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PRA President, Courtney Peterson

In last month's Rundown I asked for volunteers for several positions including Membership Coordinator and Race Director.  Thankfully, I received a response for the Membership Coordinator position and I'm proud to announce that PRA member Liz Ohlhorst stepped up and agreed to fill this role.  She will be performing the all-important task of managing our member renewals and updating contact information throughout the year.  As you know, we've been doing our best to shore up any discrepancies in the past and we know that having someone dedicated to our members will ensure our accuracy going forward. If you have any questions with regard to your membership or have an update for your contact information, please contact Liz at or by mail at PRA Membership, PO Box 12552, Pensacola, FL 32591. Thank you, Liz!

We have some exciting events and announcements coming up this month including the Fiesta Run which will be held on April 30th. The Lou Gregory Award winner will be announced that same day during the Fiesta Run awards ceremony.  Several weeks later, on May 21st the Bear Lake Run will be held. Bear Lake is not only one of the best trail runs in our area, but it also is host to the PRA annual meeting and elections and a great picnic. Please look for articles on the Bear Lake Run and elections this month and next. 

I reported last month that PRA member Pat Kozma is working on an application to be submitted to the Road Runners Club of America to have Pensacola nominated as a Runner Friendly Community. Last month, he spoke to the Pensacola City Council to formally request their assistance in improving or maintaining certain practices to support our running community and give Pensacola an opportunity to win this distinction. This request was received well by the mayor and council. Our application will be submitted for consideration towards the end of this year. More updates on this will come next month.


Until next month, I hope to see you running!


TimoRunning Thoughts
by Timo Hartigan

It is always darkest before the dawn.  I keep telling myself that.  The blown achilles and surgery that followed has been anything but easy.  It has been 14 months since the injury and over 4 months since the surgery to repair.  When the doctor said, "4 months" in response to my querry, "How long 'til I'm back?", I expected I'd be racing in 4 months... not walking briskly... not jogging... not run walking, which, by the way, I'm not supposed to be doing yet.  Injuries suck, right!  By the way, don't assume you are Superman or Wonderwoman and can run right through any injury. I'd probably not be traveling this road if I'd have listened to my achilles when it was just a strain. But alas, hindsight is always 20/20, isn't it?



2011-2012 PRA Elections Next Month

At the Bear Lake Run on May 21st, the PRA will conduct its annual meeting with elections of new officers and board members.  For your reference we have listed below the current slate of officers and board members to be presented for election for this next year. Although the position of President is filled by the current Vice President, (President-elect), all other positions are currently open for nomination. If you or someone you know is interested in serving one of these positions, please obtain a nomination form from the PRA website (front page) or print out the nomination form from this edition of the Rundown.  For your reference, here is a list of the positions and current nominees:


Slated Officers:

President (one-year term): Jehan Clark

Vice-President (one-year term): Laura Harris

Treasurer (one-year term, no term limits): Lisa Fairbanks

Secretary (one-year term, no term limits):  Jo Anne Donatella


Slated Board Members (two-year term):

Angelika Cope

Scott Eddy

Charles Gheen

Pat Kozma

Erica Sapp

Lori Moore


Returning Board Members:

John Bergen

Ben Bogan

Lewis Reddoch

Sandy Russell


Note: A list of the job duties for each of these positions can be found on the PRA website on the "Contacts" page, under the "Additional PRA Board Policies" link on the right side of the page (Here).
Runner's Profile
 by Erika Smith
Cindy Brown & Maryjo Loucks  Runners


maryjo and cindy
Maryjo & Cindy after McGuire's

             Before the New Year, best friends Cindy Brown and Maryjo Loucks made a resolution to run a race together every month of 2011. For the month of January, the friends chose the PRA's challenging Bay to Breakfast Run, Cindy's first race and Maryjo's third. Despite their surprise to find "more than some sand" on the course, they've been unstoppable ever since.

            Cindy began running after joining the track team in high school. She was a sprinter and her favorite events were the 200 and the 4 x 100 meter relay. She laughs that during high school, she thought that distance runners were crazy. Then, 20 years later, she ran 2 miles and thought, "This is awesome. I want to run farther." She's enjoyed every race that she's completed so far, including Bay to Breakfast, the Double Bridge Run 5k, and the McGuire's 5k. Cindy runs for many reasons, including because "I just like to exercise and it is such a great stress reliever! I can be totally consumed with my day, go out to run, and I come back "happy calm mommy". I also love pushing myself to do things I didn't think I could at this point in my life. And, I love having something that I do that is totally unrelated to everything else that I do."

