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Afternoon Light at Fair Oaks

Afternoon Light at Fair Oaks

20x24 inches

acrylic on panel

espresso frame


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I had a great adventure yesterday looking at Tuscawilla, Ledwith and Kanapaha Prairies with my friend Mary Jane. We took lots of photos of the prairies and took a long walk down a dusty road adjacent to Kanapaha Prairie with our friend Linda. She was a wealth of information about the prairie. Now I have quite a few reference photos to use for the next couple of months while I wait for fall and cooler outdoor painting weather. Our prairies are more beautiful than I ever imagined. They each have such a different personality. I have painted at Paynes Prairie many times over the years, so I will leave that for others who are less familiar with it. I am going to focus mainly on Kanapaha,Tuscawilla and Fish Prairies for my paintings. I can't wait to see these wonderful prairies in fall and winter, my favorite painting months.

Tip of the Day 

Make your occasion or party interactive by providing food gathering tables. Place candies, dried fruits, trail mix or nuts in dishes with spoons. Provide small bags with ties for guests to fill with their favorite treat. Keep the bags very small. Party stores have them in colors and patterns.

Today's Recipe

My Favorite Trail Mix


2 cans dry roasted mixed nuts

1 package Reeses Pieces

1 package M&M's

1 package dried pineapple

1 cup dried cranberries

1 package roasted pecans, lightly salted. Roast on a sheet pan, stir until evenly roasted.


Mix it all up and store in jars or ziplock bags.



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Hen Party


I'm having a "Hen Party" on Saturday August 6th from Noon to 4 PM in my Loft Studio.
I have invited three Craft artisans to join me for the day. We will have handmade jewelry, handmade soaps and wash cloths and handmade hand bags along with my paintings. Guitarist Bob Brounley will play from 1-3 PM. Come have a snack, a drink and browse our artisan market. Men are invited too ;>)


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cabbage palm 

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My Friends 

Mary Jane and our friend Linda, on a prairie adventure.




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