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PRA President, Jehan Clark 



Well the 2012 PRA race season has kicked off and it looks to be a great season! We had record turnouts at the Pensacola Beach Run � Marathon and 5k/10k as well as the Bay 2 Breakfast. We also had the opportunity to have a booth at the Double Bridge Run expo. It was a fun opportunity to get to see all of our local athletes as well as some great elites. I know I always seem to be complementing this years board but I am going to do it again. They are YOUR board and you should all know how hard they are working for you. When the opportunity to take part in the DBR expo came up your board, as usual, stepped up to the plate and volunteered their time to spend Thursday and Friday at the expo giving out info on our organization, our race calendars, signing up new members, and signing up people to compete in the Grand Prix. It was time well spent gaining new members and interacting with tons of great people in the running community. I was lucky enough to have the personal opportunity to hang out quite a bit with two of the elites that were here to compete. I enjoyed some time and conversation with Tyler McCandless who just won the Iwaki Sunshine Marathon in Japan and Molley Pritz who was not only the top female finisher of the DBR but is also the USA 25k champion. Two very cool and extremely down to earth young athletes.


Some other exciting news I wanted to share was that we are lucky enough to have 2 new, but very experienced, race directors taking on 2 of our biggest races. Wendy Ellis has agreed to direct this years Fiesta 10k/5k. Wendy and her crew are working diligently to make this a banner year for this race. Look for lots of new, as well as some old, but missed, elements to the Fiesta for 2012. Randy Maygarden has agreed to direct the Seafood 5k in September. In true RAM style he is already working on the race and negotiating with vendors and locations to make the 2012 Seafood 5k a huge event.


We also have a new mutual agreement with Tri Gulf Coast to try and help bring awareness to each other's organizations. One thing all triathletes have to do is run, and what better way than by practicing those running skills at our 9 races each year. Runners can learn a lot of great training, cross training, and nutrition skills from triathletes, and hopefully the new relationship will help turn some runners into multi-sport athletes. This relationship is going to be very beneficial for both of our non-profit organizations. You can look forward to articles from TGC in our newsletter as well as a few other things as the relationship grows. 



Thank you for all of your continued support. See you on the roads or trails!


Thank you!   


Running Thoughts   Running Thoughts
    by Timo Hartigan

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Eat Whatever You Like


Why are some people over weight?  And why do apparently healthy people rely on extreme measures to slim down?  These are things that, as a runner, bother me.


I think running is good exercise and I use running to control my weight.  Why doesn't everyone do this?  And did you know that walking is just as good from a calorie standpoint?  So whether you run or walk, if you do it with regularity, you can control your weight... anyone can.


Have you ever heard, everything in moderation, including moderation?  I'm not a big fan of extreme anything, and in fact, I think extreme diets put a cramp in your style.  My philosophy is:  listen to your body and use common sense. 


For me it is simple.  I love life!  I love people, food, drink, and the social scene.  But I also love being fit and in shape.  That means I want to be able to eat and drink, anything, without worrying about the calories or the consequences.  For me, I just burn as many calories as I ingest.  If I have a big weekend, or an extra indulgent getaway, I just add a few miles and few sit-ups when I return.  It doesn't happen over night, but within a week or two, I'm back at my perfect weight.  


If you are maintaining your weight, but want to cut a few pounds, simply decrease your intake, increase your mileage, or do a combination of the two. 


Here's a formula you can use:  1 pound is worth about 3500 calories.  That means that if you intake an additional 3500 calories you would gain a pound.  If you burn an additional 3500 calories, you would lose a pound of weight.   1 mile is equal to roughly 100 calories, whether you run or walk briskly.  Of course your weight and your pace have an effect, but for a good estimate, you burn 100 calories per mile. 


Most of us have just a few pounds to lose.  We want to run a little faster or maybe we want to get down to bathing suit weight.  A healthy weight plan is one where you change your habits... permanently... And it doesn't take much.


Want to lose 5 lbs, try doing 2 � more miles a day for about 2 months, (that's about 35 minutes a day for a walker), or an additional 5 miles every other day, for the same period of time... and that's without changing your diet.  Want to lose 10 lbs?  Keep it up for 4 months.  When you reach your target weight, moderate your diet and/or your miles to find your perfect place.


