November 16, 2017
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Why do people act in that way? Understanding Behavior: Yours, your Customers and your Employees
Behavior can be studied, measured and predicted.
Quarterbacks must be able to read defenses. Golfers must be able to read greens. Managers must be able to read people. If you don?t understand others, you will miss connecting with them resulting in unhappy customers, stressed-out employees and ineffective teams. See more>>
Office closed for Thanksgiving
Power Partners Leads Group
The Official Greater Palm Bay Chamber Leads Group, Power Partners, help our members grow and develop their businesses through word of mouth referrals and maintaining positive and professional relationships! See more>
Brevard Business Professionals
The Keynote Speaker for this meeting will be Erica Lemp, Executive Director of weVENTURE a Central Florida-based organization launched at Florida Institute of Technology and focused on accelerating sustainable business growth for entrepreneurs. See more>>
Join us for our next Member Orientation, where you can learn more about the benefits of being a member and see the upcoming opportunities for the growth of your business. Open for New and Current Members. See more>>
Lunch and Learn about Business Voice: Engaging Businesses in the Political Process
Chamber Partner
Peru Express
8 Days
Departure May 15/18
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Who are you giving your Business Cards to?
Your Chamber membership allows you to display your business cards, flyers, coupons, special event information or brochures in our lobby. We continuously have visitors to our office that are interested in the area's products or services. Always keep in mind that the Chamber is your partner in the promotion of your business!
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Dec. 1st - FIT, Lifelong Scholar Society Tech Talks: Star Wars XL & Voyager at 40

Dec. 8th - The Children's Hunger Project: 2017 Palm Bay Mayor's Ball

Dec. 16th - The House Church & The City of Palm Bay Parks & Rec: Family Christmas Extravaganza

Dec. 17th - The Historic Grant Station: Meet Santa at the BARN
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