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Issue: #170201 February 2017
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Hello fellow neighbors! We often get questions about inspection process, billing information, and volunteer opportunities.  So, this month, I've collected some great information for you!  Plus, we have the Exterior Landscape Committee formed and will be meeting for the first time this month to start the process on making sure we can get the best solution to our exterior landscaping issues!   
Hey!  Why am I getting a violation and my neighbor didn't!

We sometimes get inquiries from neighbors who feel like they've been targeted by our diligent inspector.  Other times, neighbors complain that certain violations are not being identified.  So your PCE Board had a great discussion with Real Manage at the last meeting about how this process is actually conducted.   

Believe it or not, our inspector is onsite EVERY WEEK!  They handle every street and every alley on the first week.   Then the following week, they walk all the perimeters, and common areas.   We found out that they also look for other issues such as fallen trees, damages to other common areas, and check our 911 call box at the pool to notify us if there are other issues we need to be aware of.   Sometimes, the full inspection takes up to 4-5 hours!  

So be aware, the inspector has no clue who you are, nor do they care frankly.  They simply report violations to Real Manage for processing. They also DO NOT get paid based off of the number of violations they write as one neighbor suggested recently.  They have a very systematized system to ensure all areas of the community are reviewed equally.  

Remember, just because you see a violation not fixed, doesn't mean Real Manage has not sent out any violation notices or fines.  It very well could mean that the resident simply chooses not to fix it, or is slow on making the repairs. That can be costly, because failure to correct a violation will result in fines.  Failing to pay those fines only adds up to late fees, legal fees and even worse!  Be aware of your rights and your obligations as a homeowner by visiting the PCE website. 

If you see a violation that you don't think has been reported, you can easily send a picture and email to: and we can address it. 

Where's my PCE HOA January bill? 

For some reason, there was a large number of residents who have not received their bi-annual bill this January.   We did confirm that RM has mailed out all the bills like normal.   We suspect that our Frisco mail may be the culprit for the delay.   In either case, not receiving your bill does not extend your payment options!   You bill is still due on time!  Avoid late fees by logging into your resident portal HERE and making either a one time payment or even better...... set up a reoccurring payment so you don't ever have to worry about it!
Exterior Landscape Committee!
The first meeting of the Exterior Landscape committee will be meeting this Saturday!  This committee will be responsible for helping the PCE Board research the best landscaping options to fix the exterior landscape.   This project was identified by the PCE Board as a way to get the community involved with the planning and budgeting this multi-phase project and get our exterior back to a condition that has aesthetic appeal!  This project could mean an assessment(s) for all homeowners in the future to address this issue.   If you would like to be involved please join the PCE HOA Volunteer List  and choose  EXTERIOR LANDSCAPE COMMITTEE.  All volunteers are expected to be willing to help research options, and come up with a plan for our PCE Board to consider for our next annual meeting.   
What do you think?   Do you like this format?  Our goal is to keep putting new information that you can use!   We seriously think this is the best neighborhood in Frisco, and we want you to feel the same way.  Drop us a line and let us know!  Your feedback means a lot!  

Ed Mahoney