August 4, 2017 

Spotlight on Pakistan's First Female String Theorist, Dr. Tasneem Zehra Husain
Article by Kacie Rettig;  Edited by Fatimah Alyas

String theory is a high-level, nuanced theoretical framework that attempts to unify the four forces of the  universe. While the idea of study in this area is daunting for many,  string theory  served as a driving force behind the study of physics   for  Dr. Tasneem Zehra Husain.

The daughter of educationists, Dr. Husain grew up in Pakistan, and her passion for science began in childhood. "As far back as I can remember, I was always curious about how things work. I really liked the logic of math and the way it flows" she shared with MIT Tech Review Pakistan in an interview last year. A self proclaimed lover of puzzles, she was "inevitably" driven to the natural brain teasers of the field of physics. An avid reader, the physicist attributes the abundance of books and her parents' encouragement as the engine that fueled her intellectual and academic success. Her drive, curiosity, and intelligence led to passing her A-levels at the age of 15, nearly three years ahead of some of her schoolmates.  Read More

Spotlight on Surgeon Dr. Nadia Mohyuddin
Article by Fatimah Alyas

Video: Patient, Mr. Ivory Lindsey and Dr. Nadia Mohyuddin on Fox 26's "Medical Marvels" Segment

Dr. Nadia Mohyuddin is an otolaryngologist based in Houston, Texas, with a BA/MD from the University of Missouri. As the daughter of a physician, Dr. Mohyuddin was drawn to pursuing a career in medicine from an early age. In particular, her interest in surgery stemmed from her desire to help others and ensure immediate results. Her interest in connecting with patients, in hearing their life stories and concerns, motivated her to eventually pursue work at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, in 2009.

Working at  Ben Taub Hospital, Houston's largest country health facility affiliated with the Baylor College of Medicine , Dr. Mohyuddin states, is truly rewarding and necessary. Unlike most private hospitals, county hospitals cater to patients with more varied injuries, and provide treatment to those who have no other options. These types of facilities, she states, should be recognized because they can truly make a difference in someone's life, as in the case of Mr. Ivory Lindsey.  Read More

Spotlight on Community Leader, Nusrat Sohail 
Article by Fatimah Alyas

N usrat Sohail launched a nationwide non-profit organization, Women 2 Women Forum , in April 2017 to provide a networking platform for Pakistani-American women. Sohail spoke about the inspiration behind this organization on  Community Debate , a U.S.-based television show on GEO network, where she noted the lack of established female-led organizations for Pakistani-American women. Since then, Women 2 Women Forum chapters have launched in Washington D.C., New York, New Jersey, Houston, and Chicago. The Women 2 Women Forum is also looking to expand to Toronto, Canada, and Pakistan, and hopes to highlight and foster the potential of Pakistani women across the globe. 

Although the Women 2 Women Forum was launched very recently, its board members have already established a women's shelter, DIA, in New Jersey. As a social services organization,  DIA, or Developing Independence and Assurance, provides an emergency safe-house to women in the New Jersey area. This support system serves to create a safe-space for women of all backgrounds.   Read More

APF Cheers on Team Pakistan at the Robot Olympics in DC
Write up by Aleeza Ali

Team Pakistan at the Opening Ceremony

APF's Aleeza Ali with Team Pakistan
FIRST Global organizes an annual Olympic style robotics tournament that invites high school teams from all over the world. This year, students from almost 160 different countries traveled to Washington, DC to participate. The challenge this year was themed "provide access to clean water".  This year's robotics challenge reflects how the global community needs to cooperate to solve our world's water crisis. Teams were organized into two competing alliances, each alliance composed of three national teams that rearrange into different alliances for each match. These alliances are tasked with accomplishing engineering tasks such as the storing of drinkable water, filtering of contaminated water, and procuring of new sources water.  Read More
Pakathon & Clinical Research Solutions Pakistan 
Edited by Katie Rettig

Unlike traditional business accelerators and incubators, Pakathon's  Returner's Program provides mentorship and guidance to entrepreneurs all the way from the idea development stage to on-the-ground work in Pakistan. Today, Pakathon has over 85 volunteers and 8 chapters across the globe. The organization was also featured in the  Stanford Social Innovation Review .   Read More

