June 1, 2017

Tonight is exciting as we graduate the Class of 2017 - a terrific group of students! Next Thursday will be exciting as we complete our 56th year of schooling at St. Louise, and our end-of-year liturgy at 10:30 AM on June 8th will include unveiling the names of our Distinguished Graduate, our Volunteers Extraordinaire, and our 7th graders receiving the Noel Lyons Memorial Scholarships. And this summer is exciting with the construction of four more classrooms in our main building! Our 6th graders will finally get to move over to join the other "big kids" this fall, as they will be upstairs, and joining them in new classrooms will be our math specialist, Mrs. Bannick, and our reading specialist, the newly hired Mrs. Woods.

As the 6th grade abandons their two rooms in the east end of the north wing, we'll be moving the PreK program over to those new rooms, expanding into a larger two-room space since PreK will be expanding into an extended day program with additional staff in the afternoon - Mrs. Zambrano and Mrs. De La Torre. And our art teacher Mrs. Walker and music teacher Mrs. LB (LaRussa Banton) will be taking over the vacated PreK and math rooms in the north wing to use for staging for the drama program, as they paint their backdrops and create their props. The vacated reading room in the north wing will be used by Stepping Stones to hold their O.T. sessions for St. Louise students.
We are going to have a two-stage moving plan for getting our north wing rooms moved to their new locations on the 2nd floor of the main building. First, during the week of June 26th, we'll be moving the students' desks and chairs to the 2nd floor outdoor deck, and we'll be moving Mr. Glaser's and Mrs. Patterson's 6th grade boxes of supplies and equipment to the library, so they'll be that much closer to their new home in August. Then, the second stage of moving will be in late August when construction is complete. We are not sure if this will be either the week of August 21st or 28th - and this will involve finishing the moving of these 6th grade items, along with moving the reading teacher's and Mrs. Bannick's math room's items to their newly constructed 2nd floor rooms.

We are looking for parents - and upcoming 8th grade and older students - to help with one or both stages of the moving plans. If you will be able to help the week of June 26, August 21, and/or August 28, please email Mike Fuerte and let him know your availability and the name(s) of the volunteer(s). We appreciate you sharing your muscles!

Thanks for reading,

We have opened  up your access to the online link that welcomes you to sign-up for volunteer jobs for the 2017-18 school year. You have until June 19, to please note your jobs for the 2017-18 school year here at the 2017-18 volunteer jobs sign-up link. We are asking at this time for all returning school parents to inform us in which ways you'll be able to help out around school and with school events, committees, and fund raisers in the coming school year. This early sign-up helps the school staff and Parents' Club figure out if we'll have enough volunteer support to run our programs, and it helps you create your 40 hour (minimum) schedule for volunteering for next year. If you have questions about the overall volunteer process, please contact the Parents' Club's Volunteer Coordinator, Marinell Zevenbergen. Remember, as we wind down this current 2016-17 year, before report cards can be mailed out, all parents must have  logged in online a minimum 40 hours. Thanks for giving your time!
School Calendar
        Please subscribe to the school calendar. You may also subscribe to receiving updates from a teacher's individual webpage by choosing your teacher here, and then clicking on the +Subscribe link.

Thursday, June 1
  • Graduation of the Class of 2017: Mass at 9AM; Commencement at 7PM
Saturday, June 3
  • CYO Track Championship Meet: 10AM at Highline Stadium
Saturday and Sunday, June 3 and 4
  • Parish Ministry Fair after all the Masses in the Parish Hall; attend Pentecost Mass and then head to the parish hall to learn about the various ways to get involved in St. Louise Parish....say "hello" to the school's booth at the fair
Sunday, June 4
  • Mother/Son Sounders' Event (Please note: all tickets will be distributed by Friday, June 2, at the latest, so please contact Teresa Brosche and or Rebecca Ort if you have not received a confirmation email by then. They will be passing out tickets afterschool on today and Friday near the front office (from 2:45-3:30pm).  If you would like them to distribute your tickets via kid mail and receive on Friday, please email Teresa ( or Rebecca ( ASAP.  Remember doors open at 5:30pm Sunday, and please don't forget your tickets and wristbands to get in!  All the details for our private event will be communicated with your tickets this week. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there!)   

