plus training, Erica has little free time at the moment. She recently began paddle boarding with Fitness on Board and LOVES it. (Translate as: A new paddle board would be the perfect graduation present!) She can also be found traveling, relaxing on the beach, and spending time with her friends and family.

            Erica is one of the newly elected Members of the Board of the Pensacola Runner's Association. She's looking forward to contributing to our running community through involvement in the organization. So, be sure to look for Erica at the next PRA race- one of my favorite's - the Membership Run. 

  Triathlon News   


Triathlon Day At The Grand Marlin

The Santa Rosa Island Triathlon will present Triathlon Day At The Grand Marlin restaurant on Saturday July 16th from 10 AM to 2 PM.  The Grand Marlin is located at 400 Pensacola Beach Boulevard at the foot of the Bob Sikes Bridge.  Triathlon clinics will be presented including swimming, biking and running techniques and nutrition.  Food and refreshments will be served and there will be door prizes and giveaways.  Several triathlon-related vendors and exhibitors will be featured as well.  For more information contact Charles Gheen at 380-0741 or go to


By Brent Bohlen 

Taken from the Spring2011, Club Running, Newsletter of the RRCA

At least once in your life you probably have seen Olyympic swimmers competing in the butterfly event. It's a grueling race that takes innate ability, technical skill, and dedicated training. I doubt if many of you watched the competitors exhaust every ounce of energy at their disposal at the finish of the race and then said to yourself, "If they were real athletes, they would swim the freestyle." 


I'm a racewalker. Good racewalkers have innate ability, technical skill, and dedicated training. But I bet that many runners don't consider racewalkers real athletes. If they were real athletes, they'd be running.


Racewalking is an event in the broader sport of track and field, just like the hurdles or long jump. It's been an Olympic event for more than 100 years. The world record holder for the 50K racewalk --31 miles--completed the event at a pace below 7 minutes per mile without running.

Once you are going faster than about a 13:00 minutes per mile pace, it takes more energy to race-walk that speed than it does to run. A runner going at a 10-minute-per-mile clip may be loafing along. The racewalker beside her is working hard -- just like someone swimming the butterfly stroke would have to work really hard to keep up with someone swimming freestyle.


I want this article to answer two questions for someone who is or has been a runner. First, why would I want to learn to racewalk? Second, what is racewalking?


Here are five reasons why a runner like you should want to learn to racewalk:

1.       You might find this is an event at which you excel. You'll never know if this is your sport if you never try it.

2.       You might be able to continue aerobic training while recovering from a running injury. Racewalking is highly aerobic but low impact. Many racewalkers were runners who first tried racewalking after suffering a running injury.

3.       You might be able to extend your competitive lifespan. As some people age, their joints can no longer take the pounding of training for running events but they miss competition. They find that racewalking doesn't hurt their joints and they can compete in judged racewalk competitions. I know two people competing nationally who are older than 90.

4.       You might find racewalking a good cross-training activity that helps your conditioning. It's highly aerobic and uses 95% of the muscles in your body, while running uses only 70%.

5.       Most of all, you might enjoy it.


Many if not most, racewalkers rarely compete in judged racewalks. They racewalk for its health and fitness benefits and for the social friendships they develop with other racewalkers. Also, some racewalkers were never runners. They were pedestrian walkers who wanted something more aerobic than just walking.

Racewalkers frequently enter road races with runners and try to maintain a legal racewalking form even though there are no judges to disqualify them. You gt significant personal satisfaction coming in ahead of runners when you know how much more effort it takes to racewalk a given pace.


What is racewalking? The official definition has two parts. The language is a bit legalistic, but the essence is this: (1) It must appear to the human eye that the racewalker never has both feet off the ground at the same time, i.e., there is no visible "in flight" period as there is with running. This contributes to the low-impact nature of the event. (2) The lead leg must be straightened at the knee at the time of heel strike and must remain straightened at least until the leg is vertical beneath the body.


The first part of the definition doesn't cause new racewalkers much problem, but the second part takes some practice. The racewalking technique helps one walk quickly and efficiently while staying within the bounds of the two-part definition.


You can learn the basics of the racewalking technique and begin enjoying its benefits in less than half an hour, but you can spend years mastering the technique. Dr. Alan Poisner, a friend from Kansas, took up the sport in his 50s. Even though he was getting older, he got faster every year for 8 years as his technique improved.


Some people racewalk at an easy pace, just like some people jog slowly. But racewalking can be just as physically demanding as elite-level running if you want it to be. The aerobic conditioning can be the same. You can get your heart rate up just as high when racewalking as you can when running.


Resting heart rate is a fairly good indicator of aerobic condition. I've been racewalking for about 5 years and always train with a heart rate monitor. For the past couple of years when I would drive out to an area to train in the morning my heart rate would drop to 48 beats per minute. This spring I've been training for a marathon and my resting heart rate has been going down to 43 or 44 beats per minute. Not bad shape for a man who must turned 60.


