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PRA President, Courtney Peterson

When I have travelled to other areas around the Southeast,


I have made an effort to sign up for a local road race in that area to get a run in during my trip.  Fellow runners seem to enjoy doing this as well for various reasons. From my observation, it seems that the change of scenery and the runners that you get to run with or compete against makes running in new cities more enjoyable.  While running outside of our area, I've noticed over the years the difference between the running communities here in the Pensacola area versus those in other areas. Granted, I'm making a very unscientific observation, but it seems that the number of running clubs and training runs per capita in this area is much greater than any other area our size.   Where else can you find two to three sizeable groups of people each day on a training run?  Or, where several road races are occurring on the same weekend? Chances are you would have to look to a much larger metropolitan area than Pensacola, Milton, Gulf Breeze, Niceville and Ft. Walton Beach.  I am thankful to live in a community that is supportive of our runners and walkers through the daily training runs and the weekly road races that a multitude of groups have stepped forward to sponsor. Next time you are talking to your friends and family from out of town be sure to brag on what a great place we have for exercising and the great people that are a part of our running community.   Although, I'm sure you've already signed up for this month's Seafood Festival 5k, please mention this event to your friends and running mates. Not only will the run be a great event, the festival is shaping up to be equally as good with great food and free music.  It's a perfect opportunity for out of town guests to make a weekend trip. We'll look forward to seeing there in a couple of weeks.

Rikki Don't Lose That Number
by Janet Boylan

Now you no longer have a number to lose!  There is no need to keep track of a PRA race director's name or number for one of our great races on the 2010-11 running calendar to volunteer for an event.  You no longer need to track down the volunteer coordinator.  Now when you find you are able to volunteer for a race (and it can be an event in the future) all you need to do is send an email to and let a volunteer coordinator know the following:


1)  The race you'd like to volunteer for

2)  When you could be available to help

3)  What you would feel comfortable doing or prefer to do

4)  What experience you've had (none required)


You can understand that a race director cannot wait until the day of an event and hope someone shows up to help for such important things as mile timers, registration, water stations, finish line etc.  This means that the race director needs to feel reasonably comfortable that all volunteer positions are assigned before the event.  Conversely, race directors do not want to ask someone to role out of bed at the crack of dawn and not be utilized.  When people 'show up' on race day to volunteer and are not given a responsibility, they may be disappointed and may become discouraged from lending a hand the next time.  We definitely do not want to waste any volunteers!!    Your Board hopes this email address will help everyone synchronize efforts and make for a better running event.

Towels from Bear Lake Donated to Soldiers
Bear Lake Towels
The PRA was proud to supply 40 surplus Bear Lake run towels to the 4th Stryker Combat Brigade in Qalat, Zabul Province, Afghanistan. In this picture SSG Daniel Casey, son of PRA member, past board member and current equipment manager, Brian Casey, is pictured (far right) with three other soldiers holding up their Bear Lake towels.  
Runner's Profile
 by Erika Smith
Sheri Hamilton- Runner

Hiker Sheri
Grand Canyon Sheri


            One day, Sheri Hamilton ran a block and she hasn't stopped since!  Back in 2007, Sheri challenged herself to "run a block, walk a block", and jokes that she made it about � mile, walking most of the way. At that point, she decided to train for her first 5k, the popular McGuire's St. Patrick's Day race. Sheri gradually worked up to a 10k, then the Double Bridge Run 15k. This year, she has literally taken off with distance running, completing both the Tallahassee Half Marathon and the New Orleans Marathon in February and the inaugural Gulf Coast Half Marathon and Nashville Half Marathon in April.

             Sheri laughs that she runs "because it's the best therapy, both mentally and physically." For Sheri, "There's nothing like running by the water early in the morning or later in the evening." Her favorite local races include the Double Bridge run, describing the view on the bridge as "always amazing", and the McGuire's 5k "because of the unique runners and their clothing choices." She enjoys many forms of cross-training, including yoga, and participates in the Mere Mortals Sunday morning triathlon training program at Pensacola Beach, where she is training for her first triathlon (the Santa Rosa Island tri). Sheri has found that she has fun complimenting her love of running with swimming and cycling and recently became a Tri Gulf Coast Board Member. I also heard through the running circuit that she's a fearless hiker (note the photograph of her Grand Canyon trip).

