June 7, 2017

Tomorrow marks the end of St. Louise School's 56th year of providing an excellent education with a Catholic foundation for our parish's and our community's children. It was a terrific year of academic growth for your kids, along with development of their artistic, athletic, social-emotional, and of course, spiritual sides!

It seems like so long ago, but it was this fall that we went through another round of accreditation, and for the fourth time in our history, St. Louise received the stamp of approval by the accrediting agency. No other Catholic elementary school in western Washington has received more accreditations!  

We had both our cross country and track teams win the CYO championships this year, our drama program perform Seussical Jr. as high a quality as a high school production,  and our junior high math team win 1st place in the Archdiocesan-wide competition. Furthermore, our school liturgies were so full of the Holy Spirit in song and student-participation this year, that I can't imagine any other school having more joyful, meaningful celebrations!
I guess what I'm trying to convey is 2016-17 wasn't just any old school year - it was a fantastic year! The school teachers, staff, and I are grateful for your support these past ten months through your volunteering, fund raising, and kindness.

Now, would you do us one more favor? Please give us a few weeks to catch our breath, to take a few college courses, to spend a few days on the beach, and in my particular case, to sleep in past 4:30AM. Then I promise we'll be back refreshed and rejuvenated, ready for year #57!

Finally, please remember that Thursday's end-of-year liturgy begins at 10:30, and includes presentation of our Distinguished Graduate Award to Theresa Heily Trelstad, Class of 1980. (You won't want to miss her story!). Then immediately following the liturgy, we'll present Service Ribbons to various students in grades 3-8, the Noel Lyons Memorial Scholarships to two 7th graders, and surprise a parent with the Volunteer Extraordinaire Award. We'll end the morning "moving up" students to their new grade levels. Finally, at around 11:30 we'll recess out to the Family Picnic. If the weather cooperates, we'll picnic out on the lawn in front of the main building. If it's wet, we'll picnic in the parish hall (or you can break away to Crossroads Mall or simply head home early). TOMORROW IS A NOON DISMISSAL DAY.

Thanks for reading,

Expect a few emails from me and at least one large postal mailing from the school office this summer, as we send you information to help you prepare for the 2017-18 school year. Make sure Lola and Mindy have any change of email or home address, and should you need to get a hold of them, or Mike Fuerte, or me, realize we will indeed be at school most days in June and August, but we will close down the office in July. So you may have to leave messages that may not be returned until August 3rd, when the office re-opens daily (8:00-3:30).

Have safe travels, and I hope your children - in between their consistent reading and math that will keep them from that dreaded "summer slump" - will be able to do old-fashioned and physically active "kid things," such as bike riding, swimming, hiking, tent camping, water balloon and squirt gun fights, and backyard badminton games. In other words, I hope the screen time is kept to a minimum, while the physical time is nonstop. Read this great article to help give you the motivation and strategies to make that your parenting goal for the next two and a half months.
School Calendar
        Please subscribe to the school calendar. You may also subscribe to receiving updates from a teacher's individual webpage by choosing your teacher here, and then clicking on the +Subscribe link.

Thursday, June 8
  • End-of-Year Liturgy 10:30AM - parents invited; students awarded distributed; announcement of our Distinguished Graduate Award; farewells to Mr. O'Connor, Miss Terrell, and Mrs. Regalia
  • Family Picnic begins immediately following the Liturgy (approximately 11:30)
  • Yearbooks are distributed today
  • Red Family Envelopes are being sent home today with the last of hard copy flyers inserted; no need to return the envelopes to school - please reuse or recycle
Friday, June 9
  • Construction begins on the 2nd floor on the new 6th grade classrooms, math teacher's room, and reading room.
Sunday, June 18
  • Happy Fathers' Day!
Thursday, June 22
  • Report Cards will be mailed by today; contact the office if you do not receive yours by June 26; NOTE: report cards are not mailed to families who have outstanding tuition balances or have not completed their 40 volunteer hours or fundraising commitments for 2016-17 
Friday, June 30
  • School Office closes at 3:30PM; closed during month of July; reopens daily beginning August 3
Announcing an Optional Way to Purchase School Supplies this Summer
          We have now posted online our 2017-18 School Supplies list. On the first day of school - Passport Day/September 5 - all students are to come to school with these supplies. Families may take the traditional route to purchase supplies:
  • Take the list to your local store when the August sales hit the papers - Fred Meyer, Target, Walmart, Staples, etc.
  • Use pre-purchased CHARGER CARDS to pay for the supplies.

