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Read the Hebrew Letters
Kuf is double agent that separates between 
"seeing" - wisdom and "seeing" a house

Consciousness Builder 
In Torah-study the person is devoted to the subject that he wishes to understand and comes to understand. In davening the devotion is directed to what surpasses understanding.

In learning Torah the Jew feels like a pupil with his master; in davening - like a child with his father.

The time of prayer is a time of war





Is there really a difference between Prayer and Study?

Is Prayer a time of war with yourself?
Study is a time of war with searching for truth?

Is Prayer a time of Love?
Study is a time of Judgement

Parasha Ekev:
 Ekev translates "As a result" as well as "heel". Jacob has this word as its shoresh - root. Jacob is a chariot for Tiferet which relates to balance.

When looking at the Hebrew lettters of Ekev we see a Kuf separating the energy of the Ayin from the Bet. When joined the Ayin Bet relates to the 72 Names of God which is control of the physical worlds. The letter Kuf is known as the "double agent" because it is made up of two components - the Caf that created the sun which is Tiferet and the energy of balance and the Zion that relates to the balance point between the spiritual worlds and the physical world.

The Zohar explains the idea of eating on Shabbat. Shabbat represents Malchut or manifestation in the frame of time. Eating represents manifestation in the frame of human energy. Both of these items - Eating and Shabbat - represents the potential to be spiritual or to be physical. 

We all know the adage that "we are what we eat". Many know the teaching from the Sages that Shabbat is equivalent to the whole Torah. 
These energies can be seen as a war between "good" - Torah and "evil" representing eating that lowers our consciousness to be human rather than Divine. Of course "eating" can raise consciousness and that is the goal of the Torah - to teach how to elevate our consciousness.

The energy of the parasha is teaching how to overcome evil and chaos by allowing the Light of the Torah to be revealed. May it happen Today - that we all reveal the Light of the Torah that causes the darkness of evil to just disappear. 

The biggest evil is "the illusion of death". Just as we all experience the Light swallowing the darkness when we turn on the Light. May HaShem swallow the "illusion of death" today, as we reveal more of the Light by doing our portion of Good Deeds. Let us all say Amen!
This year of the goat is now in its most negative period - the months of Tammuz  and Av.

Yeshshem teaches about a spiritual tool named Shiluv - intertwining Hebrew Letters. This
tool represents HaShem's mercy, yet only if you know how to utilize it. 
Here is a link to learn more about this tooand how to achieve it in time, hopefully, to help during this negative period.

Here is a link to our blog regarding the energy of Av.
Here is a link to the recording of our connection to the energy of the month of Av.

The second half of Av relates to preparation for the month of Elul and Tishrai.

Astrology Section:
Week of Ekev

South Node Lunar Eclipse - letting go of things to be able to receive the new ideas from the approaching new year of 5778. This will be on Monday Aug 7. You will feel the effects a few days before and into the next week of Re'eh as well.

Look for the north node Solar Eclipse in a few weeks. This will be the energy of those new ideas.

Mercury goes retrograde on Saturday Aug 12 until Sept 5. Give the 5th some additional time for mercury retrograde to catch up to itself. When retrograde Mercury will cause some communications difficulty. Also Mercury is always retrograde as we enter or complete Elul and the opportunities associated with Teshuvah - which this year will be especially important as will be discussed when we teach about the energy of the new year. 

Be on the lookout for the conference call announcements about the energy of the year 5778. It is a once in a year opportunity to affiliate your goals with the energy of the year.


Presently we are teaching a series of classes in LoshonHarah - How to speak words of Torah and avoid wrong speech. Please join us on
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Use pincode 911904#.

The classes are on Sunday 3PM Pacific Time. If you miss the class you can listen to recordings on our recording webpage.

Look for these classes to resume in the month of Tishrai along with the energy of the year 5778.

During the Month of Elul we will be studying Slichot in the mornings at 7 AM and the Tikune Zohar at night at 8:15 PM. All times are Pacific . Times. This is to enable your consciousness to co-exist with the energy of 5778. These special studies will continue throughout Elul until after Yom Kippur. Look for additional information to come.    

What can we expect this year -
5777 - Kabbalistically?

To learn about the year 5777 - the year of the goat -  

72 Names of HaShem
The reading for the Parasha Ekev will be read on the 20th of Av.
The study commences on the Motzei Shabbat evening of the 14th of Av. 
Thus the study runs this week from the evening of the August 5th - to the evening of the August 12 2017.

