Billings, Montana, USA - GTUIT®, LLC announced that Hess Corporation publicly recognized the ongoing natural gas liquid (NGL) extraction partnership between the two firms. The recognition came in the  Hess Corporation 2017 Corporate Sustainability Report.
Hess and GTUIT have been working together since 2013 with GTUIT designing, manufacturing and operating well site gas capture and NGL extraction equipment at Hess locations in North Dakota.
Shown is the excerpt from page 43 of Hess' most recent Sustainability Report mentioning the Hess and GTUIT partnership.
Natural Gas Capture 
Using technology developed through our partnership with GTUIT - a designer, manufacturer and operator of well site natural gas capture and NGL extraction equipment - we are recovering high-BTU (British thermal unit) gas from locations in North Dakota that were previously flaring this raw, rich natural gas. The GTUIT equipment successfully addresses some of the technical challenges associated with capturing NGLs from the Bakken gas - the units are modular and mobile, they can operate reliably unmanned and they can adapt to the ever-changing flow conditions of the well and the changing chemistry of the associated gas. 
In 2017 we operated 15 of these mobile units, allowing us to capture 7 million gallons of NGLs. As a result, we avoided more than 470 MMSCF of gas flaring, reduced CO2e emissions by an estimated 43,600 tonnes and saved about 14,200 tonnes of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from entering the atmosphere. We are planning to install additional mobile units in 2018, increasing our capacity by 4 MMSCFD. This project provides dual economic and environmental benefits, as it converts gas into marketable products as well as reduces the amount of gas flared and the associated air emissions. 
Brian Cebull, GTUIT President and CEO said "Hess has been a leader in flare capture in the Bakken long before State regulations were put into place. We appreciate being identified as a partner in their corporate sustainability initiative to reduce flaring and emissions" Cebull went on to say, "Hess and GTUIT have been working together for over five years in the Bakken and we look forward to the opportunity to assist Hess for many more years."

GTUIT is an industry leader of well-site level associated gas processing that includes innovative gas processing using mobile and modular equipment to recover natural gas liquids (NGLs) and to condition fuel gas.   GTUIT provides both proprietary equipment and best-in-class field service with 500 MCFD, 1000 MCFD and 3000 MCFD systems that are modular and scalable for well sites with up to 12 MMCFD or more of associated gas.   GTUIT has processed more than 5 BCF of associated gas and recovered over 1.3 million barrels of NGLs.

The firm is focused on providing innovative solutions for stranded gas processing, timely manufacturing and industry leading service that creates value for its customers. More information is available at , Facebook , Twitter , Google+, and LinkedIn.
Source: GTUIT®, LLC
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