2013 Painting Workshops and Classes  
Are you ready to play with paint, color, texture, shape and creativity? How long has it been since you got paint under your fingernails and had that wonderful sense of being immersed in your own timeless creative zone?

If you are looking for new artistic inspiration, listed below are classes and workshops designed to nurture your creative spirit and provide personalized guidance in a small supportive class setting. 
Painterly Printmaking - Without a Press    Saturday, January 19, 2013  10-4 pm

Looking for an artistic, painterly and experimental method for creating beautiful prints? Try monoprinting! It's one of my favorite forms of artmaking, and an easy way to make a unique ("mono") print. We will combine both painting and printmaking on paper, which is an excellent process for creating limited edition of one-of-a-kind prints. You will learn several methods for creating multi-layered designs and imagery that is unlike anything one can create with a brush. Monoprints have a lush, rich quality that is both sophisticated and exotic. You will incorporate stamping, rubbing using stencils, and creating texture with household objects such as lace, ribbons, leaves and other interesting textures. We will be working with the slow drying OPEN paint, (supplied free of charge) so there is no need for oil based inks and solvents  - or a printing press. An ideal process for those attracted to more creative expression or abstract designs. Suitable for any skill level. 1 day workshop, $100/person.
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Painting for all levels   
Students of all levels are invited to learn or develop painting skills. Each student will receive one-on-one guidance in learning the fundamentals of painting through working on a variety of subjects. We will explore rendering, composition, design, tonal values, color theory, paint application, brushwork and much more. Exercises are assigned to each student which are consistent with their skill level. Live demonstrations are given frequently.    
10 Classes - Wednesdays, 10AM - 1PM starting January 23   $495
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Seductive Surfaces and Mediums   Saturday and Sunday, January 26 & 27, 2013 10-4 pm


Ever wished for "liquid watercolor paper" or "watercolor white-out" or an alternative to the common texture of commercial watercolor paper? Learn to create a multitude of surfaces with acrylic gels, grounds and pastes that can enhance textural effects in your painting, and provide beautiful and unusual elements for collage. Explore grounds for washes, glazes, texture and layering, for drawing and painting. This class will be exploratory, fun and inventive. Suitable for all levels. 2 day workshop, $200/person.


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Image Transfers in Collage   February 9, 2013 10-4 pm

Explore a variety of ways to make transferable gel "skins" and other methods for transferring imagery - photos, drawings, paintings - directly into your artwork. This hands-on workshop will explore all the basics of creating acrylic transfers through several methods, on a variety of surfaces. Learn how to transfer images from your inkjet printer directly to any surface! Acrylic Transfers can be applied to paintings, mixed media projects, journal-making, fabric art and more, so come see how you can use these fun and easy methods in your own creative process. Suitable for all skill levels. 1 day workshop, $100/person.

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Become a Color Guru    February 16, 2013  10-4 pm

Learn how to mix an entire color spectrum from just a few essential pigments as well as essential information about the two classifications of pigments, transparency vs. opacity, mixing clean colors, mixing colorful neutrals and glazing. You will be provided hand painted color charts and mixing formulas. This information can be applied to oil, watercolor and other wet media. This is a great foundation for beginners, but even advanced artists will be surprised at how useful this class is.  No prior experience necessary. Suitable for all skill levels. 1 day workshop, $100/person.
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Paint Fast, Loose and Bold   March 9 & 10, 2013 

This is a workshop for painters who want to loosen up and learn a fun, expressive way to paint, or beginners who want to learn to paint. You will be taught a simple method of painting in which you will use big brushes, lots of acrylic paint, and work in a bold, expressive manner. You will quickly see that "its not about WHAT you paint, its about HOW you paint it." The most common everyday objects can become a work of art, when you paint them according to this method. Drawing experience helpful.  2 day workshop, $200/person

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"Shimmer and Shine"   April 6, 2013  10-4 pm


Learn interesting uses for Iridescent and Interference paints, and how to incorporate them into paintings and also as a unique surface for drawings. We will learn a variety of stunning techniques for both collage and painting uses. We will use interference, (think butterfly wing colors) iridescent metallics mixed with other colors, pumices, gels and other unusual acrylic materials to create exciting shimmery color combinations, unique textures and eye-catching effects. No drawing or painting experience necessary.  Learn how to put some bling into your artwork! 1 day workshop, $100/person

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OPEN - The Acrylic that Acts Like Oil   May 25, 2013


Come explore all of the possibilities offered by the amazing line of OPEN Acrylics from Golden. OPEN paints and mediums have a unique set of relaxed working properties that allow them to stay workable for hours and days, allowing artists to practice a variety of techniques that are familiar to oil-based paint users, such as smooth blending, soft edges, subtractive painting, plein air techniques, glazing in layers, print-making and more! No more toxic solvents - everything cleans with water. This workshop will present tips, tricks and technical information and opportunities for you to try out these amazing paints. 1 day workshop, $100/person.

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The focus of these workshops is to learn new techniques that can be incorporated easily into all types of artwork - representational or abstract styles. You will become comfortable working with layers and textures even if you have never painted before. A finished "masterpiece" is not the goal of the workshops, but rather a thorough hands-on experience and exploration of new techniques using acrylic paints and products.

All acrylic materials in the workshops are provided free of charge. A basic supply list will be provided upon registration. Participants will receive:
  • free paint, paste and gel samples 
  • extensive literature covering all acrylic products used  
  • hand-painted color charts 

Classes are small to ensure plenty of personal attention and seating is very limited. Workshops are suitable for all levels - beginners and advanced students alike.   Drawing skills are not necessary! 

Class space is reserved on a first-come basis. For more information: 845-405-1768 or patti@mollicastudio.com  
All Classes are held at:
Mollica Fine Art Studio
Nice Pak Lane, Orangeburg, NY 10962 (one town south of Nyack NY)  
Contact: patti@mollicastudio.com  or  845-405-1768 
Workshops are taught by Certified Golden Teacher, Patti Mollica, author of Modern Acrylics and Color Theory .  For more information contact: patti@mollicastudio.com or call 845-405-1768. To see more work, visit: http://www.mollicastudio.com or http://newyorkpainter.blogspot.com