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PRA President, Courtney Peterson

It doesn't seem possible that six months have passed since I started my term as PRA President. There are so many things that go on within our organization that time itself has seemed to pick up pace.  It's sinking in that this term is coming to a close now that we have begun planning for events that will occur at the end of my term and at the beginning of our next President's term (Fiesta and Bear Lake). In spite of having only six months remaining, I have already decided on that which I am most thankful for this year:  It is the continued support of our friends in the running community, those who either take the time during their busy lives to participate in a PRA event or to volunteer to make the event happen. Running, walking and volunteering are all labors of love. It's never easy to wake up well before the crack of dawn to put together a water station or to cut hundreds of pieces of fruit for race finishers any more than it is to run or walk in the event. I'm glad I live in a community that is committed to health and making all this fun.

With the sentimental points out of the way, if you have not already signed up for the Pensacola Beach Run, stop what you are doing right this second and go to our website to fill out an electronic registration form.   Why?  Because this year the event will be one of the best events we have ever put on and you don't want to to listen to all your friends tell you what a great time you missed!  The same is true for the Bay to Breakfast run on January 22nd (only a week away). This is a more intimate run that traverses some great trails in Gulf Breeze and you'll be treated to a great pancake breakfast afterward while you wait for your award  and hang out with your friends. 

I look forward to seeing you all these next two Saturdays.

Best regards,


TimoRunning Thoughts
by Timo Hartigan

A Running New Year

Have you ever noticed how much fun the New Year is for runners?  I mean you just came off a great holiday where you ate and drank to your heart's desire, and yet you are a runner so you couldn't wait for the New Year, right? 


Maybe you are a little overweight and feeling guilty and so you decide to run it off.  Or perhaps you had more time off and so you got in a good run most every day during your holiday, and you are feeling as good as you've ever felt about your running self.


Will your resolution be more training miles and more weekend races with your friends?  Or will you finally join one of the many area running clubs?  Does your resolution involve  running for a "PR" and some age group awards in 2011?


Whatever your motivation or your resolution, there is no time like the New Year for those of us who love to run or walk with a few hundred of our closest friends... And ever so conveniently, there are lots of races to choose from whether you are running or walking your way to a better life... Oh and don't forget to indulge in the Pensacola running community's staple, the post race party.  But be careful not add on all those calories you worked so hard to burn off.


On On and Happy New Year!  Hope to see you at the next event!



2011 Pensacola Beach Run
This is a year you will not want to miss the Pensacola Beach Run, even if you can only attend as a spectator! As always this is the race (� marathon, 5k, 10k), where you decide your distance while out on the course.  But no cheating...(we will have timing mats that you cross at each of the turnarounds).  We have really ramped up the Pensacola Beach Run this year starting out with a great Runners Expo on Friday at the brand new Grand Marlin Restaurant. Even if you are not running you should stop by between 4-8PM and check it out. In attendance will be Navy Federal Credit Union, Fitness on Board, Intracoastal Outfitters, Pensacola Sports Association, Running Wild, Razor's Edge Fitness, Publix, Musculo Skeletal Center and even a place for you to sign up for the PRA Grand Prix series. After you are finished in the expo room, stop by the North Drop Bar or the restaurant for some great food and drink specials provided by the Grand Marlin for our participants. On Saturday the race starts at 8:00 AM in the Casino Beach parking lot, right next to Crabs. With all the laughter, smiling and dancing, it will feel more like a party than a race. Brightroom Photography will be there to catch you in full stride, so make sure you have your game face on. We will have not only a professional DJ at the finish line but we have been told that our water stop volunteers are planning to cheer you on with some good tunes. Did I say cheer...don't forget to look for the UWF Cheerleaders; we know you will hear them! We have split the full finish line chute this year and will be handing out finisher medals to the first 300 � marathoners to cross the line. Then we will keep it going as we move to the after party across the street at The Sandshaker with a live band and food provided by The Grand Marlin. We could not have done this without all our great volunteers and sponsors. Thanks to: The Grand Marlin, Publix, Musculo Sleletal Center, Running Wild, Razors, Edge Fitness, Waterboyz, The Sandshaker, Baskerville Donovan, and Vince Whibbs Automotive.

For all the info on the race and expo, click below and "like" us on facebook. 

Find us on Facebook


or jump over to our PRA event page to register


Thank you!  We can't wait to see you Friday and Saturday on the beach!

PRA Membership Update- please!

We LOVE our PRA Families but unfortunately we know very little about most of you.  Your Membership Committee is hard at work expanding and updating our data base.  One of our goals is to know who is in each PRA family.  If you are have a Family Membership and your name is listed below please take a moment to send an e-mail to with the name, birthdate and e-mail address of each of your family members.  For families with multiple e-mails each family member will get their own electronic copy of the Rundown each month.  As always, any information you provide PRA will remain confidential. 

Thanks for your help!

















