'Come, for everything is ready now.' -  Luke 14:17b

Think of a great Christmas Party that you attended or hosted in the past. What comes to mind about it? Use all of your senses to be there again for moment.
PUCC is hosting a very special Christmas Party on Thursday, December 15 in our Fellowship Hall.
It's technically not our party - but we are helping the hosts in a variety of ways.
Unless you were with us for this party last year, I am guessing that you have never been to a party such as this! You will laugh and cry. You will see the face of God and enter into the mystery and magic of the Holy.
The party guests are residents of Emmaus Homes who live in small groups in houses sprinkled through several Missouri counties. They all have a great number of things in common - including challenges as these friends live with all levels of developmental and physical disability.
We need your help in loving the residents of Emmaus Homes as they usher in the holiday season!
Get in touch with your inner elf as you decorate tables, serve dinner, dance the Hokey-Pokey or hand out gifts to our Emmaus guests. Please sign up for a time slot that works best for you, and prepare yourself for an evening of merry-making.

Not able to join us for the event? Consider donating cookies so your hospitality and warmth will be here.
(Volunteers that evening must be in Grade 6 or above. There is no upper age limit.)
Contact Jill Schatz ( jdschatz@msn.com;636-821-3478) if you have any questions.
Thank you for considering this great opportunity to be blessed by being a blessing.
I am confident that this experience will become one of the most memorable among your Advent stories.


We are a faith based organization providing around the clock services to adults with developmental disabilities with the goal of helping them live their best lives possible in the community of their choice! - Emmaus Homes

Prayer: Holy One, help us to regularly put others in the center of the universe by meeting them where they are and serving them. Amen.

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