So, runners, give racewalking a little respect. Better yet, give it a try.


(In 2009 Bohlen won Silver and Bronze medals in the 55-59 age-group in the 5K and 1500m racewalks at the National Senior Games at Stanford University and that September placed 24th overall out of more than 2,600 finishers at the New Albany, Ohio Walking Classic 10K, the largest all-walker race in the country. For more about racewalking, check out his website at .)

Issue Number 11

July 2011

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Run With the Bulls Pensacola

Youth Patches Awarded

Bear Lake Trail Run - 5/21/2011

Allie Nelson           Brewton Middle School

Jordyn Hill              Scenic Heights Elementary

Bailey Depricst   Biloxi Jr High


Gary McAdams - 6/18/2011
Kenedi Fisk             NB Cook  

Madison Fisk         NB Cook

McKenzie Gaber  Rhodes Elementary

McKenzie Smith   Defuniak Elementary

Jacob Leonard      Aletheia Christian



Upcoming Races


Argonaut 5K 08/13/11


PRA Membership Run 08/27/11


Seafood Festival 5K Run/Walk 09/24/11

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Quote of the Month
"Where else can you find a place that has a minimum of one race or athletic event and often multiple events every single weekend. "  
Jehan Clark, PRA President
From this month's        
From the Top 
"a little slice of bliss handed down by God each morning."  
 Erica Sapp, Runner
From this month's        
Runner's Profile 
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Stay Hydrated

How much you sweat tells you how much to drink.


PROPER HYDRATION requires replacing fluids-on the run-that you lose through sweat.  Figure out your sweat rate so you know just how many liquid ounces you need.


1. Weigh yourself naked (with an empty bladder) before you run.

2. Run at or close to your race pace for one hour and keep track of how much you drink (in fluid ounces) during that time.

3. Weigh yourself naked after your run.

4. Subtract your postrun weight from your prerun weight.

5. Convert the difference into ounces (multiply by 16).

6. Add to that number the amount of fluid ounces you consumed.  For example, if you lost one pound (16 ounces) and drank 16 ounces of fluid, your total fluid loss equals 32 ounces.

7. Divid your hourly fluid loss by four to determine how much to drink every 15 minutes.  In the example above, you would need to drink eight ounces every quarter-hour. 


From the August 2011 issue of Runners World, the article

The Heat Is On.

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This Weekend... 

Run With The Bulls!!

15, 16 July

Seville Quarter
Pensacola Welcomes the Running of the Bulls Ole!! 
Headline: 14th-Century Spanish Festival Comes to Pensacola (Via New Orleans)
The Fiesta de San Fermin en Pensacola is a blend of Pensacola's Spanish History and Culture with the daring and whimsy of a traditional Encierro (Bull Run). The Festial will pay homage to the Fiesta de San Fermin, held yearly in 
Pamplona, Spain, and is most notable for the "Running of The Bulls" made famous by Ernest Hemingway in his novel "The Sun Also Rises". The Fiesta de San Fermin en Nueva Orleans in New Orleans, Louisiana has also heavily influenced the Pensacola event. 

The inaugural Fiesta de San Fermin en Pensacola, will take place on the 15th & 16th of July at Seville Quarter, in downtown Pensacola. The run is a FREE family event and is open to all ages. The two-evening event will be a blend of Ernest Hemingway, Spain, music, food & drink in a semi life-threatening experience. A "Chupinazo," or opening celebration, is scheduled for the evening of Friday, July 15th during Gallery Night, with live entertainment, food, beverages, & a procession honoring San Fermin, the Patron Saint of Pamplona, Spain. Saturday evening includes an "Encierro" (Bull Run), honoring the Danger-Filled running of the bulls in Spain, through the streets of Pensacola. At precisely 5:30pm the first rocket is set off to alert the runners that the corral gate is open. A second rocket signals that all bulls have been released. The third and fourth rockets are signals that all of the herds have entered the bullring, marking the end of the event. Live music, food & drink will be available for participants & spectators following the "Bull Run". The organizers of this year's event expect this to be a yearly tradition in the streets of Downtown Pensacola.
The Fiesta de San Fermin en Pensacola will feature a customary "Bullish Street Chase" only the Bulls are members of the Pensacola Roller Gurlz and select participants from other roller-derby leagues across the country. In tradition of the 
New Orleans version, in place of angry bulls, the roller derby enthusiasts will be wielding wiffle bats to chase the runners through the streets of Historic Downtown Pensacola. Runners are required to wear (any kind) of white shirt, white pants or shorts and wear a red bandana or piece of red cloth around the waist and neck.

There are only five rules for attending the Bull Run: 
1. Run At Your Own Risk! 
2. Do NOT Touch The Bulls. 
3. If You Go Down, Stay Down. 
4. Do NOT Stand Still. And Lastly....
5. Children Under Ten (or those that don't want to be hit) Use The Sidewalk!

Until next month... Happy running!