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PRA President, Courtney Peterson

There are a couple of exciting issues to cover with you this month.  This is a great time of year for upcoming PRA and other area races as the warmer weather is here and giving us some great opportunities to get back out there and get in shape for our favorite runs.  The Fiesta Run is fast approaching and is on an earlier date this year, April 30th. This premier event was moved up so it could coincide with an earlier date set for area Fiesta events. Following  the Fiesta Run is the Bear Lake Run on May 21st, which hosts our annual meeting and elections. Both events are coming together very nicely and they will build upon the planning and feedback that we had the past few years to ensure a great time for our participants.  Be sure to sign up now to take advantage of the lower registration rates.

One of our fellow PRA members, Pat Kozma, stepped up to the line and approached the PRA board recently to take on a very important role for the organization and for Pensacola.  In conjunction with the PRA, Mayor of Pensacola and Pensacola City Council, he will be submitting a proposal in mid-2011 to the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) to have our city nominated as a Runner Friendly Community. For our community to be selected, we must provide information supporting our belief that Pensacola is runner friendly in the following areas: Community Infrastructure, Community Support and Local Government Support.  The benefits of being selected include being listed on the RRCA website for a 5 year period as a runner safe community, receiving a plaque notating this designation to be displayed in city hall or other prominent facility, a feature article in the RRCA Club Running magazine which goes out to all members, up to a $400 donation for a PRA representative to attend the RRCA convention and receive recognition as well as other great benefits. In short, this would be a great piece of recognition for the PRA and the City of Pensacola towards a fact of which we are already aware; that our city is one of the best running communities in the country. Please thank Pat when you see him for taking on this effort. We'll keep you updated on this project as it progresses.

We continue to have an increase in PRA membership.  We are reaching out to those of you who may have dropped off because of a lack of reminders on our end.  We do appreciate you getting back to us with your information and helping us shore up the accuracy in our membership database.  We do need several volunteers for the following positions:  Membership Coordinator and Race Director. If you feel you would be interested in helping your club by filling one of these positions, please contact me at   Thanks, in advance, for stepping up to make your PRA a great club!

Until next month,


TimoRunning Thoughts
by Timo Hartigan

Running is fundamental, or so the saying goes...  Fundamental to any fitness program and to a healthy heart.  For the purposes of this column, I will define "running" as the ability to move your feet across the ground under your own power.  The good news is:  anyone can run...  Anyone whose body parts are functioning properly, that is. 


I speak with fit people often.  I try to stay fit and I enjoy fitness related activities and like-minded people.  So I often converse with people who exercise.  But, as an advocate for running and fitness, I take every opportunity to speak with the non-exercisers as well.  Frequently, those who did not participate in an event will be curious and easy to engage in conversation.  It usually starts by answering a few questions about the group or the event and ends with an invitation for them to participate the next time we gather or to register for an upcoming event.  If they are at all fit, they will explain their exercise regimen.  If they are not currently exercising they will speak of days past when they were working out or their plans to "some day" get into a regular exercise routine.


The problem for many is that they despise exercise.  They do not love to race, are not addicted to any particular sport, and find so many things they enjoy more.  For these people, exercise is drudgery...


Drudgery:  hard, monotonous, routine work.


Anything we consider drudgery is not something we will likely do with any regularity.  To state it simply, staying fit is a challenge. 


Some succeed against the odds because of great discipline.  But many start and stop and they do not succeed.  They gradually lose ground.  They give in to a greater joy, and may even gain an extra pound.  They were hoping to find a better way to a better body and mind.  But they could not sustain their journey because, to them, fitness was not fun.


Others seem to stay fit with minimum effort.  For these people exercise is not drudgery.  It is not work at all.  They have found a way to put fun into working out.  They might run with friends or find a social endeavor that is also a form of exercise.  Or maybe they load up their favorite tunes or an audio book and find a trail or a quiet stretch of roadway and they go out for some cardio. 


I have always found a way to make running fun.  That has been my secret to exercise success.  And as added benefits for me, I also like the way I look and feel when I am fit, and running has always helped me relieve stress.  But when I got into the social aspects of running it helped with the motivation I needed to exercise more often.


So here are some tips to help you make running or walking a regular part of your life...  Join a running club... (and by the way, there are plenty of walkers in running clubs).  There are several in the area.  Seville Quarter Milers on Mondays at 5:30 pm, McGuire's Running Club on Tuesday nights at 6 pm, Captain Fun Runners on Wednesdays at 6 pm., and there are more.  


You could run (or walk) with a local Hash House Harriers Kennel, (drinkers with a running problem), or a Hare and Hounds Running Club, (social runners).  They run at different times and different places on a semi-regular basis.  Locally, you can check out Survivor H3 or East Hill Hare and Hounds.


