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PRA President, Jehan Clark 


I have always wondered about the title of this column. I realize it is meant to have some reference to the fact that it is words passed down from the President of the organization. It may just be me but I feel like it should be titled, "From your running buddy", or something similar. When I think about our running community I think of all the great bonds that exist and all those that running creates. I think of those group runs where you talk the whole time... about everything or nothing and before you know it the run is over and you got to catch up with a buddy.  I think of the post race camaraderie when everyone is comparing injuries or talking about their race experience. We all like to get an age group award, (or for some of you win overall), but those are momentary victories. What makes this organization,(and the entire running community for that matter), great, is that runners get along, have fun, and cheer each other on... whether they run a 5k in the 14's or the 30's. This is a family, and I feel much more like a part of that family in conversation, than it's leader passing down words of wisdom "from the top".


So while we talk and run, let me tell you about some of the good stuff happening with your PRA and in the community. This past weekend the Tyler Jefferson Memorial 5k took place out at Corry Field. For those that don't know, Tyler was a young enlisted woman that went out for a run in the neighborhood next to Corry and was shot and killed. The run was a big success for a great cause and chances are it will become a regular event. Also this past weekend, several local runners including Paul & Cherie Epstein completed the NY City Marathon while several of our friends from Tri Gulf Coast completed Ironman Florida. Make sure and check all their results.


The weather is getting cooler and that means the number of races is increasing fast. I wont even try to list all the great ones coming up.  You can check out our calendar for that. Just to highlight a few, the PSA Pensacola Marathon and � Marathon is this coming weekend, the Seville Quarter Wild Turkey Trot is the 19th.  In December we have two PRA races for you, the UWF Cross Country Run on December 3rd and the Christmas Dash on the 10th. I hope to see you out at some of these and many more of the great races around town. If you see me at one, please grab me, and lets chat for a bit about how we can make the PRA a better organization for you and the community!


Thank you for your support!   


Running Thoughts   Running Thoughts
    by Timo Hartigan

It Feels So Good

Made you look, didn't I? Well, since you are reading the Rundown, you know this is probably a column about running, right?  Besides, who would ever read anything I'd write on the other favorite feel-good sport?


It does feel good to run.  I'm sure many of you share my sentiments.  But I am enjoying a renewed and stronger love of the sport.  Its coming up on the one-year anniversary of my achiles repair and for the first time in well over a year, I can run unrestricted without pain or tenderness.  And it feels SO good!


The things that come easy... or that we enjoy without thought on a regular basis, we often take for granted. I know you know the song that goes, "we don't know what we've got 'til its gone...", but it is so true.  Until something you love is taken away, you may not realize how deeply important that something was.  


Although it was a tough trail, running this far from an injury, I am choosing to look forward and not back... and I'm going to give thanks.  Because if I do things right, I will have as many good runs in my future as I have had in my past.  
So it is here that I get to the real title of this month's column:
Give Thanks For Running 
Appropriate, isn't it?  
So please join me and give a prayer of Thanksgiving... for your health, your fitness, your running friends and the other gifts that running brings on a regular basis... And let us look forward together to many, many, many more good runs.


I'll see you on the roads and trails.


Pensacola Beach Run

The PBR is bigger and better this year! With a completely separate 1/2 marathon, new start time, and much much more. For those of you that like to wait till race morning, or actually on the course, to decide your distance, fear not! The 5K and 10K are still a pick-your-distance run/walk. You all start together and pick which turn around you want to take.

Late registration and packet pickup will take place Friday evening from 4-8PM at the even larger EXPO at The Grand Marlin.  The post race party will take place at The Sandshaker again this year with even more tents and more heaters in case it is a cool morning. 


Please take advantage of the new and improved online registration process provided by ImAthlete. Make sure you follow us on Facebook to get all the up to the minute info on the event.


To volunteer for this race please contact Lee Wright at or 850-939-3527

For anything else please contact us at


We look forward to seeing you on the Beach!!!


