Join us this Sunday as we celebrate the Ascension - Traditional Worship at 9:30am and/or Informal Worship at 11am! Our scripture passages are Acts 1 (selected verses), Psalm 47 and Luke 24:44-53 with a sermon entitled Two of Them. It's Ascension Day - two men in white robes were there as Jesus finishes his earthly ministry and ascends to heaven. Are these the same two that were at the tomb on Easter morning? Were they also present for other significant moments in scripture? What were their conversations like? And what do we know about Barsabbas and Matthias - the two that were up to replace Judas as disciple?
** We will receive the offering for Holy Joe's CafĂ© this Memorial Day Weekend    
If you haven't had a chance yet, please get your picture taken this Sunday morning!                                                                                                          
Memorial Day Weekend - breathe, give thanks and pray.
Oliver and Finn Hood  - being baptized here last Sunday! 
(parents: Amanda and Scott ... big brother Henry)
Alyssa & Niraj Patel and big sis Cora - Elin Niraj Patel .
Michael Mertens - just released from prison (Eggebrecht grandson)!
Andrea Barnes - home from River Oaks Hospital!
Graduates and families!
PUNS Preschool staff, families, Boardas  they look back on 47 years.
Doug Watson - hospitalized - cancer has returned. ##
[We are putting together a Care Team for him. Please email Kevin.]
Pattie Herpel - hospitalized for tests.
Carol Russell - healing at home after eventful hospital stay.
Mary Jo Cannon -hospitalized with pneumonia; doing better in rehab.
Rick Hasler - home recuperating after a recent hospital stay.
Florence Simonson - pinched nerve.
Nancy Brown - receiving hospice care at the Westchester House.
Cherie Stolze - struggling with shingles.
Paul Sellers - hospice care at home (John Williams).
Kathy Haack - recent cancer surgery in TX; many need more (Bill's mother).
Karla Shelton and family - as they grieve/give thanks for her father and as her mother seeks healing in the hospital this week.
Rosanna Hogarty - grieving and giving thanks for her aunt/Godmother Anna Marie.
Continued blessings on all of the pets that we blessed last Sunday at the Informal Worship Service in person - Lilly, Finn, April, Foxy, Penny, Sadie, Sophie, Rubato and via phone, text and sweet memories - Chip, Graham, Scout, Henry, Tess, Sky, Hermes, Athena, Timber, Katie Scarlett O'Hara, Jewels, Pikachu, Mona, Patrick, Tina, Milly, Foxy, Rambo, George, Matilda, Blackberry, Sam, Rose, Claude, Chub-Chub, Pinky Toe, Dutch, Rufus, Luna and Muffin.
Parkway United Nursery School (PUNS) can live on in all our hearts and homes after this 47 year mission. Several organizations have found treasures already that will be useful in their mission. Parkway members/guests are welcome to visit rooms 4 and 5 starting this Sunday, May 28 to see if there are treasures from PUNS you would like to take into their lives.  Lots of toys, furniture, office supplies and more.
Items will be available through next Saturday, June 3. Financial contributions for items are appreciated and will go towards PUCC youth programs. Please take your items with you immediately and leave any contribution you are able to give in the church office, marked for receipt of PUNS Treasures.
Happy shopping! -- The PUNS Property Committee: Barb Kuhlmann, Paul Roesler and Kris McKenzie
As a new member of Parkway, Polly Rutherford serves as steering committee member at Missouri Interfaith Power and Light (MIPL..), an organization that promotes stewardship of the environment and acceptance of our responsibility to care for the earth.  She works to reach out to other churches to join in caring for the environment and to recognize it as a major social justice concern. The poorest among us will be the ones most affected by global warming with climate induced heat waves, famines, floods and droughts. Parkway United Church of Christ became a member of the MIPL thanks in part to Polly's presentation in Adult Ed in 2015. Members of PUCC travelled with Polly by bus to NYC in 2015 for the environmental march.