          However, a new way is being unveiled this summer that you may want to try out! You may now purchase school supplies by ordering online and having them shipped to your door!  Our St. Louise Parents' Club is teaming up with - an online site where a school lists their unique supplies, and parents order and pay online. The box of your child's specific grade-level supplies are shipped to your home. Our Parents' Club earns 5% commission for each ClassBundl order, and they'll be using this revenue to pay for enrichment grants, bringing future school assemblies to your kids. You may get started at the St. Louise page at anytime in June, July, or August (but don't wait too late in August to order, as we're not sure how long the delivery time will be during crunch time.)

We are so proud of our Pre-K students for how much they have grown in their first year of school! Recently, Mrs. Salmon taught them this chant, which they sang out as they celebrated Pentecost:

"Tongues of fire, tongues of fire.
Driving wind! Driving wind!
Holy Spirit's coming, Holy Spirit's coming.
Let him in! Let him in!"

Plan for Reading & Math This Summer
          Teachers worry about the perils of "summer slump." Students spend 10 weeks away from school over the summer and then come back in September seeming behind where they left off in June. "Summer slump" can occur in both reading and math. Therefore, this June through August, we have suggestions and/or requirements to combat this slump, as you'll see below.
          We are making summer READING a strong recommendation for your children moving into grades K-5 this fall, and a REQUIREMENT for your children moving into grades 6-8. In this way, we hope to assure your kids will not just exercise their bodies with their swimming, biking, and sports camps over the summer, but they'll exercise their brains too. Did you know that a study conducted at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, based on surveys and test results for 1,600 elementary school students, concluded that children who read more books over the summer scored higher on reading comprehension tests in the fall than those who did not read over the summer?
          If your child will be entering grades K-5, please go HERE to see the recommended list of summer reading, as prepared by our teachers and Mrs. McIntosh.
          For those students entering grades 6-8 in the fall, your summer reading of novels is explained HERE by next year's language arts teachers - Mrs. Patterson and Mr. Gallant. The teachers have both a list of your required novels as well as written assignments to be completed after you finish reading the books. These assignments are due on the first day of grade 6-8 language arts class in September.
          "Summer slump" isn't confined to reading. Ten weeks of vacation from doing any math will also cause a child to return to school forgetting a fair amount of what he/she spent the past school year learning. Thus, we really encourage parents to set up a summer plan for MATH work.
          Some suggestions include having your child complete the math packets the teacher might send home in June or complete the unfinished math workbook pages your child brings home on the last day of school.  Some parents purchase a math workbook at an educational store such as this one, or online such as here or here, and have their child complete one workbook page every day or every-other-day. Others have their child complete the free online math lessons on the Khan Academy website.
           Whatever works for your family for summer math practice, the important thing is to make it consistent, continual practice. Having your child do 20 pages in a math workbook the last week in August (e.g. "cramming") isn't the same as having your child do 10 minutes of math daily, for 5 days a week, for 10 weeks of summer. We suggest you make daily (or every-other-day) math be the "carrot" for your child's summer of fun. As one example, you tell your child on Monday morning that he/she can join the family at the beach Wednesday afternoon provided 30 minutes of math work on Khan Academy or one math workbook page is completed before then.
          We're sure you can come up with a family plan that you'll stick to that keeps your child from "summer slump." Thanks for working as partners with the St. Louise teachers so to help your children have a more successful start in September!
Parent's Checklist to Wrap-Up the Year
Thank you for making sure the following boxes are all checked, signifying you have fulfilled your contractual commitments to St. Louise:

