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PRA President, Laura Harris President


Hello to all my fellow runners! I hope you are all easing into 2013 and are looking ahead to the spring racing season. Since I do not like to run alone after dark and cannot always make it to the organized runs we have almost every evening here in Pensacola, I am looking forward to Daylight Savings Time, where it will remain lighter in the evening, and I'll have more opportunity to run after work. Whatever your excuse is (as Daylight Savings Time is certainly an excuse), I hope you're able to push past it for a rewarding couple months ahead. Make sure you put the Fiesta 10/5K on your calendar for May 4th! We are planning on it being even better than last year's fun!


Happy running!


Laura Harris 

In Memory of Al Migues

Al Migues, retired U.S. Navy Chief, runner extraordinary, died 2 Feb 2013 of Leukemia. He was 72.


I first met Al when I moved into a house across the street from and would see him at races. He was still in the Navy but being very competitive he could not tolerate being out raced by a MARINE-- who was 10 years older!


Once he retired and could devote more time to training he dominated the Masters and Veterans age groups in the 70's and 80's and was a factor for overall. He was also nationally ranked as a master and had a 2:30 marathon.


His training philosophy was simple: If he had a bad race, he would train harder the next week. If he had a good race, he would train harder the next week to be even better. I could not go on a training run with him. If I saw him outside in the morning, I would go back inside and hide. He was too intense for me.

Runners soon learned not to be too close to him near the end of a race unless they brought their "A"game. He was a competitive runner and brought out the best in all of us. Al, you will be missed. We enjoyed knowing you. Bravo Zulu Chief.  

Runner's Profile
Scott and Angela Eddy


During college, local beer connoisseur, Scott Eddy, started "running around the block" and eventually worked his way up to his first 5k. He laughs as he recalls being unable to walk for a week after that first, hilly race. However, his most memorable run took place years later, at Pensacola Beach with the Capt'n Fun Runners, as afterwards he stopped at Hub Stacey's on his way home where he met his future wife, Angela, for the first time. He jokes that he was fortunate because "in spite of smelling like a foot, she talked to me anyway." They started running together and were married shortly later, in July 2011.


Scott and Angela enjoy participating in races together. Their favorite local and regional races include the upcoming McGuire's Prediction Run (where Angela will compete in her first "post-baby" race and Scott says it's "for the beer, of course"), Azalea Trail, and the Warrior Dash (held in North Georgia). Angela's also had a lot of fun at the PRA's membership run, particularly the race that was held several years ago in the pouring rain, while Scott has fond memories of the Double Bridge Run, the Santa Rosa Island Triathlon, and the Seabees Mud Run in Gulfport, Mississippi as well as he and Angela's regular runs with the Survivor Hash House Harriors.


When they're not running, Scott enjoys cross-training, particularly CrossFit workouts with Dixie at Razor's Edge Fitness. He also likes riding his bike to Ft. Pickens at beautiful Pensacola Beach. In their spare time, Scott enjoys brewing and drinking beer and Angela enjoys practicing yoga and acting in local theater productions. Her last show was Meshuggah-Nuns in November, 2012, where she played Sister Mary Amnesia while 7 months pregnant ("we had a lot of fun with the "pregnant nun")! Also, Angela has an amazing voice (you may have heard her sing the national anthem at some of our local races) and is a singer in the local band, Mass Kunfuzion, which has played at some great events around Pensacola, including Bands on the Beach, Sertomas's 4th of July Festival, Seafood Festival, the Mall Ball, Evenings in Old Seville Square and several Mardis Gras Balls. Most of all, Scott and Angela love spending time together as a family with their new baby girl, Michaela, age 2 months. They've already acquired a running stroller and "can't wait to get her up to speed."  


Scott's father was a Navy pilot, so he lived all over the country before landing in Pensacola during his middle school years. Following graduation, he attended college in Washington state and later returned to school (FSU) for a second undergraduate degree and graduate degree in Engineering. He's employed as a Structural Engineer by a company based in Tampa and spends much of his time travelling around the Southeast managing projects and offices. Angela grew up in Pensacola, attended Catholic High School then Vanderbilt University. She is currently on maternity leave from IMS Expert Services, where she works part-time as a Senior Recruiting Consultant, recruiting expert witnesses and consultants for attorneys needing them for litigation. She is also currently on leave from Gulf Coast Kid's House, where she serves part-time as the Child Abuse Prevention Coordinator. And, she hosts the show "Health Talk" on BLAB TV for the Endoscopy Center.


Scott and Angela are two of the most pleasant people to be around, always happy and smiling. Be sure to say hello to them and meet Michaela at the Tuesday evening McGuire's Running Club (one of Angela's favorite places to run) or at one of the upcoming races. 

Lou Gregory Award Nominations
The PRA is Seeking Nominations for the Lou Gregory Award!


Lou Gregory Award winners, Lee and Carole Wright, share their history with the running community in Pensacola. If you know of anyone worthy of the Lou Gregory Award, please email your nomination to (see requirements listed under "Additional PRA Policies" on our webpage,

Carole and I originally came to Pensacola in July 1957 as I was about to become a Naval Aviator. After flight training, we had tours of duty around the country and returned to Pensacola in July 1972. We met Billy and Joyce Blackwelder, and they encouraged us to get involved in the local running community. At 220 lbs, I was not very fast. Carole had been a Physical Education major in college, so she fit right in. We didn't win many awards back then but always encouraged other runners and really enjoyed the comradeship at the races. We talked several of our friends and neighbors into signing up for some of the local races and were pleased to see them consistently improve their times.