EPoD's Data-Driven Research on Education in Pakistan
Article by Tiffany Simon; Edited by Katie Rettig

The last couple of decades have seen major efforts to improve education in Pakistan. In the Punjab alone, the government has implemented over one hundred new educational policies and programs since 2001. Many people believe the reforms are working; primary school enrollment has climbed from 59 to 72 percent over the past ten years. But the pretty picture of full classrooms hides a sobering fact: Pakistan consistently has the lowest childhood literacy rates in South Asia , second only to Afghanistan. One out of every four Pakistani youth cannot read, write a simple sentence, or do basic arithmetic.   Read More

Fundraising Effort for Pakistani McGill University Students

The students with their faces purposely not photographed as they  do not
want  to stand out  and they feel as though they have more to accomplish

Fazal and Mahmood, two brilliant engineering students at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, come from an impoverished background in Karachi, Pakistan. Their father supports their family of five by working as a roadside fruit-cart vendor and earns less than $5 a day. Although their mother works as a tailor to supplement their family income, due to poor health, she is unable to substantially contribute towards her family's upkeep. 

Despite living in a slum community where access to education is hard to come by, Fazal and Mahmood's father always believed that education was the solution for their impoverished situation.  Despite his meager resources, he contributed whatever he could towards his children's schooling. Fazal and Mahmood's journey to the world renowned McGill were featured in "Fruits of Labour," on Dawn News, and on Humans of Karachi.   Read More

Seeds of Peace: A New Generation of Leaders

Since 1993, Seeds of Peace has inspired and equipped new generations of leaders in regions of conflict with the relationships, knowledge, and skills needed to effect practical economic, social, and political change in ways that advance peace. Since 2001, this has included work in Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan. Seeds of Peace has nearly 500 teens and educators in South Asia that have been through the Seeds of Peace Camp, and thousands more that have participated in or benefitted from outreach efforts and local impact projects. 

Seeds of Peace focuses on two key groups of people-youth and educators-who wield particular significance and power in peace-building efforts. In South Asia, youth typically represent more than half the total population and have proven to be drivers of both conflict and peace. Seeds of Peace alumni are now working in their communities and across the world to transform conflict, including leading initiatives in education, media, business, policy, and other sectors that leverage their unique relationships and skills to create change. 

One such Seeds of Peace alumnus is Qasim Aslam, who created The History Project, a Pakistani education organization focused on creating a global citizenry tolerant of difference and equipped with the ability to think critically about the abundant rhetoric of intolerance . Qasim is an Acumen Fellow, a tech  entrepreneur, a partner at Arbisoft, a  graduate of LUMS in Lahore, an Asia21 Emerging Leader, and a nominee  as one of 30 under 30 leaders that are changing classrooms, by the International Literacy Association.  Read More

"Made in Pakistan" Exhibition at the Alhamra Art Center

The "Made in Pakistan" exhibition at the Alhamra Art Center in Bernardsville, New Jersey, features work from contemporary Pakistani artists such as R.M. Naeem, Zulfiqar Zulfi, Ali Azmet, Amir Taj , Komal Nasir, Bilal Ashraf Butt, Madiha Saail Khan, Nawal Javaid Qumboh, Raja Najam Ul Hassan, Sadaf Farasat, and more. "Made in Pakistan" highlights contemporary Pakistani art which reflects the sociopolitical and cultural evolution of the country since its birth in 1947. This year being the 70th anniversary of Pakistan, this exhibition hopes to celebrate the unique Pakistan art scene. 

More information and tickets: 

When Tribesmen Came Calling
By S. Qaisar Shareef

Qaisar Shareef concluded a 30-year career in 2011 at Procter & Gamble, a major American consumer goods company. In his memoir of his business and personal experiences working in the emerging markets of Pakistan and Ukraine, Qaisar witnessed historic events that continue to shape these countries to this day. When Tribesmen Came Calling is the story of how business success was achieved in these challenging markets. 

John Pepper, former Chairman and CEO of Procter & Gamble, calls When Tribesmen Came Calling "A sober and informed perspective on what it takes to succeed in a challenged part of the world."