Polly has always loved nature and animals and has been a vegetarian for over 40 years. She states she first became involved with sustainability and going green many years ago through her former church when she started a recycling program to decrease paper and plastic waste when she was a Sunday school teacher. As time passed her environmental interests connected her to other environmental groups as the Chesterfield Citizens for the Environment which helps sponsors community events including Earth Day and recycling fairs. 
Polly's passion for protecting our precious Earth is a shining example of Faith in Action and we are honored to have her and her family as members at Parkway. Polly lives with her husband Mike and daughter Alicia in Chesterfield.
Faith in Action is a new monthly way to help us learn about each other and the amazing work we do. It is brought to you by the Evangelism Commission.  Will you share your story with us? Please call Helen Race at 314-401-4382
Back by Popular Demand! June 3-4... Sustainability Seekers have arranged for the Electronics Recycling Van to return to the Parkway parking lot the weekend of June 3-4. Anything with a cord can be put into the van, which will be unlocked. 
Sunday, June 4 following 10am Annual Meeting... One Family Worship 10:45am raising up the mission of PUNS' 47 years! Lunch following with picnic fare.
Join us on Saturday, June 10 for a 3-Part Event -- Attend all of or any portion of the event!
5:00pm Worship Service in our Historic Sanctuary;
5:30-7:00pm Potluck (finger foods and dessert);
7:00-9:00pm Karaoke
The theme of this worship experience is The Light so we ask you to bring a candle/votive that individuals/family will light together and leave on the altar for the remainder of the worship service. At the conclusion of the service, you will take a different candle home with you as a memory of the event. Our goal is to provide a unique, spiritual, uplifting and memorable worship experience among the walls of our Historic Sanctuary followed by the warmth of friendship/fellowship. 
If you attend, please bring an appetizer or dessert to share and a candle/votive for the service. (We will have extra candles in the event you forget to bring one to the service.) Questions? Contact Rosanna Hogarty from the Worship Commission rjhogarty@gmail.com
PARKWAY UCC NIGHT AT THE MUNY : Jesus Christ Superstar
Friday Night, June 16 at 8:00pm - ticket includes a free backstage tour and carpooling from church if needed. Price will vary from $11.25 to $15 per ticket depending on how many sign up. The Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber phenomenon returns. Jesus Christ Superstar was an album that became a cultural phenomenon, then Broadway's first rock opera and remains a world-wide favorite. With classic songs like "I Don't Know How to Love Him," "Heaven on Their Minds" and the title song, this bold and rocking retelling of the gospels will leave you singing nothing but heavenly praises.
Contact Dan Connors at connorsd@aol.com or 314-651-0279 by June 1 if interested.
PRIDE is just a month away and we need volunteers with our Gateway ONA. Connect with PUCCer Greg Schmelig for more info greg_schmelig@hotmail.com
Want to share your gift of music in worship this summer? Please reach out to Barbara Raedeke BRaedeke@aol.com and/or Skyler Brussee skyler@parkwayucc.org
There are couple more spots for our Youth Mission Trip to Appalachia in July! Please connect with Barb Kuhlmann barbk@parkwayucc.org today!
Want to talk more about the Adult Mission Trip to our UCC's Back Bay Mission in Biloxi, Mississippi scheduled for October 29 - November 4? Please contact Tom McKenzie: mckenzie1947@att.net 314-567-0429.
Rev. Dr. John C. Dorhauer's weekly podcast on UCC.org. The United Church of Christ General Minister and President creates these messages so that "the art and practice of spiritual reflection is modeled as a priority and not just a part time avocation."  http://www.ucc.org/into_the_mystic
Here's a brief video about a VERY LOCAL baseball team on this weekend of flags, baseball, hot dogs and apple pie http://www.ksdk.com/news/local/miriam-magic-play-for-the-love-of-the-game1/439701193 ]

Many years later, Memorial Day remains one of America's most cherished patriotic observances. The spirit of this day has not changed - it remains a day to honor those who died defending our freedom and democracy. - Doc Hastings
What did one American flag say to the other flag?.....Nothing. It just waved!      

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