June  2016
Information on the Protestant Christian Program Series

Justin B. has been performing a community service project which he calls "Easter Goodies from Youth to Youth." He started this project seven years ago when he was doing the God and Family program and liked it so much, he continues doing it to this day.  Every Easter, he assembles Easter baskets containing stuffed animals, books, toys, and candy and he donates them through community organizations to kids who might not otherwise get an Easter basket.  He gets most of his items as donations from churches and local businesses. Justin has distributed 137 baskets over the years to kids as young as one-year-old and as old as high school students. Justin not only plans on continuing this project, he is also eager to encourage other scouts to start similar campaigns in their own communities and has shared his resources here.
Justin B.
Boy Scout Troop 1
Grace Episcopal Church
Paducah, KY

Currently participating in 
God and Life
God and Church 2013
God and Family 2010
God and Me 2009
We're so proud of Justin. And there are many more kids just like Justin helping other people through service projects through Scouting and the church. We would love to hear their stories! The P.R.A.Y. curriculum challenges students to put into action what they have learned in their Bible lessons. Our goal is to develop servant leaders with a passion to help others. Share your picture and story by sending an email to spotlight@praypub.org
Primera  Iglesia Bautista de Carolina
(First Baptist Church of Carolina, Puerto Rico)
God and Family

"This program is certainly a blessing for all the participants and their families. Bless you all."

William Rodriguez
Chaplain, BSA Troop 572, Puerto Rico Council  

The First Baptist Church of Carolina, Puerto Rico has been using the P.R.A.Y. curriculum for several years. Looking for resources in Spanish? Click here.