Arma Dei Academy aims to glorify God by providing an excellent classical Christian education founded upon a biblical worldview which equips students to live purposefully and intelligently in service to God and others. 
No School Tomorrow
Report Cards
Report cards have been posted to the Parent Portal.
Please below for the parent portal, select the Student Info button.
Dads Bible Study
Parents - fathers in particular - are entrusted by God with the responsibility for ensuring children receive a Godly education (Eph. 6:4). Recognizing this fact, Arma Dei Academy seeks to partner with dads to provide expertise, resources, and Biblically based discussions on fatherhood. 
Dads, please join us every other Friday at 6:30 A.M. - 7:30 A.M. 
3/10 - Disrupting demands of culture 
3/24 - Dependence on God 
Please contact Eric Lehman with any questions.
Parent Teacher Conferences
Parent Teacher Conferences are tomorrow. There is no school for students.

Logic level conferences are in a round robin format and located in the dining room.
ALL logic teachers will be available to you during your scheduled time, please feel free to stay as long as you need.

Kindergarten - 5th grade conferences will be in the classrooms.
Please feel free to drop by the dining room anytime to visit with available math, Latin and science teachers that are available.

Katheryn Pranno, Communications Director, will be available in the morning for Student and Parent Portal questions.
Tolle Lege Challenge
Take Up and Read
Wow - what wonderful readers we have here at Arma Dei Academy! We hope the parents had just as much fun reading with their children.
Congratulations to the 5th grade class! They will be awarded a pizza party the week of March 20. Certificates will be handed out at chapel.
Kindergarten AM 16,267 min
Kindergarten PM 5,429 min
1st Grade 11,484 min
2nd Grade 17,730 min
3rd Grade 16,851 min
4th Grade Schramm 13,034 min
4th Grade Owsley 12,660 min
5th Grade 18,070 min
Thank You, Mrs. Williams!
Mrs. Angela Williams planned all of our science field trips this quarter. She researched many different science experiences for our students and  created packets for teachers with relevant information as they prepared students for the field trips.  Students visited the  CU Wildlife Experience, Play-Well TEKnologies Lego Robotics, Denver Children's Museum, Engineering for Kids, Fiske Planetarium , Air Force Academy,  Space Foundation Discovery Center,  Challenger Learning Center, and  iFLY Denver & Independence Aviation.  

What a great experience for our students, thank you Mrs. Williams!
Parents, please share your pictures on our facebook group page. 

6th & 7th grade
Challenger Learning Center

7th grade space patch design 
Pi Day and National Latin Exam
Pi Day 
Pi is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant - the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter - which is approximately 3.14159. Pi has been calculated to over one trillion digits beyond its decimal point.
Our logic students will bring a circular food to measure. There will be prizes awarded for memorization of the most digits of Pi, best tasting, most circular, and most creative.

National Latin Exam
Logic school students will participate in the National Latin Exam. 6th Grade students will take the "Intro to Latin" exam and both 7th and 8th Grade Students will take the "Latin Level One" exam.

Speech Meet
Arma Dei Academy students in first through eighth grades will participate in the first Rocky Mountain Classical Christian Schools Speech Meet on March 16 at Augustine Classical School in Lakewood, Colorado. 

Drop off and pick up time at Arma Dei is normal. Students are required to wear their chapel uniform.  Pizza lunch is provided and chartered buses will transport our students to Augustine Classical Academy. Please pack a snack and water bottle in a small bag.

This regional meet is designed to offer a venue for students to develop and practice public speaking skills as well as build community amongst classical Christian students in the Rocky Mountain region.

Each student will compete in one of the following four categories: Dramatic Interpretation, Bible Memory, Poetry, or Patriotic Recitation.
Personal Yearbook Pages
Tree Ring, our yearbook company, includes 2 free pages you may personalize with your own photos and memories.
Your Arma Dei Academy yearbook is included in the activity fees, there is no additional cost for the yearbook and personalized pages.
These personalized pages need to be completed by March 20.
Class Photos
An all school photo, class group photos and new student photos will be taken on Friday, March 17 after chapel.