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June 1, 2016
Contact: Christina Leano +1-786-459-5667
Global Catholic Climate Movement Releases Eco-Parish Guide Urging Parishes Globally to Reduce their Emissions

The Global Catholic Climate Movement (GCCM) is proud to announce the release of its Eco-Parish Guide: Bringing Laudato Si to Life.  Developed in cooperation with GCCM's member organizations, the guide is directed at Catholic parishes globally to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by addressing actions in relation to parish operations, the congregation, and the broader community.

This is the first guide of its kind that aligns specifically with the Paris Agreement, including the goal of keeping temperature rise below 1.5 °C. The work of parishes from over a dozen countries is showcased throughout its pages, setting the context of climate change policy and the urgency of taking action to stand in solidarity with communities already impacted by climate change.

Ciara Shannon, Asia Coordinator for GreenFaith and GCCM Steering Committee member and contributor said, "The Catholic church operates more than 220,000 parishes globally - every parish building, as well as its vehicles, contribute directly to climate change. Becoming more energy efficient is a vital first step to reduce our impact and most changes can be done easily, without too much expertise and within budget."

Fr. John Leydon, Columban missionary in the Philippines and GCCM Steering Committee Member said, "The call to 'ecological conversion ' includes 'vision' and concrete activities or 'programs'. A vision without a program is dreaming; a program without a vision is drudgery. This guide is inspired by the vision of Laudato Si and Catholic social teachings as well as the practical programs of the typical parish."

The guide is being launched ahead of Laudato Si Week (June 12-19), a global celebration of the first anniversary of release of Laudato Si.

Dr. Gail Kendall, principal author of the guide said , "I have been greatly blessed to be able to speak with people from parishes all over the world and to witness their generosity of spirit and their care for the Earth."

The Eco-Parish guide is available for download free of charge at

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