Monday, June 5
  • Free Dress Only for the Auction $300+ (see Auction article below)
  • New Parent Orientation 6:30PM
Tuesday, June 6
  • Field Day; all gr. K-7 students may wear free dress that will enable them to run, jump, and throw outside - regular "non-uniform day rules" apply
  • The 7th graders will be selling Gatorade ($1) and Otter Pops(50 cents) at Field Day, with proceeds to support their Missionary Discipleship Institute participation and future related service projects.
  • Today is the final day for daily milk and hot lunch orders
  • Today is the final day for Kids' Club
  • Tech Committee Dinner Meeting 6:00PM 
Wednesday, June 7
  •  Kids' Club is closed
  • Final day for PreK
Thursday, June 8
  • End-of-Year Liturgy 10:30AM - parents invited; students awarded distributed; announcement of our Distinguished Graduate Award; farewells to Mr. O'Connor, Miss Terrell, and Mrs. Regalia
  • Family Picnic begins immediately following the Liturgy (approximately 11:30)
  • Yearbooks are distributed today
Friday, June 9
  • Construction begins on the 2nd floor on the new 6th grade classrooms, math teacher's room, and reading teacher's room!


Sunday, June 18
  • Happy Fathers' Day!
Thursday, June 22
  • Report Cards will be mailed by today; contact the office if you do not receive yours by June 26; NOTE: report cards are not mailed to families who have outstanding tuition balances or have not completed their 40 volunteer hours or fundraising commitments for 2016-17 
Friday, June 30
  • School Office closes at 3:30PM; closed during month of July; reopens daily beginning August 3

Announcing an Optional Way to Purchase School Supplies this Summer
          We have now posted online our 2017-18 School Supplies list. On the first day of school - Passport Day/September 5 - all students are to come to school with these supplies. Families may take the traditional route to purchase supplies:
  • Take the list to your local store when the August sales hit the papers - Fred Meyer, Target, Walmart, Staples, etc.
  • Use pre-purchased CHARGER CARDS to pay for the supplies.

          However, a new way is being unveiled this summer that you may want to try out! You may now purchase school supplies by ordering online and having them shipped to your door!  Our St. Louise Parents' Club is teaming up with - an online site where a school lists their unique supplies, and parents order and pay online. The box of your child's specific grade-level supplies are shipped to your home. Our Parents' Club earns 5% commission for each ClassBundl order, and they'll be using this revenue to pay for enrichment grants, bringing future school assemblies to your kids. You may get started at the St. Louise page at anytime in June, July, or August (but don't wait too late in August to order, as we're not sure how long the delivery time will be during crunch time.)