Exercise has a positive effect on life and is something everyone can live with...  And anyone can run or walk a few minutes every day.  And with enough exercise, you can eat whatever you like.  That's what I think, and...


These are my Running Thoughts... I'll see you on the roads and trails.


Pensacola Beach Run - Recap

This was a great year for the Pensacola Beach Run. We made some changes this year and everyone seemed to really enjoy them. We had record numbers in both the Half Marathon and the pick-your-distance 5k/10k. It all started with an expo at The Grand Marlin, one of our great and loyal sponsors, where participants could come pick up their packets and engage with 9 different vendors offering everything from running supplies to the latest craze, stand up paddle boards. The Grand Marlin even hired a band that night for us and continued their happy hour specials throughout the evening for the runners. The next morning was a little cool but probably a perfect temperature for the half marathoners as they took off at 7:30. By 8:00 when the 5k/10k took off it had warmed up enough to be a perfect run. It was very exciting seeing both finish line chutes fill around 8:50 as the first half marathoners started rolling in and the next chute was filling with a good bulk of the 5k and 10k runners. We hired two photographers this year to take pictures of the finishers and I think they got at least one if not three pictures of everyone. When they gave me the drive with the pictures on it there were well over 3000. They are slowly being separated by half and 5k/10k and are loading on the PRA site where you can download your pictures for free. As people finished, they hung out for a while cheering on the finishers and enjoying what would be a great day on the beach. About 9AM the party at the Sandshaker got kicked off and everyone was able to socialize in and out of the tents and talk about their run. The second band in two days started cranking up and our usual runner/dancers started filling the dance floor. We started giving out the awards as well as the 2011 Grand Prix awards and as tradition at this race we also award the Jim Harrington Award. This years recipient was Lee Wright, a very well known runner, walker, and volunteer in our running community. Putting on races here in Pensacola we are used to seeing all kinds of cities and states show up on our registration forms since we have such a great military presence, so when our overall female for the half was listed as Annapolis MD, none of us thought anything about it. Then we found out she actually had flown down from MD to run our race because as she put it she was looking for a destination half marathon that was on a Saturday so she could travel and enjoy herself. We couldn't have asked for a better description for this race. It is so great to be able to run a race of this distance in January on the beach! After the race we sent out our usual survey to everyone that listed an email address and we thank all of you that responded to it. We have a few areas to work on for next year, but be ready the 2013 PBR is going to be a bigger and better event and will live up to it's description given by another local organization as "one of Pensacola's premier events" See you next year at the beach!


TRY A TRI  by Mindi Straw
Mindi Finishes Half IronMan

I have always considered myself a runner, I have probably run every 5K in Pensacola and dabbled in various 10K and Half Marathons.  Occasionally I would bring home some "hardware" in my age group.  But early in 2010 I decided I needed a new physical challenge and goal in my life.  How about a triathalon?  I was familiar with Tri Gulf Coast and their Mere Mortal Program and the Santa Rosa Island Triathalon and this year I was going to do it! 

I was excited BUTnervous to take on this concept of SWIM...BIKE...then RUN!  As the first training session approached I was flooded with anxiety.  Could I swim in open water? Could I ride 18 miles? And lastly could I finish off with a 3.2 mile run?  I won't bore you with weekly details, but I remember every Sunday morning praying that the Gulf was calm and clear, standing on the water's edge with sweaty palms and my heart pounding!   Then cycling, first time on my aero bars, hoping I wouldn't fly over my handlebars!  Lastly attempting to run after an 18 mile ride and wondering why my legs felt like rubber!  But one thing for sure after every Sunday Mere Mortals I felt like I had an incredible work-out, felt strong and healthy.  I ended my 12-week Mere Mortals training with a great experience at the Santa Rosa Island Triathalon.  I finished strong and felt great!  I had accomplished my goal!

I couldn't have reached my goal without Mere Mortals, it is a well-orchestrated program with many seasoned triathaletes, all ready to encourage and offer a wealth of knowledge.  The "triathalon training" also taught me the importance of cross-training.  I believe the varied workouts that include swimming, cycling and running have made me stronger mentally and physically.  I don't run as frequently and do as much mileage as in the past years, now I may cycle or swim.  I incorporate more running speed work, which I have noticed that my running times and endurance have drastically improved.  I also have noticed less injury and pain as I am not pounding the pavement as frequently. 