Fleischmann, Hanley-Pinto Triumph at

Sold-Out Santa Rosa Island Triathlon

Former World Champion Brian Fleischmann and Gulf Breeze native Jennifer Hanley-Pinto were the overall champions at the 16th Annual Santa Rosa Island Triathlon on Pensacola Beach.  The SRITRI sold out (in August) for the first time since 2004 when Hurricane Ivan eventually canceled the race. 


Over 1200 athletes from 21 states were registered and almost 1000 began the race in a flat, warm Gulf of Mexico under near-perfect conditions.  While this was Fleischmann's 9th title, Hanley-Pinto, a former runner-up, won for the first time besting Caroline Smith by 58 seconds.  Race organizers have announced that early registration for the 2012 SRITRI will open on March 1st.

Runner's Profile
 by Erika Smith
Rebecca Jordan- Runner


Rebecca Jordan began running as a freshman in high school, in order to stay in shape for soccer. At the time, soccer was her true love, but she soon developed a love of running. She began entering races with her father on the weekends and today is just 93 seconds away from a sub 3 hour marathon!

Rebecca's passion is "without a doubt" the marathon. She has two favorites, both in New York. She loves NYCM "because of the electricity, city tour, and large crowds". Her other favorite is the lesser known Wineglass Marathon, with a beautiful course running through the countryside of Elmira and Corning. It's also her current PR (3:01:33). Lo

cally, she really likes the Double Bridge Run because "It's a super competitive race and really hard. Nothing beats running over those bridges, though. The sun shining on the water is the only thing that will take your mind off the pain". She also enjoys participating in races held at Pensacola Beach because of the scenery and isolation of our beautiful white-sand beaches.

Rebecca Jordan
Rebecca Jordan

Although she doesn't train for any distance other than the marathon, she recently placed overall finisher at her first 50k trail run, the Run for the Kids Trail Challenge (4:24:00). She describes the ultra as "the most physically challenging race I've ever done. The temps got close to 90 towards the finish and I was near needing medical help. It was the ultimate test of my grit and determination. Somehow, some way, I won the race overall" (placing first among both her male and female competitors by nearly 13 minutes!). She also holds these PR's: 1:27:15 half marathon; 38:48 10k; and 19:04 5k (post-college).

Rebecca's upcoming race plans include the Gulf Coast Half in Louisiana and these marathons: the Pensacola Marathon, the Houston Marathon, and the Woodlands Marathon.

Rebecca grew up in Goshen, KY, right outside of Louisville. She attended Samford University, running both track and XC there. She then went on to earn her master's degree from UAB. She is currently living in Baldwin County, teaching 5th grade in her 11th year in the education field. She previously coached high school track and misses it very much. She's currently looking for another coaching position.

When she's not running, you can find Rebecca "goofing off with my boyfriend going bowling and kayaking", shopping with her girlfriends, writing on her running blog ( and reading mystery novels. Her favorite forms of cross training include cycling, kayaking, and playing tennis. She jokes that she doesn't enjoy weight lifting or yoga, "but I do these things because I think it helps keep me healthy for running."

It's easy to be inspired by Rebecca - she's someone who "really believes in setting goals and working towards them. I think it makes you a better person. Running and racing is a great way to do that." 

Her current goal is to run a sub 3 hour marathon - and she's almost there! Her efforts are inspiring. This will be her 10th year of marathoning. She explains "my first marathon was in 4:09. I remember when Boston was a goal (3:40 at the time), then trying to break 3:30, 3:20, on down until now I am on the stoop of sub 3. There have been many, many bumps in the road, but I hope I can be an example to people never to quit on their goals."

In 2009, she became part of the Brooks ID sponsorship program (ID stands for Inspire Daily and she is currently a part of their top tier, Team Bluestreak). "Brooks has been incredibly good to me. Not only do they have an incredible line of shoes and clothes, their entire company is just awesome. I attended their coaching clinic this summer and was able to meet an incredible group of people. They truly believe in helping and inspiring runners to be the best they can be, WHILE having fun".

Rebecca is a great example of a runner who trains hard while having fun. Be sure to cheer her towards her sub 3-hour marathon goal at the upcoming Pensacola Marathon! In the meantime, Run Happy!