Plan for Reading & Math This Summer
          Teachers worry about the perils of "summer slump." Students spend 10 weeks away from school over the summer and then come back in September seeming behind where they left off in June. "Summer slump" can occur in both reading and math. Therefore, this June through August, we have suggestions and/or requirements to combat this slump, as you'll see below.
          We are making summer READING a strong recommendation for your children moving into grades K-5 this fall, and a REQUIREMENT for your children moving into grades 6-8. In this way, we hope to assure your kids will not just exercise their bodies with their swimming, biking, and sports camps over the summer, but they'll exercise their brains too. Did you know that a study conducted at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, based on surveys and test results for 1,600 elementary school students, concluded that children who read more books over the summer scored higher on reading comprehension tests in the fall than those who did not read over the summer?
          If your child will be entering grades K-5, please go HERE to see the recommended list of summer reading, as prepared by our teachers and Mrs. McIntosh.
          For those students entering grades 6-8 in the fall, your summer reading of novels is explained HERE by next year's language arts teachers - Mrs. Patterson and Mr. Gallant. The teachers have both a list of your required novels as well as written assignments to be completed after you finish reading the books. These assignments are due on the first day of grade 6-8 language arts class in September.
          "Summer slump" isn't confined to reading. Ten weeks of vacation from doing any math will also cause a child to return to school forgetting a fair amount of what he/she spent the past school year learning. Thus, we really encourage parents to set up a summer plan for MATH work.
          Some suggestions include having your child complete the math packets the teacher might send home in June or complete the unfinished math workbook pages your child brings home on the last day of school.  Some parents purchase a math workbook at an educational store such as this one, or online such as here or here, and have their child complete one workbook page every day or every-other-day. Others have their child complete the free online math lessons on the Khan Academy website.
           Whatever works for your family for summer math practice, the important thing is to make it consistent, continual practice. Having your child do 20 pages in a math workbook the last week in August (e.g. "cramming") isn't the same as having your child do 10 minutes of math daily, for 5 days a week, for 10 weeks of summer. We suggest you make daily (or every-other-day) math be the "carrot" for your child's summer of fun. As one example, you tell your child on Monday morning that he/she can join the family at the beach Wednesday afternoon provided 30 minutes of math work on Khan Academy or one math workbook page is completed before then.
          We're sure you can come up with a family plan that you'll stick to that keeps your child from "summer slump." Thanks for working as partners with the St. Louise teachers so to help your children have a more successful start in September!
Parent's Checklist to Wrap-Up the Year
Whether your child is graduating tonight, or having to hang in there all the way until the final day for the rest of the school next week, there are some tasks all school parents must make sure are completed now or in the coming days in order to properly wrap-up the school year in terms of fulfilling your contractual commitments to St. Louise. Please make sure the following tasks are completed ASAP:

c  By May 31, you were to have turned in to the school office your Auction procurement form - minimum $200 donation. Please note that the minimum requirement increased to $250 after May 31. You may also complete your procurement online.
c  By May 31, you were to submit your required $20 per-family Auction "Grade Project Fee" online.
c  By June 8, if you haven't done so yet, log in your final Volunteer Hours completed for this 2016-17 school year until you reach the 40 hour minimum.
c  By June 2, inform Lola or Mindy in the school office if there is an error on your family information draft page for our 2017-18 family roster. (You're receiving this draft page in the Family Envelope.)
c  By June 8, have your minimum amount of Charger Card profits/contributions completed. You may find more information on Charger Cards here.  
c  By June 8, have at least your initial pledge to the Annual School Gift Campaign (ASGC) sent in to school. You may send in a check or choose to give online.  After logging in, click on the "Give a New Gift" link and then choose "ASGC."
c  By June 19, sign-up online for your volunteer job(s) you're interested in for the upcoming 2017-18 school year.

Grace and Natalie, along with their e ighth grade classmates, recently were in the science lab dissecting frogs in Mrs. Williams' science classes - comparing the frog's organ systems to what they've learned about the human body's systems.

Free Dress for the $300+ this Monday
Many thanks to the following families who have donated or procured $300 or more to the 2017 Auction. As of May 26, these families had earned free dress for their children on June 5. (Please note: if you made your $300+ donation between May 27 and May 31, you will receive an email prior to June 5 confirming your free dress. Contact Sue Richards if you have questions.) No free dress coupon is required for Monday - the teachers will be given a list of students who qualify.
De Barros
Keep Procuring!
Even if you've already donated to the auction, we encourage you to please continue to procure over the summer! We are still especially in need of:
  • premium wines;
  • small electronics;
  • local getaways;
  • sports tickets;
  • theater tickets;
  •  concert tickets.
You may complete your procurement using either the Online Procurement Form or turning in a hardcopy Procurement Form to the office. If you have procurement questions, please email To see our complete wish list and gift registries, please visit our wish list. Thank you so much for your continued support.
Please note that we are unable to accept art, clothing, shoes, software, used items, or most professional services - included but not limited to haircuts, photographers, chiropractic care, or financial services. Items with a value of less than $25 are also not able to be accepted. For more information, check out our webpage.
Art Project Fee
If you forgot to make your $20 per-family art project fee by the May 31st due date, please go now to make this payment online: Click on the "art project fee-pay here" link. Thank you for completing this requirement before the summer!