I now consider myself a tri-athlete!  Although I may never be able to bring home "hardware,"I continue to enjoy the experience.   There is always some area I can improve my skills, such as swim stroke, bike speed, nutrition, transition time, and over-all endurance.  Being a part of TriGulf Coast has enabled me to be part of a team and a family, training with fellow team mates, traveling to triathlons with friends, enjoying pre-race meals with the team, cheering on fellow tri-athletes as they pass or come through transition and of course celebrating after the race.  So if you are looking for a new challenge?  Then give a TRI a try.  You won't be disappointed! 


Runner's Profile
 by Erika Smith
Jeannie Runyon- Runner


Jeannie Runyon jokes that she began running about 5 years ago, "because my gym was closed on Sundays." Although running started off as her "Sunday activity", it quickly became her "regular activity and I only went to the gym for group exercise classes." She recalls that, "In the beginning, I could barely make it a mile without feeling like giving up." However, after a few months, she was running 2 to 3 miles 3 days a week and convinced her husband to join her for the Pumpkin Run. After that race, she was "hooked." Jeannie continues to run today "for how good it makes me feel, physically and mentally. It's a quiet time for me in the early morning hours and it puts me in a much better mood." She views running as preparation for all aspects of life, "whatever fun or challenges" that may lie ahead.


Jeannie kicked off her racing year with an impressive finish at the PRA's Pensacola Beach Run, where she placed first in her age group in the half marathon with a time of 1:38, not only going sub 1:40 for the first time, but also setting a PR by four minutes! She followed up that performance the following weekend at the Bay to Breakfast Cross Country 8k Challenge, placing overall female with no other women in site!   


Jeannie's favorite local races include the popular Pumpkin Run (which holds a special place in her heart as the site of her first 5k), the Double Bridge Run, the Pensacola Beach Run and the Gulf Coast Half Marathon (at Pensacola Beach). Her favorite out of town event is the Seaside half-marathon (the site of her first half) which "I absolutely love because of the community atmosphere and support for the race." In fact, Jeannie's upcoming race plans include going for a sub 20 finish at the Seaside 5k in early March and competing in the Gulf Coast Half at Pensacola Beach in April. She is also looking forward to the PRA's Fiesta 5k in May.


For cross-training, Jeannie enjoys cycling at least once a week and kayaking. She loves reading, shopping, traveling, and "eating good whole foods and planting flowers". Jeannie is also actively involved in volunteer work in our community, including volunteering with the PRA. She describes her volunteer work as, "one of those things that make you feel good, like running does."


Jennie is a "local girl", born in Pensacola and raised in Pace. She earned her Bachelor's degree in History from the University of Florida and her Master's degree in Social Science Education from Florida State University (I should have asked her who she cheers for in this annual football rivalry that has been played since 1958!). While at FSU, Jeannie met her now husband, Aaron Runyon, another impressive local runner.  Jeannie currently teaches middle school in Santa Rosa County where she and her husband sponsor a running club (The Running Knights) at her school. The Running Knights have grown to 70 members strong, with more and more students looking forward to their weekly run after school. She describes her coaching experience as, "lots of fun and very rewarding to see kids develop a love for running".


A great way to conclude this article is with Jeannie's favorite quote and running mantra by Isak Dinesen, "The cure for anything is salt - sweat, tears, or the sea. It pretty much sums it all up!" 


PRA Boardmember Bio:

Angelika Cope


Angelika Cope

Hey runners!  I'm Angelika Cope. I joined the PRA Board because I wanted to get involved with something I was passionate about - and running in Pensacola seemed to hit the spot!  My addiction to running started when I was a sophomore in high school.  I was overweight, tired of the way I looked, and the way my peers made me feel.  So, when my mom purchased me a few sports bras, I started running, jogging rather, about 1.5 miles 3 times a week.  By junior year of high school, I was about 40 pounds lighter and my world was so much brighter.  Since then, I have run, and continue to run, 5Ks, 10Ks, 15Ks, and � marathons.  Running has also helped me to branch out into other athletic events; I've participated in sprint triathlons, a Warrior Dash, and a Tough Mudder!  While I keep saying there are no marathons in my future, deep down, I think there is one.  We'll see!


