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Please enjoy our latest e-newsletter which focuses upon the recent release of DCMMS Version 2.0 and improvements to our Data Center Managed Maintenance service offering. DCMMS is an excellent support tool to manage your facility's support infrastructure and its successful maintenance while our Managed Maintenance service takes the mundane facility management tasks off your plate so you can focus upon strategic facility and IT related data center issues.


In addition, given it's the start of the new calendar year I thought I'd take a moment to reflect on organizational improvements we've made here at PTS. In response to PTS' decade long streak of 20+ % annual gains, we have once again increased our architecture and m/e/p consulting engineering staff - this time by 33% including Registered Architects, Professional Engineers of multiple disciplines, LEED Certified Engineers, and Certified Energy Manager (CEM). In addition, we are experiencing the same growth in all our divisions, but especially in our Information Technology Solutions Group (ITSG). In response, we have added additional Network, Network Security, and Systems Engineering staff there as well. All this further differentiates us from our competition in that very few companies have diversely disciplined staffing across both facility and IT engineering personnel as PTS.


I feel our growth in all PTS data center and computer room focused business units including Consulting, Facility Design & Engineering, NOC/Cabling/Audio-Visual/Security Design, General Construction & Construction Management, Commissioning, Facility Maintenance & Management, Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring, and IT Design, Engineering, and Implementation is indicative of business' desire for technically diverse and integrated staff and process that can design, deliver, and operate turnkey solutions.


Thanks go out to our clients who allow us to continue our growth into 2012 and beyond. Best of luck for a successful year!   


Pete Sacco

President & Founder

PTS Data Center Solutions, Inc

Experts For Your Always Available Data Center

PTS Data Center Solutions Showcase
Story: Data Center Facility Project Process

As you know PTS offers a comprehensive array of services geared to design, build, commission, monitor, manage, operate, and maintain mission critical facilities, such data centers, computer rooms, server rooms, and network operations centers. Through experience we have developed this Data Center Facility Project Process which allows us to repeatedly deliver within schedule, scope, and budget.


PTS' eleven step progression of the data center project process is shown in the following diagram:  

ChevronsTypically, the initial four project phases are bundled as Planning & Feasibility. This allows PTS to project the true requirements for new data center design and re-design of existing facilities. Key Design Criteria, or "Needs", includes establishing load, availability, and deployment density design criteria. From there, PTS performs a comprehensive Site Survey to establish existing conditions and facility constraints. For a new space this survey includes looking for sources of power, communications lines and possibly chilled water as well as locations for landing generators, switchgear, UPS and heat rejection equipment.  


After completing the Needs and Survey, PTS establishes recommendations for upgrades or improvements. We then develop plans and visual representations of our concepts in the Plan stage. Plans usually include CFD modeling, one-lines, drawings, project cost estimating, and master scheduling. At the conclusion of the planning phase, clients have a true understanding of the project scope, schedule, and budget.

S shapeFrom here, clients can leverage PTS Design & Engineering Services for mechanical, electrical, structured cabling, IT, and other areas of the full data center project process. After design is completed and accepted by the client PTS provides Procurement Services, Construction Management, Commissioning for facility related supporting infrastructure, and Implementation Services for IT related infrastructure.   


After the facility is built, commissioned, and providing service, PTS' Project Process moves into the Monitoring & Management phase where PTS provides effective toolsets for a client to monitor and manage the facility themselves. Alternatively, PTS can provide tools and managed services to Operate & Maintain the facility for the client.  Either way, PTS makes sure that the client has the proper training and knowledge transfer to be confident their facility will exceed the objectives set out in the initial Planning & Feasibility phase of the project.


To learn more about the PTS Data Center Facility Project Process Contact PTS.
PTS Data Center Solutions Showcase:
DCMMS V2.0 and Data Center Managed Maintenance

PTS recently announced our newest version 2.0 of the Data Center Maintenance Management Software (DCMMS) solution. The product expands upon the first generation by adding new client-requested functionality.  

 DCMMS page

Introduced in March 2010, DCMMS was and remains the first of its kind software geared to improving efficiencies needed to maintain data center infrastructure. The software works with any of the Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) products available today which include discovery tools, real-time monitoring tools, BMS solutions, and IT monitoring and management solutions. DCMMS is used to maintain facility support infrastructure products in many data centers and from many manufacturers.

PTS uses DCMMS as a key component of its Data Center Managed Maintenance Service offering. The service provides various support levels from software only to software and asset maintenance tracking to full 7x24 outsourcing of asset maintenance management.

Learn more about DCMMS and Data Center Managed Maintenance. Click Here to read the January 19 Press Release or Contact PTS.

PTS Education & White Papers

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Check out the latest white papers added to our website by signing in or joining the PTS Media Library! We're sure there will be some interesting content for your reading pleasure. For up-to-the-minute educational information don't forget to check out the PTS Blog - Data Center Design and consider joining the LinkedIn Computer Room Design Group.

UPS Configuration Availability Rankings by Peter Sacco Reliance on technology has elevated data center availability from a lofty goal to an absolute necessity. As such, the configuration of the UPS system is vitally important in achieving high-availability with respect to the power side of the universe. This paper explores a number of different UPS configurations, how they contribute to availability, and who manufactures them. Download

Automated Change Management in the Data Center by No Limits Software
The only acceptable number of unauthorized changes is zero. Automated change monitoring can reduce Mean Time To Recover (MTTR) and increase system availability. The paper explores this concept in depth and makes recommendations for data center operations personnel. Download

Taming the Cloud: Understanding the Risks and Returns of Enterprise Cloud Computing by Akamai 

As one of the hottest buzzwords in IT today, the term "cloud computing" has been the subject of much hype and much confusion. But the potential is real: with its promise of low-opex, zero-capex, on-demand infrastructure, cloud computing offers highly appealing economic and business benefits. The paper provides a comprehensive look at the risks and rewards in considering enterprise cloud computing solutions. Download

Next-Generation Security for Enterprise Networks by Fortinet
Since the concept of a 'next-generation firewall' was introduced several years ago by Gartner, many network security vendors have introduced their own next-generation firewalls to address this product category - but with varying results... Organizations must consider all security threats, both known and unknown, when selecting an enterprise network security platform.  Download

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Founded in 1998, PTS Data Center Solutions is a premier data center design firm and turnkey solutions provider, offering a broad range of project experience, specializing in designing data centers, computer rooms and technical spaces that integrate "best-of-breed", critical infrastructure technologies and result in continuously available, scalable, redundant, fault-tolerant, manageable, and maintainable mission critical environments.



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