            Sheri has a full schedule of upcoming races. First, the Santa Rosa Island Triathlon in early October, followed by the Marine Corps Marathon on Halloween, then the New York Marathon just one week later! Sheri laughs that she is "not really sure what I was thinking, but since New York is a lottery system, I couldn't pass it up!" Leaving little time for rest, she is also planning to run the Las Vegas marathon in December.
            When she's not running, you can find Sheri spending time at the beach and involved in any outdoor activities, particularly boating, wakeboarding, and other water sports. She can also be spotted taking her three dogs for a walk through her East Hill neighborhood. If you've seen the show "The Dog Whisperer", Sheri is like a female Cesar Millan (who is also an avid runner!), having no problems walking Clyde, Jessie, and Max in stride simultaneously. And, Sheri loves to travel, especially when she has the opportunity to combine racing with traveling. She describes one of her most enjoyable vacations/racing experiences as the Keys 100 Relay, which she completed earlier this year with a team of 5 additional runners, including local runners/PRA members Scott Eddy and Laura Harris. She's already excited about completing the event again next year. 


Sheri's Keys 100 Relay Team


            Sheri teases that her favorite race distance is "anything that I can finish", but it sounds to me like long-distance races are currently her favorite events. Sheri is also a great person to be around, her joy of running is contagious and she is one of the most determined and motivated runners out there. Be sure to look for her at the local running clubs to wish her luck on her upcoming races!

Seville Quarter Post Race Party


 It's time to tune your training schedules and calendars towards the Seafood Festival 5k Run and Walk. This year's event will be held Saturday, September 25th at Seville Quarter in downtown Pensacola. The race will be held at 7:30AM, a little earlier than in past years in order to get everyone started before the heat of the day.  Also, the post-race party will move back inside Seville Quarter this year with some cool air conditioning while you enjoy the great refreshments, camaraderie and awards that you have come to expect from past years.


The race course will remain unchanged:a fast and flat loop through historic downtown Pensacola, down Palafox St. to De Luna Wharf and along beautiful Pensacola Bay.  After the race and post race activities are complete, make sure you walk over to Seville Square where the Fiesta of Five Flags will be hosting the 32nd Annual Seafood Festival. The Southeast Tourism Society has chosen this event as a Top 20 Event. You can enjoy over 200 of the south's finest arts and crafts artisans and carefully selected seafood venders. There will also be some great bands playing this year. Check out for a list of all the fun events, activities and entertainment that the Pensacola Seafood Festival includes.


Out-of-towners, come make a weekend of it.  Sole' Inn and Suites is our host hotel again this year. They are just blocks from the race start and the Seafood Festival. They are located at 200 N. Palafox St. You can reach them at 1-888-470-9298 and mention the Seafood Race for discount rates.


For more information or to register please go to Registration also continues at

PRA Youth Patches

Children 12 and Under who received PRA patches at the Membership Race on Saturday, August 28th , 2010:

Jorga Agraig - Jay Elementary School

Chase Andrews -  Hobbs Middle School

Caitlin Jennings - Sacred Heart Catholic School

Evelyn Lane - Blue Angel Elementary

Bryant Orr - Lipscomb Elementary

Riley Orr - Lipscomb Elementary



East Hill Hare and Hounds Running Club

"A kinder-gentler hash-type running club" 

This Saturday is their 50th run!!


The East Hill Hare and Hounds Running Club will celebrate it's 50th run this coming Saturday, September 11th, meeting at 5 pm and running/walking at 5:30 pm.  Meet in the parking lot of the abandoned Amtrak Station at the East end of Heinberg St.  Hares for this event are Jonohon "Knight Rider" Berry and Ricky "Hashcock Daddy" Thompson.  Cost is just $5 and refreshments will be served.  On On!! 


Go to www. for more info.

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East Hill Hare & Hounds to host their 50th run!
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Quote of the Month
"Quintessential Irony"
Submitted by Allen Keyes.
When asked if he would like to join fellow runners for a leisurely early morning run through the open trails of UWF in mid-July,  David Waters, Founder of the local Magnolia Valley Invitational Trail Run (mid-late 1980's)-- a grueling and treacherous European-style cross country run navigating through deep ravines, hills, and creeks surrounded by evergreen forests and vines, thick humidity, and biting creatures of unknown descent held in July-- responded:
"Oh no, I don't run the trails at UWF during the summer months.  The yellow flies are too bad." 
 (Got ya, David! ;-)
David was also president of the  PRA from 1993-1994.