c  By May 31, you were to have turned in to the school office your Auction procurement form - minimum $200 donation. Please note that the minimum requirement increased to $250 after May 31. You may also complete your procurement online.
c  By May 31, you were to submit your required $20 per-family Auction "Grade Project Fee" online.
c  By June 8, if you haven't done so yet, log in your final Volunteer Hours completed for this 2016-17 school year until you reach the 40 hour minimum.
c  By June 8, have your minimum amount of Charger Card profits/contributions completed. You may find more information on Charger Cards here.  
c  By June 8, have at least your initial pledge to the Annual School Gift Campaign (ASGC) sent in to school. You may send in a check or choose to give online.  After logging in, click on the "Give a New Gift" link and then choose "ASGC."
c  By June 19, sign-up online for your volunteer job(s) you're interested in for the upcoming 2017-18 school year.
Mrs. Patterson Has Quite a Summer Planned
          Our 6th grade teacher Paula Patterson was featured in a story in the Snoqualmie
Valley Record newspaper, highlighting her outstanding lessons on the Holocaust, where she teaches her 6th grade social studies, religion, and language arts students each year about Judaism, World War II history, and most importantly, the pain of prejudice, and need to learn from history so we aren't doomed to repeat past atrocities such as the Holocaust. You can read the article here.
          Later this month, Paula (pictured at left) will travel with the Seattle Holocaust Center for Humanity to Poland, where she will walk the streets of Warsaw, which was home to one of the largest Jewish communities in the world at the beginning of World War II. The trip will include visits to the newly built Museum of the History of Polish Jews, and a two-day visit of the memorial site of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.
          Mrs. Patterson says, "I strive to help my students connect to the Holocaust not simply with their heads, but with their hearts and spirits as well. Learning about the idea of the Holocaust isn't enough. Connecting to the Holocaust spiritually and emotionally creates empathy and awareness that helps students become better Catholics, better Christians, better people."
          Thanks for your passionate teaching, Mrs. Patterson!
Art Project Fee
If you forgot to make your $20 per-family art project fee by the May 31st due date, please go now to make this payment online: Click on the "art project fee-pay here" link. Thank you for completing this requirement before the summer!
Keep Procuring!
Even if you've already donated to the auction, we encourage you to please continue to procure over the summer! We are still especially in need of:
  • premium wines;
  • small electronics;
  • local getaways;
  • sports tickets;
  • theater tickets;
  •  concert tickets.
You may complete your procurement using either the Online Procurement Form or turning in a hardcopy Procurement Form to the office. If you have procurement questions, please email Sue Richards at To see our complete wish list and gift registries, please visit our wish list. Thank you so much for your continued support.
Please note that we are unable to accept art, clothing, shoes, software, used items, or most professional services - included but not limited to haircuts, photographers, chiropractic care, or financial services. Items with a value of less than $25 are also not able to be accepted. For more information, check out our webpage.

Thanks for your participation in making Auction 2017 a success!
Our St. Louise School House truly rocks!  
Volunteer Your Smile
          Looking for a way to volunteer that easily slides into your schedule, will not take a lot of time, and where you will feel more connected with the parish? Then the Ministry of Greeter is for you! School parents are welcome to sign up their entire family to greet as a unit. One of St. Louise Parish's goal is to have every person who comes through the church doors to feel connected with our parish family. By welcoming each person in a positive, friendly, and spiritual manner, we help create a warm spiritually healthy parish environment that shows "We are happy that you have come!" Our goal is for everyone who enters St. Louise Parish to feel welcomed and loved. School parents who are greeters earn school volunteer hours. The qualifications are simple: You must be a registered member of St. Louise Parish; you are to attend  a one hour orientation; you must b e dependable and responsible; and most importantly you must have a welcoming smile that greets each person before and after Mass. The c ommitment you make is to arrive 20 minutes before Mass and remain 10 minutes after Mass, scheduled at your convenience for at least one Mass per month. To sign up to be a greeter, please email your name and telephone number to  and fellow parishioners Helen or Lorraine will be in touch.
We Are the Champions
          Last Saturday at Highline Stadium, the St. Louise track team won the overall CYO AAA Team Championship! Additionally, our 4th grade girls' team and boys' team both won their overall grade levels!
        Besides winning the meet, the St. Louise athletes broke many school records and brought home several 1st through 3rd place medals.
1st Place Medalists
The championship 4th grade boys' and girls' teams, some of whom are pictured here, were comprised of: Anna DeBord, Ellie Estrada, Elise Hueffed, Elana Kong, Anja Orleth, Sophie Pierce, Ruby Salmon, Annie Wilken, Dominic Gegus, Ben Goett, Charlie Peters, Ben Sharp, Nick Sharp, Ben Shaules, Brandon Thomas, and Ian Woelfl.

