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 Reconnect with yourself in the most natural, simple, and beautiful ways this October. With Autumn Equinox last week, let's get cosy and slow the pace down with a Yin yoga workshop, or dedicate your Saturday to fully letting go with some blissful meditation. 
Find your strength internally and nourish yourself with some of Pollen and Grace's delicious new seasonal salads coming soon after your class, to get your winter armor ready! 
And with the turn of the season we're gearing up for our teacher training, kicking off in just over a month, only a few spaces left! On the blog, Elodie Frati shares how yoga teaching changed her life, and why taking the plunge to do what you love in life truly pays off.
Marie-Laure, Amelie, and the PYC team x

 Yin is when we let go of trying, let go of expectations, and ultimately let the body relax into deep, restorative postures. Accompanied by Jo Arthur's gentle voice and soothing playlist, in Yin Yoga, we hold postures passively for up to 5 minutes, releasing deep tensions in the fascia (the connective tissue) and the muscles.


Learn what it really means to let go.  After a 60 min deep asana flow, Mona Godfrey will guide you into an appropriate meditative seat for your body. You'll then learn breathing techniques to prepare for half an hour of meditation. The ultimate introduction to meditation, open to everyone, all you need is an open heart and the rest will fall into place!

Progress in your asana practice is not only about strength or flexibility, but also about technique.  Ambra Vallo is here to share some of the secrets to smooth and skilful transitions. Here's the chance to break down some boundaries in your practice; harness the power of your breath and bandhas, and conquer the jump-backs and jump-throughs with newfound grace and lightness.

This season's PYC Teacher Training kicks off in a month's time, and we have just a few spaces left!

 Could this be the challenge you need to propel your way into 2018, with a new yoga career?

Led by an ever talented and experienced faculty, with Caroline Pegna, Pete Cherry and Cal Wansborough, we want to ensure that our PYC training delivers only the most professional and authentic teaching and technique.

What's required from you? 2 years of consistent Power Yoga, Vinyasa or Ashtanga practice, an open heart, enthusiasm to learn, and a smile :)

This month we're grateful for...
Pollen and Grace and their ridiculously delicious new salads! 

Introducing the vegan Probiotic BoxGrilled tempeh on crunchy kelp noodle slaw, fermented green papaya with a creamy miso dressing and mango chutney. 

Perfect for these changeable autumnal days, giving your body just what it needs to stay fighting fit.
Check the studio fridge to see what else we're stocking from Pollen and Grace.

 P&G will be at the studio this coming Saturday morning handing out free samples.

' After feeling a little lost for a few years, I remember my Mum saying to me: "You know, for most people, a job is just that...a job!". I refused to admit that I could spend most of my time doing something that I did not deeply care about.'
We know that this can resonate with a lot of people, no matter what age, as it requires a lot of courage to take the plunge and do what you really love!

Read  here Elodie Frati's 
inspiring and wonderful story, as she  shares with us how all the twists and turns of her life led her to yoga teaching.
Click here to view Elodie's  
classes at PYC. 

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