You might sign up for an upcoming 5K.  For around $20 you'll get a t-shirt to commemorate the event, a race bib with number that gets you into the race and the post race party, and you will meet some great like-minded people, many of who are at the same place on their journey as you.  You will enjoy it, I promise and remember you can walk, many people do.  At every event, there are flyers for other events.  Pick another one and sign up right away.  Make it your new hobby. 


No matter what you choose, you'll be having fun working out.  You will also find motivation to prepare for the event, which will cause you to exercise more often.  You'll meet people to run or walk with.  The fun that you look forward to will give you the motivation that you need to succeed. 


Congratulations!  You have just become one of those people that appears to stay fit with minimum effort.



PRA Donates to UWF CC Program

The University of West Florida Men's and Women's Cross Country teams have benefitted nicely from PRA donations to the program.  During the 2009-2010 year the team was able to make a trip to California to compete in the well known Cal State Fullerton Season Opener.  The trip was based on fundraising by the team and would have been just short if not for the PRA donation.  This past year the team made a trip to Arizona for the George Kyte Invitational in Flagstaff.  While the team reached its fundraising goals, the fall season travel was nearly used up.  Thus, this year's PRA donation allows the Team to compete in spring track meets to enhance training and recruiting.

The 20 plus members of the UWF Cross Country team have been an intregal part of several PRA events over the past three years providing volunteers and race personnel and the team enjoys being involved with the local running scene in Pensacola.

Head Coach John Bergen expressed a big thank you to the PRA on behalf of his team.  "The team is grateful for the donations from the PRA.  They know it has made a big difference in the quality of events that they have been able to participate in.   I think it is a great relationship, and the team has enjoyed being involved with the PRA.  It is a great way for them to give back to the community."

While UWF does not have a track and field program, they are allowed by NCAA guidelines to have a spring season and participate in spring track meets, but funding is minimal.  "The past couple years we have been able to participate more in the spring, and it has made a big difference," explained Bergen.  "It has resulted in a much more motivated team, which leads into summer training and preparation for the fall season.  And it has definitely increased the recruiting aspect as high school athletes have noticed our fall and spring schedule and also that UWF is very competitive."

Check for UWF CC

Jehan Clark, PRA VP, presents Check to UWF CC Team

Runner's Profile
 by Erika Smith
Jared Black- Runner

           JB at UWF


Jared Black, a student at the University of West Florida, has been a member of the cross country team for four years. Although his parents were the ones who "talked me into joining the cross county team", Jared is the one who recently earned the esteemed "Argo Award". This award is voted on by the peers of each team and bestowed upon the team member who is considered to be the best teammate and who demonstrates exemplary leadership and dedication to the sport. For those who know Jared, it's no surprise that he was the recipient of such recognition. He also speaks very highly of the cross country program at UWF, describing the men's team as having "a great group of guys who will run strong this year."

            During his time at UWF, Jared has clocked some amazing PR's, including a 4:35 - 1600, 15:29 - 5k, 25:42 - 8k, and 33:50 - 10k. His favorite race distances are the 5k and 8k.  He loves running because "First of all, I like to compete. There is no other feeling like toeing up on the line to race. But, I also like the freedom of running anywhere you want to go." This cross country season, his final at UWF, Jared will be running the 8k and also hopes to bring his 5k times "down to the 15:10's". Furthermore, he aspires to be on the all GSC (Gulf South Conference) team and the NCAA South Region Team. I am also happy to report that I have spotted Jared flying past me on the trails at UWF, as he prefers trail running on his "easy days". For his hard runs, his preference is to run at a faster, steady pace on the road. His favorite races include the upcoming McGuire's 5k, the Gulf Coast Stampede (hosted by the UWF Cross Country Team at the Escambia County Equestrian Center), the Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5k, and the Chile Pepper 10k in Oklahoma.

JB by water           

           When he's not running, Jared enjoys riding with the West Florida Wheelman during the off-season. He is also an avid follower of professional cycling. Jared is originally from Tallahassee, another huge running community. He is majoring in Sports Management with a minor in Sports Psychology. He also works at Running Wild and jokes that between school, cross country, and work "I don't have much free time." However, Jared always finds the time to volunteer at local races. For example, he recently assisted the PRA with coordinating the course for the Bay to Breakfast Run.

            With Jared's busy schedule, you're probably most likely to find him during his work time at Running Wild. So, be sure to stop by to say "hello"!

PRA Now Accepting Nominations for the Lou Gregory Award

The PRA is now accepting nominations from our membership for the 2011 Lou Gregory Award.The Lou Gregory Spirit Award is provided once a year at the Fiesta Run. It is given to a runner who has demonstrated great leadership and enthusiasm in helping to promote and maintain the sport of running in the Pensacola community. Some years it has been given to two runners. 


The Lou Gregory Award is named in honor of Pensacola's most famous runner, Lou Gregory, who placed 10th in the 1932 Olympics 10K. Although he has passed away, he still holds National and World Records in his age group and won hundreds of races. In 1932 Lou placed tenth in the 10,000 meters in Los Angeles. He was a world class runner in the 30's and 40's winning 19 National championships and placing second in the 1941 Boston Marathon.


