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21 November 2013

 Serving Northern California and Northwestern Nevada

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New Registration Year
Brute Squad Meet
Winners Meet Cancelled
PacMasters SCM Championships
Jon Steiner Memorial Mile
Flower Power Meet
Olympic Club 1500
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We have archived Pacific Masters Update. If you missed something or want to checkout what happened in the past, please check it out.



2001- 2010






Pacific Masters Annual Meeting  

Pacific Masters Annual Meeting was held at the Shadelands Center in Walnut Creek. A report on the Pacific Masters Activities of 2013 was delivered to all attendees as well as the proposed 2014 budget (income statement and balance sheet)  that was approved by the assembled delegates


The delegates voted for Pacific Masters Officers who will serve for a two year term:


Peter Guadagni, President 

Jim Clemmons,  Vice Chair Administration 

Phyllis Quinn, Vice Chair Operations 

John Morales, Officer at Large 

Teddy Palmer, Treasurer 

Leanne Crittenden, Secretary 


and Charlene O'Brien was introduced as the new registrar and Top Ten Chair.


Davis Coach Stu Kahn introduced Matt Biondi, a three time Olympian gave the keynote address. Matt spoke about growing up in the Lamorinda area and his swimming career as an age group swimmer, collegiate swimmer then swimming at the Olympics.


Honoring Nancy Ridout 

Many of the attendees came to honor our retiring registrar, Nancy Ridout and thank her for the thirty years of work to our LMSC. As a part of this year's Pacific Masters Swimming Annual Celebration and Meeting we  honored Nancy Ridout  The Committee renamed the Distinguished Service Award to  The Nancy Ridout Distinguished Service Award for Nancy's  extraordinary service and contributions to Pacific Masters. The first recipient was Nancy.


Tito Morales wrote a wonderful article about Nancy and her Pacific Masters career that appears in the PacMasters Annual Report.


Contributor of the Year
Cokie Lepinski, PacMasters Coaches Chair, was honored as the Contributor of the Year. Cokie was instrumental in organizing six Coaches/Swimmers Clinics. The Committee recognized the hard work it takes to  plan  the clinics, encourage lead coaches to come and publicize the meet.


Appreciation Award
The Pac Masters Committee voted to give its appreciation award to the non-executive committee delegates to the United States Masters Swimming Convention. The Committee recognizes the time they gave to help with the running of our national organization. Award recipients include:


 Richard Burns, Chris Campbell, Glenda Carroll Jeremy Cohen, Susan Dragich, Barry Fasbender Ali Hall, Rob Heath, Mary Kahn, Stu Kahn John King, Cokie Lepinski, Bill McCracken Charlene O'Brien, Kerry O'Brien, Phyllis Quinn Tom Reudy, Benicia Rivera, Jim Shaw, Linda Shoenberger, Maggie Tevis, Laura Val, Lisa Ward, Jim Wheeler,  and Craig Zais 



Fun Fitness and Competition



Michael W Moore 

New Registration Year

It is time to register for Pacific Masters 2014, the registrarion year is from 1 November 2013 to 31 December 2014. Everyone's 2013 registration expires on 31 December 2013. 


This year, you can ask for your own permanent swimmer ID. The ID must be five characters long and cannot have certain alpha characters. There is a one time $50.00 charge, but the money goes to a good cause and you can create an ID that is much easier to remember. So far IDs that have been taken include C0K1E, NANCY, BARRY, 200BR and 1STUD (must be a carpenter).


If you register early, there may be some USMS sponsor discounts available to you. Thank you to the over 2,000 swimmers who have already registered and the 121 clubs who have registered.

Davis Aquatic Masters 
Brute Squad

The 2013 Davis Aquatic Masters Brute Squad Postal Challenge is taking place during the month of November. It is the 200 Fly, followed by the 400 IM followed by the 1650 Free. The cumulative time determines the winner.  

Reno Winners Meet
The Sierra Nevada Masters regretfully cancelled their December Winners Meet.
MEMO Kick For Time 
MEMO is having a 400 Kick for Time Postal event. It will start on December 1 and conclude 11:59PM News Year Eve. MEMO wants to encourage everyone to have as much fun as MEMO does with their kick sets.
Jon Steiner
Memorial Mile 
Tamalpias Masters is sponsoring the Jon Steiner Memorial Mile. This event is unusual as there is no set entry fee - You pay what you want with 50% of the proceeds donated to the Bonnie J. Addaria Lung Cancer Foundation. 
The event is named after the events founder Jon Steiner, who died of lung cancer six years ago. Swimmers can swim the event in a yards, 50 meter pool or 25 meter pool.
Swimmers can swim the event anytime between 1 January and 28 February with entries postmarked by 12 March 2014.
Santa Rosa Flower Power Meet 
The first pool meet of 2014 is the Santa Rosa Flower Power Meet. The second year meet is being held at Santa Rosa Junior College and features the Flower Power 50 Free Challenge - an event that tries to find the faster 50 Free Swimmer (with a slight handicap for the swimmer's age group). The meet date is Saturday 11 January 2014 with pre-entry closing at 11:59pm on Thursday 9 January.
The Olympic Club 1500 
The Olympic Club 1500 is the first of two distance only meets on the schedule. On Saturday 25 January 2014 the 1500 will be held in the very fast Olympic Club pool where many world records have been set. This is the first meters meet of the season and is only a little over three weeks after everyone ages up on 1 Jan.