November 9, 2017
Message from the President
Next week we will be sending out a survey to everyone and we would truly appreciate you taking the time to fill it out. We are planning our schedule for the entire year and would like your feedback on how the Chamber is doing and what you would like us to offer. We are here for our members and want to ensure we are meeting your needs. Stay tuned for some exciting new activities we will unveil for 2018.

Join us on Wednesday for a lively discussion with three blossoming entrepreneurs as they discuss how cooperating has made their businesses stronger and helped them achieve their goals. Join Jenna Buhler of Trench Media, Ryan Shelley of SMA Marketing and Justin Snyder of Mendx Studios for our last Entrepreneurial/Leadership Breakfast of the year this time at WILD MANTA on Babcock Street.

Finally, “Why do people act that way? Understanding Behavior: Yours, Your Customers and Your Employees Workshop” presented by Kathleen Rich-New at the Chamber office on November 16 th from 3:30 - 5:00 p.m. This will be our last training for the year, so don’t miss this final fabulous presentation. 

Have a wonderful weekend,

Nancy Peltonen
Upcoming Chamber Events
Foster Experts Ribbon Cutting Ceremony & Grand Opening
Join us for Foster Experts Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Grand Opening! This will be the opening of the first law enforcement expert witness firm in Central Florida. The Opening will have food, drinks, a raffle, and time to speak with Randy Foster, the President of the Company. See more>>
Power Partners Leads Group
The Official Greater Palm Bay Chamber Leads Group, Power Partners, help our members grow and develop their businesses through word of mouth referrals and maintaining positive and professional relationships! See more>
Webinar/Chamber Chat "How to get thousands of dollars in Free Publicity"
Connect from any device and any place to hear this Webinar on Google Hangout or join us on Facebook Live. We always have excellent topics for the business growth. See more>>
Entrepreneurial/Leadership Breakfast with a Coopetition Panel
Ever heard the phrase keep your friends close and your enemies closer? The same rules apply to business, according to these serial entrepreneurs.

Join us for our Entrepreneurial/Leadership Breakfast with a Coopetition Panel talking about: "How work with your competition to achieve your goals" . The panelists will be: Jenna Buehler of Trench Media, Ryan Shelley of SMA Marketing, Justin Snyder of Mendx Studios. See more>>
Why do people act in that way? Understanding Behavior: Yours, your Customers and your Employees
Behavior can be studied, measured and predicted.
Quarterbacks must be able to read defenses. Golfers must be able to read greens. Managers must be able to read people. If you don?t understand others, you will miss connecting with them resulting in unhappy customers, stressed-out employees and ineffective teams. See more>>
Office closed for Thanksgiving
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Peru Express
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Departure May 15/18
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Your Chamber membership allows you to display your business cards, flyers, coupons, special event information or brochures in our lobby. We continuously have visitors to our office that are interested in the area's products or services. Always keep in mind that the Chamber is your partner in the promotion of your business!
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Dec. 1st - FIT, Lifelong Scholar Society Tech Talks: Star Wars XL & Voyager at 40

Dec. 8th - The Children's Hunger Project: 2017 Palm Bay Mayor's Ball

Dec. 16th - The House Church & The City of Palm Bay Parks & Rec: Family Christmas Extravaganza
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