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 Sunflower Field

 Sunflower Field

24x30 inches

warm silver frame


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As I sat out on the porch this morning I began to see some early signs of the seasonal change.This is what I love so much,the cusp of change in the land. It's my absolute favorite emotional connection to the land.The hint of a warmer color in the dogwoods and sycamore trees; the slight change in the growth rate of the grasses as they begin to predict fall to come. We have about 6 weeks to go, but that nourishes my tired soul, just knowing fall is on the way. Summer has always been the most difficult season for me, so I will be happy to leave it behind. I so love fall and winter as a landscape painter. 



Tip of the Day -Aquarium Care

The proper way to change water in a tank is to do it gradually. First unplug any lights and equipment before cleaning the aquarium. Change approximately one third of the water in the aquarium every one to two weeks. Water from the tap should be treated accordingly before adding to the tank and adjusted within two degrees of the aquarium. Again, check with your local retailer when purchasing fish. Some treatments allow the tap water to be ready in as little as an hour, while others need to sit overnight before being added to the tank.


Today's Recipe

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Roasted Cauliflower


8 cups cauliflower florets

3 Tbsp. butter


1 Tbsp. lemon juice



Pinch ground black pepper


2 Tbsp. grated Parmesan cheese


Preheat oven to 400 Arrange cauliflower,butter, lemon juice, and pepper in 13 x 9-inch baking dish; toss to coat.

Roast 45 minutes or until cauliflower is golden and tender. Sprinkle with cheese.



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These classes are designed for students who have some experience in painting. They are in a casual fun atmosphere and not at all intimidating.


My Thursday morning classes are designed to increase your knowledge in design and composing, values, and in working with various color palettes. We do many studies to increase our skills for painting. These classes are in four week sessions on a particular theme.


My Open Studio Saturday afternoon class is designed to allow you the freedom to work on your own painting projects as individuals. It is a casual class with positive useful critiques and suggestions on composing, color and values, brushwork or anything you need help with. We can discuss marketing, materials,equipment or any art related questions you may have. You may use any medium for this class except transparent watercolor. (Bring your painting projects and let me help you with them)


Saturdays from 3:00-5:30 PM 

Includes a snack and drink. 

30.00 per class. Pay at the class. 

Limited to eight painters.(I have five spaces left for this class) 




For beginning painters, take a Michaels Beginning Acrylic class with Linda, 2 Sundays a month. Register at the Gainesville Michaels store at the courtesy desk.


My Yard IV 

August "Make an Offer" Painting

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acrylic on panel

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