All 72 Names of God and 72 Names from the Tzadikim are a unified whole.
Yet people relate the Names to different months, Days of the month and many other relationships.
The Month of ֽAv:
During Av the following Names are utilized to achieve unity with the energy of Av.
Names No 5 - מבש    ־  מהש
Name No 17 - לוו   ־   לאו
Name No 29 -  רלי ־ ריי
Name No 41 -  השה - ההה
רליName No 65  -  והב  - ומב
The Days of the Month of Av:
During ֓Av the following Names are utilized as personal Names for people who are born on these days.
Days 1 - 5 -    ניה  ־  נתה
Days 6 - 10 -  השא   ־   האא    ־  
Days 11 - 15 - ירת ־   ירת
Days 16 - 20 -  שאה ־   שאה
Days 21 - 25 -  רלי  ־   ריי
Days - 26 - 30 - אום  ־   אום

These Names - both sets - are YOUR CONTINUING Protection Tool
all through the year!

If you can not find your Name send an email to yeshshem@hotmail.com requesting your Personal Name and Chart
As we enter the new year and Month of Nissan we recognize that there are other ways to allocate these Names in addition to the above 2 methods.

Why Study Zohar?

Here are quotes from famous Kabbalists:


Behold [the expression] 'the Tree of Life' refers to Pnimiut HaTorah, the inner dimension of the Torah, as stated in [the passage from] the Raya Mehemna, Parshas Naso, [cited above]: 'Since in the future, the Jews will taste the Tree of Life which is the Sefer Ha Zohar, Tanya, Iggeres HaKodesh', explains that the term 'the Tree of Life' refers to 'the inner dimensions of the Torah and its mitzvos.'
To explain: The Written Law is referred to as 'the Tree of Life' because it does not enclothe itself in material garments to the same degree [as does the Oral Law]. (For [the Written Law emanates] from Zaer Anpin.) And in [the Written Law], G-dly light can be sensed.
Similarly, Pnimiyus HaTorah has not enclothed itself in material garments, for instead, it speaks of spiritual matters including the chainlike progression of spiritual existence and G-dly subjects. Moreover, the conceptualization and the comprehension of these matters is spiritual and in [this type of thought], the G-dly light can be felt.
Its entire intent is to know G-d and to come to love and fear Him, as the Shaloh writes in his Masechta Shavuos, p. 183b ,269 with regard to the study of Torah lishmah:
The words of Torah that involve research, knowledge, and comprehension [of G-d Himself should be studied in order to know His name and His greatness, and the hidden secrets of His mitzvos. Then the person's heart will be roused to fear Him and to love Him.


The study of the Zohar ha Kaddosh in our times is very necessary to protect and save us from all evil. For the revelation of this wisdom in our times, helps to purify and protect us greatly so that we will be able to cling with a complete heart to our Father in Heaven.
For the people of prior generations were Tzaddikim and Chassidim and people of great deeds, and thus were saved from the accusers, but now we are far removed from our source, and what will protect us if not our reading this Wisdom? 
Rabbi Yaakov Tzemach, Hakdama le Etz Chayim


Our Holy Master Rabbi Chayim Vital, may his merit shield us, in the introduction to the book Etz Chayim, warned the students of the Torah, those who listen to the Word of G-d, the great obligation they have to study the hidden Torah [Kabbalah], and the great punishment for neglecting its study, because one hour of this study does the same as thirty days of the study of Pshat (plain meaning of the Torah)  (Kise Melech on Tikune Zohar 30, 73b)
"And all his kindness is like the grass of the field" (Yeshayahu 40:6) All the kindness that they do, they do only for themselves. And even all those that occupy themselves in the Torah, all the kindness that they do, they do for themselves...Woe to those who cause him [The Mashiach] to leave from the world and don't come, and they are those who cause the Torah to be deserted and do not wish to occupy themselves with the Wisdom of the Kabbalah, for they cause the spring of wisdom to depart which is the YUD, and the BEIT is left on its own (Dried up). Woe to those that they cause poverty, sword, death and destruction... 
Tikkune Zohar Tikkun 30
chanoch adds: The Yud mentioned above is HaShem who conceals himself when the Kabbalah is not studied. The Beit mentioned above is referring to the Torah itself as the first letter is the Beit. This comment is to help you understand this section.


"From the year 1540 onward, it is most important that all study the Kabbalah in public and preoccupy themselves with the study of Kabbalah. For through the merit of Kabbalah and in fact solely through Kabbalah will the Mashiach appear and forever efface war, destruction, social injustice, and above all, man's inhumanity".