Having been Volunteer Coordinator for the Navarre / Pensacola Beach Run for over 15 years, Course Director for the Gulf Breeze United Methodist Church "Run For The World" 5k for some 20 years, and Race Director for the Veterans' Day Run aboard NAS Pensacola for about 8 years, I look back at a very rewarding time.


Carole and I have either volunteered or competed in just about every race in this area at one time or another since 1975. If we have encouraged just one person to take up running and enjoy a better, healthier life, it was all worth it.

PRA Membership Renewals

New PRA Membership Renewal Plan!!!


One of the most frequent comments we, on the Board of Directors, hear regularly is "I can't remember when my membership expires" or "Am I still an active member of the PRA?" If you are one of these people, we finally have an answer to this problem. Begining now, we are transitioning to an ANNUAL renewal for all... meaning that everyone's membership will run from July 1st to June 30th of the following year. This will make the task of membership renewal so much easier for current and future Boards, and it will be much easier for everyone to remember the one date instead of your personal anniversary of joining. Our prices are the same: $15 for an individual, $20 for a family. If you have signed up in recent months, or if you sign up before July 1st of this year, you will automatically be an active member until June 30, 2014. All other extensions will be handled on a case-by-case basis if you'd like to contact We sincerely hope this reduces some of the confusion of the past couple years and hope you'll consider renewing today! 

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February 2013
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The Mission of the Pensacola Runners Association is to promote, support and develop running and racing along the northern Gulf Coast. Our objective is to provide information, education, training, social and sporting events for competitive and non- competitive runners and walkers of all ages, races, genders and abilities.

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Select Physical Therapy Offers FREE Sports Injury Hotline
Melissa McShan

Select Physical Therapy would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the PRA members who have given Select the opportunity to provide healthcare and physical therapy services to you this year. We hope the service and care you received was outstanding. We know you have many choices for physical therapy and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


We would also like to take this opportunity to give a gift exclusive to all PRA members. PRA members may call the Select Injury Hotline to schedule an appointment with an athletic trainer FREE OF CHARGE. Don't worry- there is a Select Physical Therapy clinic near you, and our athletic trainers are available to evaluate and discuss your musculoskeletal injuries with you most days of the week. Elite athletes have their own athletic trainers to help them heal from an injury so why shouldn't you???


Please do not hesitate to take advantage of this FREE service- we can work with your schedule to set an appointment time that works for you. A typical injury evaluation only takes about 20 minutes. You won't have to wait in line or pay costly insurance copays or deductibles. We can help you better understand your injury, explain ways to help you heal, and give you tips for treatment at home as well as recommendations for future prevention.


If you would like more information or to set up an appointment please call 850-619-2862. Please leave a detailed message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.



Tri Gulf Coast News

My "Team" Sport
by Evan Malone

Surely many runners and multisport athletes have all had a conversation with a family member, friend, co-worker, or neighbor describing what it is their hobby includes.  Save for the eyeroll-inducing responses of "I tried running once, my knees hurt" or "I play real sports, I am not trying to be the best at exercising (Kenny Powers)," invariably, for me, it seems that someone makes a comment along the lines of:   "Isn't that boring?" or "How can you run/ride for more than an hour like that?" or "I don't get how that is considered a sport, there isn't even a team or anything."

I generally don't expend a great amount of energy trying to argue these points, because it can be difficult to change that perception of running/triathlon.  Rather, what I try to do with a comment as such is to twist it into a response where I showcase these sports as "community" sports.  My triathlon community is my "team."

My team is the group of fellow triathletes (a broad spectrum of abilities) who jump in the pool three days a week and pound out 2,000+ yards together while stopping between sets or intervals to joke about an upcoming race, a past race blunder, the last time someone was forced to rig their goggles with a shoelace, or some other junior high humor.

My team is those of us feigning to be runners who show up before the sun rises so we can collectively finish our "long run" before the other tasks of the day bring us back to reality.

My team is the couple of other crazed individuals who post up on Monday or Tuesday morning following a long weekend of training or racing for the sometimes less-than-comfortable recovery run (i.e. joints and entire muscle groups revolting).

My team is the blend of organized and somewhat less than organized athletes who conspire to register for races in time, find the cheapest entry fees, help to find someone to split a hotel room with.

My team is sometimes the one other person with me on the run who happens to have not charged their GPS watch so now we must depend on mine alone.

My team is the couple of other athletes with the same hometown listing on the race results sheet posted on the side of the trailer after the race.

My team is the group of dedicated, triathlon-loving individuals who give back to the sport by helping to lead and direct a multisport club or event.

I could go on...

The message here is that, triathlon (and running) are "team" sports IF we allow them to be.  A notion quite the opposite from what the non-triathlete and non-runner carry with them when they consider our sports.  So, hold onto this idea and the next time the opportunity to be a "teammate" arises embrace it.  Consider becoming more active in your respective club.  Consider joining a new group workout.  Consider signing up for a small, new, local event.  Consider organizing a roadtrip to a destination race.  How will you build your "team"?