4th Grade
Charlie Peters (Long Jump)
Ruby Salmon (Softball Throw)
Annie Wilken (800m & Turbo Jav)
5th Grade
Tommy Rausch (400m)
Ella Utz (60m)
6th Grade
Andrew Gooding (800m & Softball Throw)
7th Grade
Colin Shaules (800m)
8th Grade
Katie Bruce (Shot Put)
Tagan Flaat (1600m)
2nd Place Medalists

4th Grade
Ellie Estrada (1600m)
Dominic Gegus (Turbo Jav)
Elie Hueffed (400m)
Ben Shaules (800m)
Boys 4x100 Relay (Charlie Peters, Ben Sharp, Nick Sharp & Ben Shaules)
Girls 4x100 Relay (Annie Wilken, Anna DeBord, Ruby Salmon & Elise Hueffed)
5th Grade
Justine Utz (800m)
6th Grade
Jenna Wilken (800m)
7th Grade
Sebastian Heinitz (100m)
Joaquin Galindo-Navarro (High Jump)
Boys 4x100 Relay (Sebastian Heinitz, Hayden Kosiara, Brandon Gegus & Joaquin Galindo-Navarro)
8th Grade
Tagan Flaat (Shot Put)
3rd Place Medalists
4th Grade
Anna DeBord (75m)
Charlie Peters (400m)
5th Grade
Allison Kussy (400m)
Helene Oen (800m)
Girls Shuttle Relay (Ella Utz, Sophie Pierce, Anja Orleth & Ann Sullivan)
6th Grade
Jenna Wilken (Shot Put)
7th Grade
Hayden Kosiara (Turbo Jav)
Joaquin Galindo-Navarro (400m)
8th Grade
Amara Thomas (100m)
4x400 Co-ed Relay (Tagan Flaat, Kate Wilken, Joaquin Galindo-Navarro & Colin Shaules)
New School Records
4th Grade
Elise Hueffed (400m)
Ben Shaules (800m)
Annie Wilken (800m & Turbo Jav)
5th Grade
Jack Sharp (75m)
Girls 4x100 Relay (Allison Kussy, Finley Gillespie, Helene Oen, & Justine Utz)
6th Grade
Jenna Wilken (800m)
7th Grade
Boys 4x100 Relay (Sebastian Heinitz, Hayden Kosiara, Brandon Gegus & Joaquin Galindo-Navarro)
8th Grade
Olivia Manning (1600m)
The Chargers are 2017 CYO Champions

Charger Card Office Open Thursday Morning

Order Cards You Will Need for Travel Plans


The  Charger Card office will be open for in-person sales from 8:15-8:45AM Thursday morning, and then will close for the summer, opening only for the August 3rd Uniform Sale date (4-6pm).
Learn how to use Charger Cards this summer and earn unlimited FREE $5 gift cards when you buy ScripNow and RELOAD Charger Cards online!

See the flyer in the red Family Envelope for details how you can earn FREE $5 gift cards this summer!



See the video that shows you how to use - the mobile website to purchase, use and track Charger Card scrip on your phone:



See the Online Registration Directions page for step by step info to register online and get started!

