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 Todays Painting





Hollyhocks and Lavender

acrylic on panel

8x10 inches


 Despite our poor economy and worldwide woes, I believe we can all make our lives better by doing small things. My friend Mary Jane and I have a pact which we have  lived up to for some time now. We work within the circle of people we know personally to help and make the world a bit brighter. Small things make people happy. I give out art supplies to artists who need a helping hand. I send cards to people to cheer their day. I collect wild flowers to share seeds with visitors to the studio and provide snacks and beverages to my studio guests. These are very small, seemingly unimportant things in the world view, but imagine if all of us began to do these small things for friends and neighbors every day. I can tell you that the patrons and friends I have who do kind things for me, do matter a great deal in my life. In these difficult times let's think of small ways to cheer and give hope to others instead of focusing on the dim view.Just about every day we have the opportunity to do a kindness for someone we know and usually it just takes just a moment or a tiny bit of money.


Tip of the Day 

There are many practical ways you can help a grieving person. You can offer to:

  • Shop for groceries or run errands
  • Drop off a casserole or other type of food
  • Help with funeral arrangements
  • Stay in their home to take phone calls and receive guests
  • Help with insurance forms or bills
  • Take care of housework, such as cleaning or laundry
  • Watch their children or pick them up from school
  • Drive them wherever they need to go
  • Look after their pets
  • Go with them to a support group meeting
  • Accompany them on a walk
  • Take them to lunch or a movie
  • Share an enjoyable activity (game, puzzle, art project)


Today's Recipe

    Low Carb Tacos


Brown ground round until done. Add taco seasoning and simmer a few minutes. Top beef with 1 cup cheddar or jack cheese. Put the lid on the pan and turn it off. Chop one head of romaine lettuce, one onion diced, grape tomatoes cut in half and sour cream.

Put the beef on your plate, top with everything else. It is yummy and surprisingly good without the tortilla chips or taco shells.




Studio News and Specials 
Hen Party


I'm having a "Hen Party" on Saturday August 6th from Noon to 4 PM in my Loft Studio.
I have invited three Craft artisans to join me for the day. We will have handmade jewelry, handmade soaps and wash cloths and handmade hand bags and bears along with my paintings.  Catering by Jackie Tucker. Come browse our artisan market. Men are invited too ;>)
Take advantage of my layaway plan. I offer up to 12 months to pay for your painting. I store the painting for you until it is paid for in full.  No interest on payments. you can start at $25.00 A great way to buy the painting of your dreams.


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 Linda's Loft Studio Classes
These classes are designed for students who have some experience in painting. They are in a casual fun atmosphere and not at all intimidating.


My Thursday morning classes are designed to increase your knowledge in design and composing, values, and in working with various color palettes. We do many studies to increase our skills for painting. These classes are in four week sessions on a particular theme.



My Saturday afternoon class is designed to allow you the freedom to work on your own painting projects as individuals. It is a casual class with positive useful critiques and suggestions on composing, color and values, brushwork or anything you need help with. We can discuss marketing, materials,equipment or any art related questions you may have. You may use any medium for this class except transparent watercolor.



Values and Notan Study in the Landscape


Four week session


Thursday Morning from 10:00AM-12:30PM


September 8


September 15


September 22


September 29




Payable in advance. No refund for missed classes.


Limited to eight painters. Register on this page using the blue paypal link.






Open Studio Class


(Bring your painting projects and let me help you with them)


Saturdays from 3:00-5:30 PM


This is a casual, on-going class for painters who wish to work on individual painting projects. I'll be happy to answer questions on marketing art, equipment, art materials, and technique.


Includes a snack and drink.


30.00 per class. Pay at the class.


Limited to eight painters.

( I have six spaces left for this class) 




For beginning painters, take a Michaels Beginning Acrylic class with Linda, 2 Sundays a month. Register at the Gainesville Michaels store at the courtesy desk.


My Yard IV 

August "Make an Offer" Painting

9x12 inches

acrylic on panel

shipping 10.00

send offers to



Opening offer must be 10.00 




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