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Hello fellow neighbors!   Summer is almost upon us!  The weather is beautiful and things are starting to happen!  I have a lot of great info for you in this months newsletter.    As always, please drop me or anyone from the board a line if you have any questions, comments etc...
Pool Opening!  Pool Monitors Needed! 

Yeah!  The pool is opening April 30th!  Personally, I can't wait to get in the pool! I think it's one of the best privileges our HOA offers to the residents. However, over the past couple years, it seems people have been getting frustrated about nuances at the pool.  Whether it be rowdy teenagers,people who don't live in our community using our pool, and non accompanied underage swimmers.  We've spend quite a bit of time over the past year on how to address these issues. So, to address the issue we've done a few things: 
#1: Updated the rules to be clear and precise
#2: Update our camera system with 24/7 with live feed
#3: Starting a Pool Monitor system with a direct line for all HOA board members to address any immediate issues so you don't have to!
#4: Implemented:  NO CARD NO ACCESS policy.

Here's where you can help!   We need pool monitors to help the board keep a lid on everything and ensure everyone is having a great time at the pool!
To learn more, click here!   

Board Member Spotlight-  Bill Woodard

I've lived in PCE for 11 years.  I met my wife Laura in 2008 and together we have 3 boys -- one each at Sem, Maus and Heritage.  I've been involved in the community from the very beginning and have had the pleasure of serving on the board with a lot of incredibly talented and dedicated residents.  I got involved simply to give back to the community, and help transition from developer control to resident control.  That desire to get involved and help our community has opened many other doors to serve, and I am currently the Chair of the Frisco Planning and Zoning Commission. I regularly interact with City Staff on behalf of the HOA. I love supporting our residents and look forward more great things in our future.

What is a PID and why am I paying for it?
We get it!  It's confusing!
We get this a lot!  If you're confused and just don't have a clue, don't feel bad!  You're not alone!  But the great thing is, we are so very fortunate to have Mourning Dove and Bob White park, which is a direct result our founding board members vision of our community.   Click the link to get a brief explanation.    PID INFORMATION 
VOTE!!  May 7th
Make your voice heard!
Historically, Frisco has a less than luster % of residents that actually vote in the City Council elections.   Yet, I often hear those same people bickering about this and that...  I always say, don't complain if you don't participate.  PLUS.. there is a VERY important Alcohol Vote that could very well affect everyone.   Get yourself educated!  I found a link on the Frisco City website with a Q&A for you. CLICK HERE to see it and make sure you vote your opinion.   Plus, NEXT year, there is a very likely chance of a full blown change of council members,  so WHO you vote for this year will likely make a difference on guiding our new incoming council members next year!  Make your voice heard and get out there and vote!   CLICK HERE for voting dates, locations and times.  Panther Creek has the opportunity to become a voting block of our community.   Be sure to spread the word!
Panther Creek Estates HOA has just launched our new website!  We've been working hard to update our site to make it easier for you to find that critical  information you need!   Whether you need to know when  the next special event is, or some  information about a local business within the commun ity... it's now just a simply click away!  We're still working on con tent so bear with us!  
Back by popular demand! Bring out your blankets, coolers and kids for a night under the stars! We have JUMANJI playing on the big screen.   We'll bring the popcorn, you bring your favorite popcorn container.

Movie will start 30 minutes after dusk.
(Around 8:30)
What do you think?   Do you like this format?  Our goal is to keep putting new information that you can use!   We seriously think this is the best neighborhood in Frisco, and we want you to feel the same way.  Drop us a line and let us know!  Your feedback means a lot!  

Ed Mahoney