Charger Cards End-of-Year Checklist
Can you check off all of these?
c Have you met your Charger Card minimum requirement?
    * Either purchase cards which earn a combined $125 rebates -OR-
    * Buyout by making a $250 donation (Send check payable to "SLCC" to the
main office, Attn: Charger Cards)
c Have you returned all Charger Card plastic envelopes to the main office?
c Have you registered online and signed up for Presto Pay so you can
purchase cards over the summer?
c Have you used the online registration form for step-by-step instructions?
c Have you watched the video to use MyScripWallet mobile website on your phone?
c Have you planned to purchase Charger Cards for at least one of these upcoming events?
     * Teacher gifts for the end-of-year (see the "Faculty Wish List below)

     * Graduation gifts
     * Father's Day gifts
     * Summer Plans - Gas, Hotels, Disney, Menchie's, restaurants, etc.
     * Uniform and school supplies

Charger Card Team Looking for New Volunteers
Consider joining the team for the fall. Please email us  if you'd like to help! We need volunteers to help in these areas:
> Help sell cards at the Charger Card office on the Used Uniform Sale day - Thursday, August 3;
> Help with weekly card inventory and fulfillment on Friday mornings starting in September;
> Help sell cards on Sundays between Masses.

For more information on Charger Cards and online ordering, please visit or email 

Soccer & Cross Country Registration Has Begun
           St. Louise's CYO fall sports registration has opened - for playing soccer and cross country. Go HERE to register. Both sports are open to all students who will be in grades K-8 this coming fall. The soccer season starts at the end of August - please note this is before school begins - and cross country begins at the start of September.  If you have soccer questions, please contact coordinators Maria Kelly-Dogget or Christie Allemand at .
Student Wins Major Award
          On May 24, Bellevue Youth Link presented their 2017 Community Leadership Awards in a celebration at Bellevue City Hall, and one of the award winners was St. Louise's own 6th grader, Kate Leach! Kate (pictured at left) received the "Outstanding Youth in the Arts" award.
          In addition to working hard in the classroom at St. Louise, Kate is very involved in the arts through dance and music. She studies ballet at Bellevue's Emerald Ballet Academy and Theater, where she participates in their bi-annual productions, as well as in their community outreach program "Dance In Schools."  Kate also assists in teaching younger students at EBT.  Kate has competed both as a soloist and in ensembles in the regional Youth American Grand Prix (YAGP), the world's largest ballet competition and scholarship program. In 2016, Kate and her ensemble were selected for and competed in the YAGP international finals in New York City. In addition to dance, Kate has studied the piano for over five years.
          Bellevue Youth Link is a leadership program sponsored by the City of Bellevue, Parks & Community Service Department and Bellevue Public Schools.
          Way to go, Kate! We're proud of you!

Volunteers Needed this June and August
          As we construct four new classrooms on the 2nd floor this summer, we are going to have a two-stage moving plan for getting our north wing rooms moved to their new locations. First, one day during the June 22-28 timeframe, we'll be moving the students' desks and chairs to the 2nd floor outdoor deck, and we'll be moving Mr. Glaser's and Mrs. Patterson's 6th grade boxes of supplies and equipment to the library, so they'll be that much closer to their new home in August. Then, the second stage of moving will be in late August when construction is complete. We are not sure if this will be either the week of August 21st or 28th - and this will involve finishing the moving of these 6th grade items, along with moving the reading teacher's and Mrs. Bannick's math room's items to their newly constructed 2nd floor rooms.
          We are looking for parents - and upcoming 8th grade and older students - to help with one or both stages of the moving plans. If you will be able to help one day during the June 22-28 timeframe, and/or on August 21, and/or on August 28, please email Mike Fuerte and let him know your availability and the name(s) of the volunteer(s). We appreciate you sharing your muscles! 

