Weekly E-Mail - Parasha Beshallach  - בשלח - "Send Away" 

Parasha Beshalach hasthe energy of Certainty
Redemption - Parting the Yam Suf
within it. The external aspect of this Parasha is Redemption. Redemption from the narrow place which is Egypt - Our physical world. The internal essence is Certainty. 

The religious community does not speak of certainty. They speak only about Faith and Trust. The Kabbalists speak only about certainty. What is the difference?

Actually there are several levels of Certainty - Vadai. One is called Emunah - Faith or Belief. This is the lowest level. Belif or faith always has an element of doubt and this is why the Kabbalists use the concept of Certainty, since Certainty has no doubt. Remember there is no doubt in certainty. The middle level which has less doubt than faith is Trust - Bitachon. 

The 72 Names (see below) are revealed in Parasha Beshalach. In the Torah, prior to the revelation of the 3 Verses that are the 72 Names HaShem reveals the need for Certainty. The Names only work most effectively when someone is connected to certainty. Certainty only occurs when someone has reached a level where doubts have been removed from that persons consciousness.  If you want help connecting to Certainty contact yeshshem@hotmail.com  and ask for assistance.

Song of the Sea
After doubts are removed one can sing the Song of the Sea - Az Yashir Moshe. In the Torah scroll this manifests the Mogen David - Shield of David which is a tool to connect to the Tree of Life.

There are two tools for healing in this Parasha as well. One is a Column in the Torah that begins with a letter other than a Vav. In this column it is the letter Hai. This only happens 6 times in the Torah Scroll. 

The second is the four Yoods of healing which appear in the Phrase "Alecha Ki Ani Rofecha". This occurs at the last verse in the 4th Aliya. 

Collecting Manna.
The Manna appears in this Parasha as well as the return of doubts represented by the war with Amalek. There is much to contemplate and learn in this Parasha.

It is recommended to study the Chapter of Manna - Exodus Chapter 16 Verses  4 - 36 during the week of Parasha Beshalach. This is especially good to do on Tuesday Morning.

If you have been using the 72 Names properly for at least 6 months you may write to yeshshem@hotmail requesting an additional tool for these 4 tools mentioned above. Please include where and how you have been using trhe 72 Names. Also the length of time you have been using it.
Know also that there is a 6 week period revealed in the Hebrew Calendar that starts the 16th of January 2017. Beshalach is the fourth of the six weeks. This period is called Shovvavim - שובבים. This word translates as " mischievous  child." This period is designed by the Creator and His Mercy to allow us a period to do Teshuvah on Sexual and Creative mistakes and similar issues. Learn more at this link to the essay on Shovvavim on the Yeshshem website.


To learn about the year 5777 - the year of the goat -
72 Names of HaShem
The reading for Parasha Beshalach will be read on the 15th of Shevat, which is also the Holiday of Tu BeShevat - The New Year for Trees. 
The study commences on the Motzei Shabbat evening of 9th of Shevat.
Thus the study runs this week from the evening of the 5th of February - sundown on February 11th 2017
Names of HaShem that relate to the days of the Parasha Beshalach
Name of 62 -  יהה
9th - 10th of Shevat
Name of 63 - ענו
11th - 15th of Shevat
72 Names from theTzadikim
Names  tha t relate to the days of the Parasha Beshalach
Name of 62 - יאה
9th - 10th of Shevat
Name of 63 - עלו
11th - 15th of Shevat

Name of No 62 - Use the link below for information about this Name
Name of No 63 - Use the link below for information about this Name

Name of Tzadikim No 62 - Use the link below for information about this Name.
Name of Tzadikim No 63 - Use the link below for information about this Name

These Names - both sets - are YOUR CONTINUING Protection Tool all through the year!


Shevat - Deli - Water Carrier -Aquarius
Our information session about the month of Shevat took place on Thursday Evening January 26 at 7 PM Pacific Time. Remember Rosh Chodesh Shevat was on Shabbat January 28th

Why Study Zohar?

Here are quotes from famous Kabbalists:
The study of the Sefer ha Zohar is more elevated than any other study, even if he doesn't know what he is saying and even if he makes mistakes. And it is a great Tikkun for the Neshama, because even though the Torah is composed of names of the Holy One Blessed be He, it is nevertheless clothed in many stories, and when the person reads, he understands the stories and puts his mind on the simple meaning of those stories, but the sefer Ha Zohar has the secrets revealed, and the reader knows that they are secrets and the occult parts of the Torah, only that he does not understand because of the depth of the subject and the shortness of his understanding 
The Chida, More Ba Etzba Siman 44

...And even when he is like an animal that does not know how to read, even with all this, his reward will be double and there is an insinuation in the verse (Tehillim) "Man and beast Hashem saves" where the Gematria of the words TOSHIA HASHEM (Saves Hashem) plus the letters plus the 2 words themselves equals the sum of the following: ZOHAR TIKKUNIM BE DIKDUK TZACH (TZADDI CHET - TZE CHASHOV) - chanoch adds: Zohar and the Tikunim is the grammer seed level of cleansing. 
Hakdamat of the Editor of the Zohar edition printed in Livorno
chanoch's Commentary
You may have heard me say that when reading the Zohar in Hebrew or Aramaic that I do not understand - I realize that I made a mistake in pronunciation. When I go back and correct that mistake I make a Tikkun - a correction. This is because making a mistake is caused by our Tikkun which causes a blockage. When I go back and pronounce the words properly I make this correction and break that specific Klipah.
He who studies the Zohar, even when he doesn't understand what comes out of his mouth, Ha Kaddosh Baruch Hu rectifies his words...
Hakdamat of the Editor of the Zohar edition printed in Livorno 
It is necessary to read in the Sefer ha Zohar even when he does not know what it says, because it is a great correction to the Shechina and to his own soul as it is known for various reasons. 
Tikkun Leil Shavuot Le ha Ramaz  
O that my people would listen to me, in this evil generation when heresy increases, It is proper to learn the Zohar and the Tikkunim with children nine years of age so that their fear of Hashem will precede their wisdom and will be maintained 
Notzer Chessed on Massechet Avot, Perek 4 

One who does not merit to understand The Zohar, he should nevertheless learn, because the language of the Zohar purifies the soul 
Ohr Tzaddikim by Rav Meir Papirash 
And we see that in regards to the study of the Mishna there are many opinions that say that one must understand what he is studying, but when reading Tehillim (Book of Psalms) or the Zohar even if one doesn't understand anything at all, it is important and received and desired by The Holy One Blessed Be He  
Pele Yoatz
"One who does not merit to understand The Zohar, he should nevertheless learn, because the language of the Zohar purifies the soul"     
Ohr Tzaddikim by Rav Meir Papirash, a student of the Ari ha Kadosh

"Because of this work. the Book of the Zohar, [the Children of Israel] will be redeemed from exile" 

The Zohar ha Kaddosh (3, 124b)


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