Rabbi Avraham Azulai, Or ha Chama, Introduction
If the person does not occupy himself with the 4 levels of Torah study:
PESHAT REMEZ DERASH SOD [PARDES- Simple meaning, allusion, Homiletical level, and the secrets of the Torah] he is missing the Mitzvah of Talmud Torah which is great and is equivalent to all other Mitzvot in the Torah, and this person has to reincarnate until he will occupy himself with the four levels PARDES. 
Kitve Ari ha Kaddosh, Shaar ha Mitzvot Alef

"It is a great obligation on all Israel to study the Zohar ha kaddosh every single day, even when it is said without understanding, for this builds worlds and he purifies and sanctifies his soul and there is no limit to the greatness of his reward because through this he brings redemption closer and brings great pleasure to His Creator . . Therefore everybody should at least study five pages per day of the Zahor ha Kaddosh.
Tzavaat Rav Meir Schwartz mi Faidhotz

"The Sefer ha Zohar is a Tikkun for the Baaal Teshuvah - The Man of Return to Hashshem."
Shivche ha Arizal         
"If he is meritorious to wake up before dawn. he should then study Sefer ha Zohar for in its merit the Jews will come out of Exile which resembles the night and even though he has not the merit to understand it, even so he shall learn the language for it purifies the soul". 
Siddur Shaar ha Shamaim Seder Limud shel ha Kodmim

"And the main point is that when your soul will cling to the books that deal with Yirut Hashem, that you thereby will realize at every moment the great debt you owe to the Creator of all worlds, and in particular through the sefer ha Zohar which is the most important of all, and it will cause your heart to flare up in flames of fire, the Sefer ha Zohar is the key". 
Sefer Sur me Rav ye Ase

"One should learn Sifre Kabbalah, and when he does not understand it he should learn the Zohar and the Tikkunim for they are a Segula to purify the Neshama"  
Siddur ha Aziral of Rabbi Yaakob Kapil

"The study of the Sefer ha Zohar is more elevated than any other study, even if he does not know what he is saying and even if he makes mistakes. And it is a great Tikkun for the Neshama, because even though the Torah is composed of names of the Holy one Blessed be He, it is nevertheless clothed in many stories, and when the person reads, he understands the stories and puts his mind on the simple meaning of those stories, but the sefer ha Zohar has the secrets revealed, and the reader knows that there are secrets and the occult parts of the Torah, only that he does not understand because of the depth of the subject and the shortness of his understanding".  
The Chida, More Ba Etzba Siman 44

"...And even when he is like an animal that does not know how to read, even with all this, his reward will be double and there is an insinuation in the verse (Tehillim) "Man and beast Hashem saves" where the Gematria of the words TOSHIA HASHEM (Saves Hashem) plus the letters plus the 2 words themselves equals the sum of the following: ZOHAR TIKKUNIM BE DIKDUK TZACH (TZADDI CHET - TZE CHASHOV) - chanoch adds: Zohar and the Tikunim is the grammer seed level of cleansing. 
Hakdamat of the Editor of the Zohar edition printed in Livorno
chanoch's Commentary
You may have heard me say that when reading the Zohar in Hebrew or Aramaic that I do not understand - I realize that I made a mistake in pronunciation. When I go back and correct that mistake I make a Tikkun - a correction. This is because making a mistake is caused by our Tikkun which causes a blockage. When I go back and pronounce the words properly I make this correction and break that specific Klipah.
"He who studies the Zohar, even when he doesn't understand what comes out of his mouth, Ha Kaddosh Baruch Hu rectifies his words..."
Hakdamat of the Editor of the Zohar edition printed in Livorno 
"It is necessary to read in the Sefer ha Zohar even when he does not know what it says, because it is a great correction to the Shechina and to his own soul as it is known for various reasons."
Tikkun Leil Shavuot Le ha Ramaz  
"O that my people would listen to me, in this evil generation when heresy increases, It is proper to learn the Zohar and the Tikkunim with children nine years of age so that their fear of Hashem will precede their wisdom and will be maintained"
Notzer Chessed on Massechet Avot, Perek 4 

"One who does not merit to understand The Zohar, he should nevertheless learn, because the language of the Zohar purifies the soul"
Ohr Tzaddikim by Rav Meir Papirash 
"And we see that in regards to the study of the Mishna there are many opinions that say that one must understand what he is studying, but when reading Tehillim (Book of Psalms) or the Zohar even if one doesn't understand anything at all, it is important and received and desired by The Holy One Blessed Be He" 
Pele Yoatz
"One who does not merit to understand The Zohar, he should nevertheless learn, because the language of the Zohar purifies the soul"     
   Ohr Tzaddikim by Rav Meir Papirash, a student of the Ari ha Kadosh

"Because of this work. the Book of the Zohar, [the Children of Israel] will be redeemed from exile" 
The Zohar ha Kaddosh (3, 124b)


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