St. Louise Students "Expected" to Be Life-Long Learners
         Student Learning Expectations - SLEs - are expectations that our students should know, understand, value, and be able to do by the time they graduate from St. Louise School. Each month, one or two different SLEs are focused on school-wide. Mr. Fitzpatrick announces to all the students the "SLE(s) of the Month" on a Monday intercom announcement at the beginning of each month. The students and their teachers then discuss the meaning of the SLE and come up with examples of how this expectation could be practiced, observed, and realized. They then work all month on improving their knowledge and understanding of this learning expectation, and some grade levels are even able to achieve it later that month or later in the year. Other grade levels will need more years of practice before they can confidently confirm they can satisfy this objective. At the end of the month, each class informs Mr. Fitz what their class did that demonstrated the SLE(s) was accomplished, or is being initially worked on and hopefully will be achieved in the future.
         Throughout the month of May, schoolwide we have focused on this Student Learning Expectation: SLE #2.2 -  "A St. Louise student is a life-long learner who communicates effectively through writing, speaking, and listening." A few of these classrooms' reports to Mr. Fitz are highlighted below.
         In Mrs. Cole's computer classes, the 3rd and 4th graders composed friendly letters to their homeroom teachers to demonstrate the ability to communicate through writing their thoughts, feelings, and gratitude for this school year.  Meanwhile, the 5th graders "created a business" in computer class.  They communicated their products, location, and information in the form of a Publisher brochure.  Next, they created a short commercial to advertise their business to the class.  They had to learn how to get people excited about their business by communicating in a clear, succinct manner. 
         In library class with Mrs. McIntosh, after listening earlier this spring to guest author Simon Calcavecchia, the 4th graders wrote him letters, sharing their thoughts about his informative and inspiring presentation.
         Back in their homerooms, the 4th graders have focusing all year on the SLE of being life-long learners who communicate effectively through writing, speaking, and listening. Among their accomplishments and efforts, Mrs. Danforth's and Mrs. Scruggs' students have written "Person of Faith" reports, written letters to soldiers, held "business meetings" with the classroom partners as they developed their Marketplace businesses, listened to classmates give presentations while taking notes.
In Seussical, Bella and Daniele spent months rehearsing their speaking and singing parts. Plus, on stage you have to listen to other characters in order to respond as your character.
         Even in another language, St. Louise students communicate effectively. Our junior high students in Mrs. Lux's Spanish classes write poems in Spanish and regularly read in Spanish, to gain confidence with fluency. They even listen to music by Jose Orozco, a famous Latin America children's musician. To demonstrate they are listening carefully and attentively, the students then sing back the words.
         Finally, Mrs. Talevich's 5th graders wrote family narratives where they had to interview a parent or grandparent to learn of a family story that they previously hadn't known. They then wrote up a three paragraph story gleaned from the interview. They shared the story in groups in their class, but this was a "telling," not a straight reading, so this involved the unique communication skill of story telling.

Congratulations to our Class of 2017
          We graduated 46 young men and women last Thursday evening, who will be matriculating to 14 different high schools this fall. They are a high-achieving group, skilled in academics, the arts, and sports - as shown by them being the only 8th grade class in recent memory to shutout the faculty (three games to zero) in the annual 8th Grade vs. Faculty Volleyball Game. 
          The individual award recipients at Graduation were:
  • St. Louise de Marillac Christian Spirit Award: Anne Marie Blank, Trevor Tang
  • Leadership Award: Julio Canimo, Natalie Nowak
  • Valedictorian: Kate Wilken
  • Class Speaker: Natalie Nowak
  • Knights of Columbus High School Scholarships: Katie Bruce, Paul Snyder
  • Dave and Darlyne Glaze Memorial Scholarships: Katie Miller, Amelia Aitken
  • Human Life Essay Winners: Katie Miller, Anne Marie Blank, Luke Darragh, Kate Wilken
  • CYO Christian Athletes: Jack Blair, Kate Wilken
Thank you to all who attending this past Sunday's Mother Son event at the Sounders game!! We hope you enjoyed yourselves! It was a beautiful night and fun spending it with our St. Louise   community!! If you are interested in helping plan next year's social activities, please reach out to us. We would love the extra help for next year and have some new ideas in store! 
~Teresa Brosche and or Rebecca Ort