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Bay to Breakfast


Well after a few scares about not being able to use our favorite park we got it all worked out and are set for the Bay to Breakfast 8K challenge. This is one of those great opportunities to run the sandy trails of the picturesque Naval Live Oaks Park with 150 of your closest friends. Yes I said 150 because the park service has instilled a cap on races like this in the park, so make sure you are signed up!

The race will kick off at 8:00 AM on Saturday January 22nd on the access road next to Gulf Breeze Hospital. This is a great trail run that includes single, track, some rolling hills, one "good" hill, and plenty of soft sand to run through. This year, thanks to our sponsors Salvator and Associates Insurance and Waterboyz, we are not only able to offer a homemade pancake breakfast during the awards ceremony, but we will also have race shirts for those 150 participants. As much fun as this race is, please remember that it also helps support our local runners. Starting last year we decided to give the bulk of the proceeds from this race to the UWF Cross Country Team to help with their yearly travel budget. Dr. Bergen and his team are such a great help to us at so many of our races that this is the least we could do. Please come out and support a local trail run and our local trail runners!  We will have packet pick up and late registration at Running Wild on Friday the 21st from 4-7PM and also at Salvator and Associates from 6:30-7:45AM on race day. See you in the sand!

It's time for the 2011 PRA Grand Prix and you can sign up at the Pensacola Beach Run this weekend.
Runner's Profile
 by Erika Smith
Matt Salvator- Runner

           Matt S


Running has always been a part of Matt Salvator's life. Matt ran track in high school and laughs that he completed his "first and only marathon" to date at age 18. His favorite local race is the popular Double Bridge Run. You can also find him participating in most of the local Saturday morning races. In fact, Matt's insurance agency - Salvator and Associates - sponsors the upcoming Bay to Breakfast 8k, held at the beautiful trails at Naval Live Oaks. Matt has sponsored this event for the past two years and he's the one we can thank for providing plenty of pancakes post-race! Matt enjoys giving back to his community as much as possible and this race is just one example of his efforts. Matt also serves as President of the TriGulf Coast Triathlon Club. Matt describes the club as a great venue for everyone - from those who are just getting started in triathlons to those who are working to complete an Ironman. For Matt, the club has been a great way to meet people and enjoy the outdoors. The night after I wrote this article about Matt, I ran into a member of the TriGulf Coast Triathlon Club.  While talking about his triathlon training, he added what a positive influence Matt and the triathlon club has been for him.

            Matt's favorite places to run are Pensacola Beach, Gulf Breeze, and East Hill. He hopes to hit the trails at UWF more frequently this year as well. Matt's race-related goals for 2011 include completing the PRA Grand Prix challenge, the Seaside Half Marathon in March, the New Orleans Half Ironman in April, and several sprint triathlons. With all of the training time that Matt has been putting in recently, he's also hoping to make plans soon to begin training with his buddy, Mike Kohler, for their first full Ironman triathlon.

            When he's not running, you can find Matt cycling and swimming. He's been a member of the West Florida Wheelman for the past 3 years. For Matt, the Wheelman has been a "very supportive club and fun to be a part of." He describes the club's members as a "great group of cyclists" and jokes that he is "proud to bring in the rear" at the club's social rides. Matt also relays that in addition to the Wheelman's Saturday morning rides, they now offer a new training and development program, which Matt says you can find more about by checking out their Facebook page.   

            So, now it's time for the things that you may be less likely to know about Matt. He is originally from Long Island, New York. After graduating from high school, he served 3 years in the United States Army. Following his military service, Matt returned to Pensacola and "worked my way through college bartending at McGuire's Irish Pub" (this is just one reason why Matt enjoys the McGuire's Tuesday night running club so much - the beer is another reason). After graduating from UWF, Matt "moved around a little and had a few jobs, but nothing seemed to fit." So, he returned to Gulf Breeze and opened his insurance agency. He's happy to be back and we're happy to have him back as a part of our athletic community. Be sure to look for him at the Bay to Breakfast 8k next week - he'll be the one flipping pancakes. J

2010 Christmas Dash

     by Susi Lyon


After getting Scrooged last year, the North Pole Elves provided us with a wonderful evening and record crowds for the Pensacola Christmas Parade and Dash.  Over 300 participants raced, trotted, pranced and strolled the one mile route just prior to the annual parade.  The LED lights on the Elf Hats added to the fun spirit of this family-oriented event.  At the finish line the PRA elves handed out jumbo candy canes to everyone with a 2010 number.

          The first person across the finish line at 4 minutes, 36 seconds was Dominique Sykes (age 19) a member of the UWF Cross Country team.  Our first female finisher was Shannon Kohler (age 44) with a time of 6 minutes, two seconds.  Earlier in the day Shannon received a B.S. degree in Physical Education from the University of West Florida.

          In the school participation competition Ferry Pass Elementary ran away with the honors for the second year in a row.  For their support they received a $250 donation to help with their school running club.  Another donation was made to Avalon Middle School's running club for their help with the water at the finish line.

          Thank you to everyone who helped with registration, the start, the finish and recognition of our overall winners.  Christmas is a time for sharing and caring and that is what Pensacola Runners Association is all about!



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