May  2016
Information on the Protestant Christian Program Series
Start Your Bunch Today!
Often as not, P.R.A.Y. sends out four star awards in "bunches."  Of course we process individual awards (congratulations to all you solo recipients who made it your goal to make it to the finish line!).  But as we reflect on the "bunches" of four star awards that come through together, we see them as tributes to the churches and leaders who offer  annual P.R.A.Y. programs to challenge and nurture young people in their Christian growth. We see the added dimension of young people journeying together with like-minded peers, sharing discoveries, sharing faith, growing stronger together. We see the best kind of "peer pressure" imaginable, and we ask you to  START YOUR BUNCH TODAY. Here are some pictures and comments to encourage you as well as some resources to help you get started.
Eagle Scouts Receive God and Life and Four Star Awards
God & Life recipients (left to right) Kelly C., Kamrin C., and Scott B. are all Eagle Scouts from Troop 11 in Griffin, Georgia.  Kelly and Scott are both Four Star recipients and Kamrin has three of the four awards excluding God and Family. All three are graduating from high school next month and plan to attend college this fall. Their favorite Scouting memory was traveling to New Orleans one summer and working with Camp Restore to assist home owners rebuilding houses damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

Five Girl Scouts Receive Four Star Awards 
This group of Girl Scouts completed their Four Star journey together. This is a journey that takes 6 years or more to complete starting with the God and Me award in 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade and continuing with God and Family, God and Church, and finishing with the God and Life award in High School. Congratulations!

Kathy, Tess, Kaitlin, Sara, and Jocelyn (missing from photo)
Zion Lutheran Church, St. Charles, MO

Soon-to-be-College-Grad Reflects on Impact of Four Star Award
Jess G. completed her Four Star journey six years ago with 3 other Girl Scout friends. We asked her to look back and share her reflections:
Completing the PRAY awards brought me closer to God as well as closer to the friends with whom I completed the program. I think it's important to reflect on your faith and where it has brought you often in your life, and the PRAY awards were wonderful for that in the very formative teenage years... I am still friends with the girls I was in Girl Scouts with and with whom I went through the PRAY program...My faith continues to be an important part of my life.
Here is a picture of Jess and her Girl Scout friends around the time they earned their last P.R.A.Y. award.

Organizing an Annual P.R.A.Y. Program
Start Your Bunch Today!
Click here to find a recorded presentation a nd other resources from Chris Karabinos explaining why Johns Creek United Methodist Church offers classes on all four P.R.A.Y. awards every year.