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Issue: #1703 March 2017
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Hello fellow neighbors! We, your HOA board, have some real important information this month; please take a moment to read this. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email the board at:

Pool Closing  -  October 2nd
Fall Festival  -  October 28th
Pool Re-opened!

The pool is open again! Everything has been fixed. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Enjoy before the season is up!
Board Member Elections

During our annual meeting, we will be conducting elections for board positions.   There will be  at least  (2) seats that will be open for either a new board member, or re-election of the same board member. Interested parties should download the candidate form  HERE.  Board positions are open to any homeowner in the community.  

Interested candidates must submit their application via email to:
Not sure what a board member does?  Being on the board means you take an active interest in the community. Not only do we meet for several hours once a month, but we actively and aggressively manage projects relating to the activities and maintenance of PCE. No experience is necessary, but a willingness to help and get involved is essential.
North East Community Park
The NE Community Park is finally open! In the past weeks many of you have enjoyed the opening of the new park. On August 19th was the grand opening! The HOA Board was there to represent our neighborhood, as well as many of our residents. If you haven't checked it out, go outside and take a look. It is always bustling with tons of kids and adults enjoying the walking trails, playground, cricket pitches, and skate park. 
Neighbor Spotlight
On August 21st, we had the wonderful opportunity to see the solar eclipse, but that is not the only reason we were lucky! Bruce and Linda Johnson we gracious enough to invite people to their solar eclipse viewing party. They were outfitted with solar glasses, a telescope, and plenty of learning opportunities for everyone in attendance. We love to see community coming together and enjoying what's going on around us. Thank you Bruce and Linda for your hospitality and knowledge!
Little Free Library

There will soon be a new fixture in our community. A Little Free Library is about to pop up by the pool playground. If you have never heard of this, it is an exchange program for books and a great way to share the love of reading with people of all ages. Currently we are looking for book donations to be able to open our library fully stocked! If you have books that you would like to donate please contact us at and we will gladly come by and pick them up. Thank you to the many neighbors that have currently donated books. Keep your eyes peeled for this awesome new feature in our community!

Our goal is to keep putting new information that you can use!   We seriously think this is the best neighborhood in Frisco and we want you to feel the same way.  Drop us a line and let us know if there is something we can add or if we need to change anything!  Your feedback means a lot!  
Your HOA Board