Celebrate National Pastrami Day This Sunday with Ducktrap Pastrami Style Smoked Salmon!Take Advantage of Our Great Deals on Whole Fish Including Greek Sardines for $5.99/lb and Shima Aji for $13.99/lb. Try Our Canterbury Cure Line with Smoked Sturgeon and Hackleback Caviar.  Our Oysters of the Evening are Blackberry Oysters.
January 13th FEATURED ITEM
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Celebrate National Pastrami Day!
with Ducktrap River of Maine

Ducktrap River of Maine
Pastrami Style Smoked Salmon
Sliced 2-3 lb Sides
Make a Delicious Twist to a Classic Reuben!

Tonight's Price: $12.75/lb

Wild Striped Bass
Whole 8 lb + S&G Fish
Tonight's Price: $7.99/lb
Green "Best Choice"
Morone saxatilis
Wild, USA
Hook & Line
Jumbo Fillets
Tonight's Price:  $8.99/lb
Yellow "Good Alternative"
Lophius americanus
Wild, USA
Bottom Trawl
Spanish Mackerel
Fresh Fillets
Tonight's Price: $5.99/lb
Green "Best Choice"
Scomberomorus maculatus
Wild, USA
Midwater Gillnet


Pacific Stone 
Crab Claws
Medium, 6-8/lb: $13.99/lb
Large, 4-6/lb: $17.50/lb
Jumbo, 2-4/lb: $19.50/lb

Black Sea Bass
Caught Off New Jersey
Whole S&G Fish

Tonight's Price: $7.99/lb

Rainbow Trout
Local Rainbow Trout
From the Poconos

Whole Fish:  $6.95/lb
6-9 Oz Sk/On Fillets: $8.95/lb
Greek Sardines
Boutique Quality
Rich, Robust Flavor

Tonight's Price:  $5.99/lb

hackleback caviar
Shima Aji
Imported from Japan
Whole Fish

Tonight's Price: $13.99/lb
Market Cod
Dayboat Catch from MA
House Cut Fillets
Tonight's Price: $7.99/lb
Canterbury Cure 
Hackleback Caviar
1 Oz Unit
Tonight's Price: $24.99/unit
Skye Steelhead Trout
Great Fat Content
Skin On, PBO Fillets
Tonight's Price: $10.95/lb
Jumbo Lump Crabmeat
From Venezuela
Tonight's Price: $22.99/lb
Canterbury Cure 
Smoked White Sturgeon
Sold by the lb
Tonight's Price: $23.95/lb
Uni Tray
Harvested from Maine
100g Tray
Tonight's Price: $14.99/tray
Fresh Loins
Single Eye, Center Cut
Tonight's Price:  $14.49/lb
Oyster of the Evening
Blackberry Oysters
From Virginia

Tonight's Price:  $0.65/ea
Chowder Fish
5 lb Unit: $0.99/lb

Chilean Sea Bass Trim
5 lb Unit: $3.99/lb
Quail Eggs
10 Count Pack, 3 Pack per Unit

Tonight's Price:  $2.99/pack
Habanero Masago Roe
Bright Color & Moderate Pop
1.1 lb Unit

Tonight's Price: $9.99/unit

Jidori Eggs
Cage Free
Farm Fresh
Tonight's Price: $4.99/dz
Hedgehog Mushrooms
Nutty Flavor
3 lb Unit

Tonight's Price:  $14.99/lb
Abalone Mushrooms
Buttery Flavor
3 lb Unit

Tonight's Price: $13.49/lb

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