After he moved to Pensacola he began his second career as a master's runner where he rewrote the record books setting scores of age group records. One accomplishment was a time of 43 minutes in the 1976 Fiesta of Five Flags 10K at the age of 76. Locally Doc was the long time coach and teacher at Pensacola Junior College. His track and cross country teams won 10 state championships over an 18-year period. He retired in 1975 and died in 1989.

Nominees for this award must be members of the PRA. They do not need to have served on the board of directors, but must have made a major contribution to the PRA or to the running community at large. This contribution should have occurred over a long period of time and not just for one year, unless the contribution was of such a scale as to warrant immediate recognition.


Nominations can be sent to: PRA Lou Gregory Award, PO Box 12552, Pensacola, FL 32591 or emailed to .  Nomination letters must be typed or printed legibly, name the individual being nominated, explain why they are deserving of this award and be signed  by the nominator (printed name is acceptable on emails). Nomination letters must be postmarked no later than April 1st, 2011. Any letters postmarked after this date will not be considered.

Bay to Breakfast 

      by Jehan Clark

Perhaps we should start calling this race the "Bay to No Breakfast". For the second year in a row we had "cooking" issues. The PRA bought this great new propane griddle back at the Membership Run and we thought we were set. There would be no chance of blowing circuit breakers and no need for a generator... but I guess we never thought about the burners failing... And after numerous attempts, a fresh tank, and every grilling expert in the crowd looking at it, we decided to concede and apologize... AGAIN. Otherwise the race was a huge success. 


We had the largest B2B yet with 134 registered participants. This year we were able to give all participants a very cool, old-style cross-country t-shirt.


As always the trail was tough but everyone seemed to enjoy it. The UWF CC Team was on the trail making sure everyone made the turns and stayed safe.  For those that don't know, the UWF CC Team helps us with all of our cross-country events, (they also volunteer at the Pensacola Beach Run). As a way to try and thank them for all their help, we give the majority of the proceeds from this race to the UWF athletic department for the CC Team. As Race Director, this race gives me two of the greatest opportunities I could ask for.  The first opportunity is the feeling I get on race morning when I make the announcements, and get to the part where I thank everyone for coming out and mention that this race will allow us to write a check to UWF.  The entire crowd erupts in cheers and applause. It is so great to know that our running community wants to help support these young athletes. The next opportunity is even more heart warming when I actually get to take a check out to UWF and present it to the Team. This is a great group of athletes and if you get a chance to see them at one of our races, please say "thank you".


I do want to send out one other thank you, and that is to our primary sponsor Matt Salvator, owner of Salvator & Associates Insurance. He is very involved in this event. He helps market it, shops for supplies, opens his office early race-day morning for our use, and cooks, (or at least he tries to cook). 


Thank you to everyone that ran, volunteered, or came out in support of this year's race. And if you didn't, you won't want to miss next years...  I'm thinking of naming it, "Bay to Bagels"! 

2011 Jim Harrington Winner - Laura Harris

Jim Harrington Award

2010 Award Winner, Jennifer Dutton; PRA Pres. Courtney Peterson and Laura Harris.

Belated congratulations to Laura Harris, the winner of the 2011 Jim Harrington award. Laura embodies the spirit of Jim Harrington through her involvement as an active member of the running community and the PRA. In addition to competing in many of the area running events, she has also competed in the Disney Marathon, Fight to the Fort, the Keys100 Relay and six half marathons.  She has served as a PRA board member for one term, the race director of the PRA Membership Run for the past two years, course co-director for the Fiesta Run and Pensacola Beach Run and she currently serves as the PRA Secretary.  Congratulations, again, Laura!

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"Others seem to stay fit with minimum effort.  For these people exercise is not drudgery.  It is not work at all.  They have found a way to put fun into working out." 
From the column Running Thoughts 
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10 Reasons to Run


1. Improve your health

2. Lose weight

3. Run for a cause

4. Meet new people

5. Experience something new

6. Train for a goal

7. Improve energy

8. Feel good about yourself

9. Its versatile and inexpensive

10. Help with stress

From the article, Running & Jogging


Caffeine boosts stamina in cool and

hot temps.

Resaearchers at the University of Connecticut found that at both 53 and 91 degrees F, athletes who consumed six milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of body weight were able to go farther than athletes who took a placebo.  That equates to about two strong cups of coffee for a 150-pound runner.

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Now Accepting Nominations for the Lou Gregory Award

Recent Lou Gregory award winners include:


2003 - Bob Kelly

2004 - Ted and Grace Ruckstuhl

2005 - Ray Yarbrough

2006 - Susi Lyon

2007 - Barbara & Andy Williams

2008 - Pat Judd

2009 - Glenn & Nancy Windham

2010 - Mary Enfinger


Read feature article for more information on Lou Gregory or to learn how to submit your nomination.
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