            When she's not running, Cindy enjoys boot camp, Yoga, Pilates, the elliptical machine, and strength training. Her usual running schedule includes a 5K run on Tuesday nights, hill repeats at Bayview Park on Thursdays and a long run on Saturdays at Johnson's Beach. Her long-term goal is to complete a triathlon. However, her overall goal is "to maintain good health, with the energy to keep up with my family."

            In fact, Cindy and Maryjo need the energy to keep up with very large families - they have 15 children between the two of them! Cindy has 7 children (6 boys and 1 girl) between the ages of 2 and 17. She and her husband (a former football player at The Citadel) work hard to be as active of a family as possible - riding bikes, hiking, going to the beach, and enjoying pizza and a movie together every Friday night.  Maryjo has 8 children (4 boys and 4 girls) between the ages of 4 and 16, who she describes as "an amazing support team." Maryjo and her husband are one of those lucky couples who were "high school sweethearts." She describes her family as "big outdoors people" who love to camp, kayak, fish, body board, snorkel and swim.

            For Maryjo, one morning in mid-April 2010, she stared over at the treadmill as she completed her strength training workout at a local gym. She thought, "If I could just run one minute and then a fast walk. I could do that. And I did it! The next day I did 3 minutes. Later in the week I was on the treadmill and a young guy got on next to me. I did not want him to out run me so I ran 8 minutes, almost a mile. I was so excited." Maryjo explains that her friend, Cassie, then began to encourage her to attend the popular Tuesday night running club at McGuire's. Although it seemed like an "impossible feat" at first, she agreed to go and then "made it a goal to run 10 consecutive McGuire's runs." Maryjo, in turn, recruited Cindy to run at McGuire's on Tuesday's and is happy to report that Cindy recently completed her 10th run.

            Maryjo has loved all of the races that she's participated in so far including the Gary McAdam's 5k, the Turkey Trot 5k, the Bay to Breakfast Run, and the McGuire's 5k. Her February 2011 run was scheduled to be the Double Bridge Run 15k. Unfortunately, she injured her leg and found herself sidelined. Her supportive husband took her out to lunch and to buy a new pair of shoes on the day of the race to cheer her up. (Note: she's running two races one month this year to "catch up" and still meet her New Year's goal!)

            Cindy, Maryjo, and another girlfriend are  currently in the process of planning their first half marathon trip to Orlando, FL for the Disney "Wine and Dine Run" on October 1. The trio will be running while most of us are sleeping - the race begins at 10 PM! I'm guessing this race may lead Maryjo and Cindy to sign up for the Disney half marathon and one day - The Goofy Challenge.    

St. John 5K Sunset Run/Walk

The 28th annual St. John Sunset Run is scheduled to be held Saturday, May 14th at 5:30 pm.  The Sunset Run originated as the first evening race in the Pensacola area and has become a tradition in the Pensacola running community. 


The newly certified USATF 5K course is located in the Navy Point area along the shoreline of Bayou Grande.  This "Must Attend" event includes competitive local runners, school groups, and military units running in formation.  


The neighborhood participates in the celebration by providing motivational music and water sprinklers to cool the passing runners.  Awards, music, food, sodas, children's activities, and beer will be enjoyed at the post-race festivities following the One Mile Firefly Fun Run.  


Last year's race attracted over 700 registrants and the 2011 race promises to be even better!  Download your registrations here or register on-line at or by calling St. John School @850-456-5218.  Please join us as we welcome the beginning of summer and the always spectacular Florida sun at the SUNSET RUN!

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In fact, Cindy and Maryjo need the energy to keep up with very large families- they have 15 children between the two of them!
From this month's  Runner's Profile             by Erika Smith
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 Comeback Plan

If you've run yourself down, crawl back up carefully:


1. Reduce Mileage... cut down by a third for two weeks. Gradually add back.

2. Run Easy... slow your pace by 20 to 30 seconds per mile.

3. Sleep More... eight hours minimum. Every night.

4. Ease Back In... run shorter intervals when you return to fast running.

5. Assess Honestly... if an easy track session still leaves you fatigued, take another week or two of reduced training.


From the May 2011 issue of  Runners World

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