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Issue: #161112 November 2016
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Hello fellow neighbors!   My name is Ed Mahoney and I am your Chairman for the community.  We've got some real important information this month.  So please take a moment to read this.    As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email the board at:

Annual Meeting Recap

The PCE board conducted the annual meeting this past Thursday.   There was a great presence of residents that arrived to vote for your next board members and get updates on the status of the community. ----


Congratulations to Ed Mahoney, Nichole Griffiths and Annette Zimmer for being reappointed on the board.  You can find the actual voting numbers HERE.  Thank you all who put yourself up there for appointment and please continue to participate in helping our community grow. 


Our city councilman and former PCE chairman Bill Woodward took time from his busy day and gave us an update on the NE community park and answered some great questions from our residents.


Annual Budgets are in and you can find them on the Resident Portal HERE . There will not be any increase of HOA dues this year.   YAY!


The Board gave a slideshow presentation of the status of the exterior landscaping along Eldorado, Hillcrest and Panther Creek. See further information on this project below.  It deserves its own article block!


Thank you everyone who came and participated in this meeting.  

Exterior Landscape Project Proposed

Two years ago, the HOA Board began identifying  aspects of our community that will soon enter the "maintenance phase" of our community.  Now that the community is established and beginning to mature, much of the HOA budgets will be going to beautification and maintenance of our community. It's been the vision of the board to make sure that our community does not begin to look "old" or "worn" as many other older communities have started to appear.   This will ultimately ensure the values of our homes will remain strong and the appeal to live in Panther Creek will remain high.  As we move forward in years, the need to plan for maintaining our amenities will become a priority.   

One of the first things we have identified as amenities that need to be considered is the exterior landscaping.  So, for the past 2 years, the board has been investigating various options on ways to improve its look.  The perimeter is definitely at various stages of disrepair and we felt it was an important aspect to research since it had a direct impact on the values of our homes and the appeal to our community.   You can see the

There were a number of issues to be addressed including: Owner Fences, degrading bushes, initial cost, long term expenses, financing and drive by appeal.   The slideshow will give you a full background of what the board has been doing and will show currently what our plan is to correct the issue.  

The board will be putting together a EXTERIOR LANDSCAPE COMMITTEE to continue the research to investigate financing options, and "dial-in" on what needs to be done. Most likely, there will be an assessment associated with this project and we want to make sure more residents participate and offer input and direction that will make the most sense for our community.   If you would like to be considered for this committee, please SIGN UP HERE

New Babysitter Form!
Your HOA Board has been working hard updating our systems to make it easier for residents and sitters find each other!  We've just created a NEW Babysitter Form so you can submit yourself or your teenager to be on the list.     
What do you think?   Do you like this format?  Our goal is to keep putting new information that you can use!   We seriously think this is the best neighborhood in Frisco, and we want you to feel the same way.  Drop us a line and let us know!  Your feedback means a lot!  

Ed Mahoney