May/ June 2017


 PSG has developed a lubricity additive for several of our resin families.  These include: Kostrate ® Sizzle, PSG Edge, EsterGlas and Kostrate® Edge.

Our lubricity concentrates, when added to the base resin, do not wear off or dissipate.  They do not cause "gumming" or "stickiness" and it maintains clarity.

Once added to a thermoplastic, it becomes part of the thermoplastic and remains as long as the thermoplastic

The molecular weight of the lubricity is lower than the base resin.  Therefore, it continues "bloom" for the life of the part. This additive lowers the coefficient of friction which is especially valuable to P.O.P. applications.

In a recent comparison between silicone ("siloxane") our lubricity concentrate came out superior.  The silicone, although immediately reduced the coefficient of friction, ours after being allowed to "bloom" for 24 hours produced a same or better result.  And if the surface of the Silone part is "wiped" it does not offer the same recovery result (it was worsened) and eventually the silicone dissipated.  Our results were static for the life of the part.

In addition to the practical uses of this additive, there are aesthetic purposes to consider as well.  The lubricity provides a nice "hand feel", making even a commodity GPPS feel like a higher quality resin.  It gives a very slight enhancement to chemical resistance, and scratch resistance.  It will cause parts t release from the mold better as well.

In terms of cost, the scrap rate is a molder's first consideration.  If the lubricity is added at 1/2- 1% which it most often is, and this is a cost of .03- .07 per pound of material, is the current scrap rate high enough to justify the addition?? In most cases, it is.  And will your customer appreciate the added benefits of a better "feeling" part?  And again, for P.O.P., the ability to have a product more freely slide in a pusher system with no loss of performance for the life of the part.

For many applications, our lubricity is a practical solution for many issues and at a savings!
Alyssa started with PSG on June 8th, following our very chaotic office re-model.  When she started, we were not quite organized but we are now!!  Alyssa has excellent experience and a fantastic attitude and aptitude!
Please send your orders and service requests to her, and as always, copy Dee Walker.  Thank you very much!!!

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Tailored Compounds- will process and ship in 4-6 weeks.
Specialty Concentrates - will process and ship in 3-4 weeks.
As always, we will do our best to meet your needs.  Please allow 24 hours from order receipt for PSG to process and send an order acknowledgment to the buyer's attention.  By following these lead times, you will give us the time we need to provide our best service to you.  Thank you in advance for your help!

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Plastic Selection Group is, and continues to be the leading cutting edge source for water clear thermoplastic resins. With resin families that "fill the gap" between brittle clears and engineered clears, we are here to be your valuable partner in water clear resin selection and development. Please note the recent addition of our terpolymer hi performance, engineering grade Ketek™.
We offer cost saving performance driven alternatives which provide unit cost savings and will compete in your specific application.
Our mission at Plastic Selection Group, Inc. is to be a valuable and profitable partner in material selection and development for plastic manufacturers, component processors and end-users across the globe.
Our water clear lines offer superior performance and significant savings resulting in a higher profit margin.   
Visit our newest website:   Google:  "Clear Thermoplastic Resins" - let us know what you find!!