Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit. - 1 Corinthians 12:4
Another sign of the season has arrived in our home - our annual wreath from Boys Republic in California! A family from the first church I served after seminary, Norfield Congregational Church UCC in Weston, Connecticut, has gifted us with a wreath every year for the last 23 years. Wow!
These wreaths are called 'A Gift within A Gift' because they bless the givers, receivers and teens who need to know they are not alone. They all matter. (See more info on Boys Republic -and Girls Republic! below)
If you are pondering what kinds of gifts to give this season, please consider gifts within gifts. Our 2nd Mile Advent partnerships provide such an opportunity as we minister with
Circle of Concern in Valley Park (;
International Institute in St Louis ( - at some point today this site below will be up and running as we work with our good friends at Temple Shaare Emeth ... please visit this site to learn more about our embrace of two refugee families from Syria and you can help. You might want to give a gift to a loved one on your Christmas List by giving a gift in this way!
++ Boys Republic is a private, nonprofit, nonsectarian school and treatment community for troubled youngsters. Since its founding in 1907, it has guided more than 30,000 at-risk teenage boys and girls toward productive, fulfilling lives.
On its central school and farm in Chino Hills, California, and in residential and day treatment centers in other communities, Boys Republic and its companion program, Girls Republic, help children in desperate need find within themselves the resources and skills to begin meaningful lives on their own.
Boys Republic seeks to give adolescent youth with behavioral, educational, and emotional difficulties an opportunity to achieve their maximum potential for responsible, self-directed life within the community.
Every attempt is made to involve family members in the rehabilitation process and to bring about the reunification of the family. We consider the development of academic, vocational and social skills essential in assisting the youth we serve to return to the community as useful, productive citizens.
* (Since we are talking about multiple gifts, I have included two quotes today!)


Prayer: Holy One, thank you for your priceless gift of Jesus - a gift that keeps giving whenever we share our hope, peace, joy and love. Amen.


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