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Issue: #1609 September 2016
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HI everyone!   Summer is nearing the end and the new school year is upon us.  It's great to see how excited all the kids are to get back in school and back to work... (yeah... right)    This issue has some great information about the neighborhood, school and city issues that you should be aware of.  Remember, if you have a question, you can always email the board at:     You can also find 90% of your answers right on the PCE website at:
FISD Special Called Meeting
TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 6, 2016    - 6:00-8:00  (TONIGHT!)

Now that the defeated FISD TRE vote is behind us, the FISD board now has the task to figure out how to budget accordingly to continue to provide the very best education for our students.   They will be hosting a special called meeting this Tuesday to go over the 2017-2018 budget.  

A list of possible cuts ranges from delaying the opening of four new schools next year to freezing salaries to increasing class sizes. A proposal to require a $300 fee for all students participating in extracurricular activities is also being discussed. Cutting back on certain positions in the district is also an option being floated.


Meeting location is:
Frisco ISD Administration Training  Room
5510 Ohio Drive
Frisco TX 75035

TUESDAY SEPT 6, 2016   6:00-8:00  (THAT"S TONIGHT!)


Last month, the PCE board interviewed a number of applicants to fill in Bill Woodard's position. We were so excited to see the range of people and community interest to be part of this important group.  Ultimately, we couldn't resist bringing Bill Millford back in the fold.   Bill M had been on the board years ago and has many years of experience and history knowledge that will be instrumental to helping us achieve our goals.   We are very fortunate to have him.   He also brings a vast knowledge of IT experience and CC&R knowledge as well.   Welcome back Bill!
HEY YOU!  Go to the Website!
Over the years, you've probably seen a multitude of questions in regard to PCE rules/regulations, pool opening/closings dates, and event inquiries on FaceBook You may have even asked a question or two yourself.  I know it seems easy to get that spoonful of information quickly by relying on your neighbors, but I've seen many times incomplete information, or even the wrong information given.  Therefore, over the past 6 months, you've probably noticed that if a board member does respond, the answer has been mostly... GO TO THE WEBSITE!   Your board has been diligently updating the website to be more user friendly and ensure all your questions can be answered.   There is no doubt that the website will have the most complete and accurate answer for you.   Can't find your answer?   You can do a search at the top of the website and it will pull all related information based on your search!   STILL can't find it?    Email your board:       

Last Month I put out a desperate request for volunteers.   First of all, thank you to all that replied.   It really means the difference of being able to host an event, making improvement in the community or keeping the rest of us from breaking down!'s not that bad...  Once we got a few people who responded.. we figured out quickly that we were ill prepared to manage a list to make sure we could communicate efficiently to them.   So, our IT volunteers put together an easy sign up form to help us manage everything. By the way, it's not like we have this HUGE list of people... but one can hope right?     We are still needing many more people on this list to ensure we can continue to provide the events and services that make this neighborhood unique and special.   FALL FESTIVAL is right around the corner and it's up to our volunteers to help pull it together!


Our annual PCE Fall Festival is right around the corner!  Every year, we offer all PCE residents an opportunity to promote their business directly to their neighbors! Fall Festival is scheduled for October 29th from 1:00-4:00

Sign up for PCE "resident priority" is good until September 24th.  After that, we'll open it up to non-PCE resident businesses.  Sign up quick! Final cut-off for vendor applications is October 15th. 

What do you think?   Do you like this format?  Our goal is to keep putting new information that you can use!   We seriously think this is the best neighborhood in Frisco, and we want you to feel the same way.  Drop us a line and let us know!  Your feedback means a lot!  

Ed Mahoney