Although I'm a military brat, I consider myself a local of Pensacola after living here about 10 years.  I am a beach bum at heart; I crave the summertime and enjoy spending my time on, or near, the water.  My most recent hobby is my stand up paddleboard.  When it's cold or rainy, I can be found in my kitchen.  I thoroughly enjoy baking sweet treats.  That's definitely the other reason I continue to I can give into my sweet tooth without too much of the guilt!  


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Select Physical Therapy Offers FREE Sports Injury Hotline
Melissa McShan

 What's your New Year's Resolution?  If you are like 90% of Americans, you have already broken it by the time you read this article. Don't feel bad-  Even the best intentions fail if you are without a plan of action. 


Exercise goals are much like New Year's resolutions.  How often have you decided to run a race on a whim?  Perhaps you didn't schedule enough time to train, or maybe you skipped a some of your longer training runs.  By race day you were probably feeling underprepared and exhausted from trying to cram all your training into a short period of time.


The result of trying to do too much too fast or without proper preparation is usually injury.  Injuries that occur at a specific joint as the result of too much stress are called Overuse Injuries.  The effect of too much exercise stress on the whole body is called Overtraining.


Overuse injuries can affect any muscle or joint in the body.  Some common overuse injuries that affect runners are IT band syndrome, "Runner's Knee", achilles tendonitis, patellar tendonitis, and shin splints.  In general, these types of injuries are the result of inflammation caused by stress from excessive use.  Symptoms of an overuse injury are pain or swelling that comes and goes for an extended period of time.  The only way to effectively treat an overuse injury is with REST until the symptoms subside.  Ice and over the counter anti-inflammatories can also speed recovery time.  You should consult your doctor or the Select Sports Injury Hotline if your symptoms persist.


Overtraining is a condition that affects your whole body as the result of doing too much activity too often. Symptoms of overtraining include fatigue, body aches, inability to sleep, irritability,  weight gain, illness or infection, and sporadic or absent period in women.  Athletes who overtrain will find that even their easy workouts become increasingly difficult to complete.  Complete rest from all activity is the best way to treat symptoms of overtraining.   If symptoms persist, you should call your doctor.


The beginning of the new year is a great time to set new exercise goals for yourself and take on new physical challenges.  The key to achieving these goals is to make a plan that allows for plenty of recovery between each workout session. Pay attention to your body and don't be afraid to deviate from your workout schedule if needed.  Challenging yourself to reach new fitness goals is always a great idea, but be sure you have a reasonable plan to help you achieve those goals and to stay injury free.



PRA Boardmember
Coach of the Year!
Coach Bergen

Dr. John Bergen, University of West Florida Cross Country Coach, has been named the Gulf South Conference (GSC) Cross Country Coach of The Year.  His Women's team won the GSC championship and competed in the National Championship in Spokane, WA.  His Men's team finished second in the conference and was ranked fourth in the South Region.


The Savage Seven
from Cheryl Murdock
The Pensacola crowd missed out on an opportunity to see some records broken. Traviss Willcox from Great Britain crossed the finish line of his 114th marathon for 2011 on Dec 31 to get into the Guiness Book of Records beating out fellow contender (and last years Guinness holder) Larry Macon of San Antonio. Chuck Engle who is well known in the marathon circles also broke a record by running 5 consecutive marathons in under 3 hours each. I had over 50 participants with 21 finishing all 7 days. We also had unsupported marathons on the 24th and 25th so eight people did 9 marathons in a row. Several are also running in the marathon tomorrow in Jackson, MS and Sunday in Mobile. I sure missed having some local people to at least show up or volunteer. WEAR showed up one day and the paper put a bit in in the paper. A major magazine in GB did a huge article on Traviss and The Savage Seven is now becoming known as the place to make or break records. Next year it will be in Orlando (with discussion on adding more days to bring it up to Disney World Marathon week - Twelve Days of Christmas is the nickname) and in Jackson MS the following year.
Until next month issue... Happy running!