A new surveying app is now available!!!

This new app is revolutionary. There is no other surveying app available that does what this app does.

With this app, a legal description, subdivision lot boundary, results of survey, etc. can be calculated for the perimeter, area, error of closure, ratio of closure, closing course and the Northing and Easting differences. 

It is a handy tool that can be used by anyone to check parcel boundary closures on a smart device. 

How cool is that! 

The results can be emailed to others for review, comment and documentation.

Another really cool app feature is the plotting of " Aliquot Parts" of a legal description within a typical section. 

How many times when reading and/or writing an aliquot part legal description have you had to mentally visualize or sketch out the location of multiple aliquot parts and then question if you got them in the right location?

With this app, you can plot a multiple aliquot part description in color to visually see the individual locations. 

A legend is provided that identifies each aliquot part that has been entered. 

You can take a screen shot of the plot to email to others for review, comment and documentation. 

A comprehensive online help feature for this app is available.

Check it out at:

Here is a handy tip.

For long descriptions, type them using your computer then email, add them to OneNote or other cloud based application from your computer, then open the email or note on your smart device, copy the information and past it into the Parcel Boundary app.

This is a quick and easy method to synchronize information between your computer and smart device. 

You can also use a smart device wireless keyboard.

Install your copy today at:

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