Local Triathletes Shine At

2011 Destin Triathlon 


Pensacola and Gulf Breeze athletes performed very well at the 2011 Destin Triathlon at Seascape as they earned numerous podium finishes.  Area triathletes won five 1st place awards (James Stinson, Michael Kohler, Karen Emmanuel, Edgar Silva and Andrei Disli), six 2nd place finishes and two 3rd places. 


Early morning rough conditions in the Gulf of Mexico forced the cancellation of the swim and turned the race into a Run-Bike-Run duathlon for the nearly 400 participants.  This was the 20th annual edition of this race and the 2nd year it has been held at Seascape Resort. 



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November 2011

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Vera Youngstrom

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Christmas Dash 12/10/11


Pensacola Beach Run 01/14/12

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Whiteside Offers Wednesday Night Track Workouts

Outstanding coach and runner, Everett Whiteside, has begun a track workout program for all runners on the brand-new Washington High School track. This program began on Wednesday, September 28th and is held every Wednesday from 7-9 PM.  The great facility (Top Trax, a premium latex surface) will be fully lighted and have restrooms available.  Coach Whiteside has various workouts available or you can structure your own at your pace.  The track is not open to Walkers at this point.  For more information call Everett at 850-525-2628 or email him at

PRA Boardmember Bio:

Lewis Reddoch

Lewis Reddoch

Hello PRA Members, 

I'm Lewis Reddoch and it has been my pleasure to serve on the PRA Board since 2010. I also serve as chairman for the Marketing Committee. I hail from Troy Alabama where I graduated in accounting from Troy University. Working in the accounting field I ended up in Jacksonville with a large chain of auto dealers. I wanted to make a change from accounting to marketing, met Mayor Vince Whibbs and his son Mark, they had an opportunity for me in glorious Pensacola and this has been home for 24 years.

I started running in my teen years and quickly developed a love for the sport. I have run on and off most of my life. I got off the beaten path for a while but got a wake-up call with the onset of adult diabetes. That was 10 years ago and walking, then running became a fundamental part of my diabetes management. The Pensacola Community and the Gulf Coast have so much to offer with the waterways, beaches, history, and culture. We are truly blessed to have such a great place to walk and run.

Serving on the Board has been my small way to give something back, and I love every minute of it. I encourage all of you to try volunteering for an event or to consider serving on a committee. And by all means: "Lace 'em Up" and go enjoy and a walk or run in our beautiful community!

Remembering Vera Youngstrom. She died last week at age 94. 

Who was Vera Youngstrom? She ran over 200 races. You old timers will remember about 20 years ago a 60 something began to show up at races. She had never run as a youth but tried it and realized she was good at it. A first she had trouble entering some races because the race directors felt that a lady that old would be so slow that the course would have to be kept open too long for her to finish.

Vera proved them wrong and began to set age group records in every race. Her problem became where to line up at the start. If she started in the back she wasted time to get to the start to be able to run free. If she started at the front, other runners would jostle her around.

She wanted a record in the 5Rmile distance and chose the Palafox run. She explained her starting problem to me and being the gallant gentleman that I am, solved the problem. I placed her in the front row and found three wide bodies to form a wedge behind her. Tom Tobiason. Jack Keller, and John Wilson took their positions. Some runners complained that those four did not belong up there till I explained that Vera was attempting a new record and needed a fair start. The other runners approved and even applauded . It did not work out as I expected. After about 50 yards Vera ran away from the three men but by then she could run free. The runners that passed her gave her encouragement. She did set a new age group record that day and beat scores of younger runners.

Vera along with Lou Gregory and Mary Lahie showed us young folks that age was not a barrier to fast running.


Thanks to Dave Seiler

Tyler Jefferson
Memorial 5K 

Medal Winners
Medal Winners
Left to right:  Jehan Berry, Age Group Winner, Dorothy Singleton, Age Group Winner, Michael LeClair, Age Group Winner, Timo Hartigan, Male Grand Master, Miss Pensacola
Until next month... Happy running!