Thanks for your participation in making Auction 2017 a success!
Our St. Louise School House truly rocks!  
Volunteer Your Smile
          Looking for a way to volunteer that easily slides into your schedule, will not take a lot of time, and where you will feel more connected with the parish? Then the Ministry of Greeter is for you! School parents are welcome to sign up their entire family to greet as a unit. One of St. Louise Parish's goal is to have every person who comes through the church doors to feel connected with our parish family. By welcoming each person in a positive, friendly, and spiritual manner, we help create a warm spiritually healthy parish environment that shows "We are happy that you have come!" Our goal is for everyone who enters St. Louise Parish to feel welcomed and loved. School parents who are greeters earn school volunteer hours. The qualifications are simple: You must be a registered member of St. Louise Parish; you are to attend  a one hour orientation; you must b e dependable and responsible; and most importantly you must have a welcoming smile that greets each person before and after Mass. The c ommitment you make is to arrive 20 minutes before Mass and remain 10 minutes after Mass, scheduled at your convenience for at least one Mass per month. To sign up to be a greeter, please email your name and telephone number to  and fellow parishioners Helen or Lorraine will be in touch.

3 Office Days Left to Complete Your Charger Card Requirement!

Order Cards You Will Need for Travel Plans


With just 3 days of the Charger Cards office open until the school year ends, you need to make plans now to complete your Charger Card requirement! Here are the remaining days the Charger Card office will be open for in-person sales from 8:15-8:45AM:
  • Tomorrow, June 2nd;
  • Wednesday, June 7th; 
  • Thursday, June 8th.
Please contact us if you would like help with ordering, planning, or un derstanding how to meet your commitment. We are happy to help you make a plan that will fit your family's budget and habits.
Charger Cards End-of-Year Checklist
Can you check off all of these?
c Have you met your Charger Card minimum requirement?
    * Either purchase cards which earn a combined $125 rebates -OR-
    * Buyout by making a $250 donation (Send check payable to "SLCC" to the
main office, Attn: Charger Cards)
c Have you returned all Charger Card plastic envelopes to the main office?
c Have you registered online and signed up for Presto Pay so you can
purchase cards over the summer?
c Have you used the online registration form for step-by-step instructions?
c Have you watched the video to use MyScripWallet mobile website on your phone?
c Have you planned to purchase Charger Cards for at least one of these upcoming events?
     * Teacher gifts for the end-of-year (see the "Faculty Wish List below)

     * Graduation gifts
     * Father's Day gifts
     * Summer Plans - Gas, Hotels, Disney, Menchie's, restaurants, etc.
     * Uniform and school supplies

Charger Card Team Looking for New Volunteers
Consider joining the team for the fall. Please email us  if you'd like to help! We need volunteers to help in these areas:
> Help sell cards at the Charger Card office on the Used Uniform Sale day - Thursday, August 3;
> Help with weekly card inventory and fulfillment on Friday mornings starting in September;
> Help sell cards on Sundays between Masses.

For more information on Charger Cards and online ordering, please visit or email
Charger Card Office hours: Fridays from 8:15-8:45am.

Soccer & Cross Country Registration Has Begun
           St. Louise's CYO fall sports registration has opened - for playing soccer and cross country. Go HERE to register. Both sports are open to all students who will be in grades K-8 this coming fall. The soccer season starts at the end of August - please note this is before school begins - and cross country begins at the start of September.  If you have soccer questions, please contact coordinators Maria Kelly-Dogget or Christie Allemand at .

Last Friday, dozens of current and former students of Mr. O'Connor and their parents gathered to thank him for touching their hearts and minds in his 18 years of teaching at St. Louise. Todd will be leaving next week, but these families weren't about to see him go without letting him know what an impact he had on their lives. Over 200 current and former students gifted him with letters of their thoughts, reflections, and sincere gratitude for his teaching. We want to thank Sue Richards and Linda Bowers for putting together the farewell party. More photos from the event may be seen here. Mr. O'Connor will give a farewell address to the student body at next Thursday's end-of-year Liturgy, as will Mrs. Regalia.