The Talk on Tenth

Parents Guild Delivers Big Check to Marquette
Proceeds from Love Blue, Give Gold Gala, Block Party Totaled over $23,000 
The development office at Marquette is pleased to announce it received a $23,400 check from the Parents Guild this morning. 

The majority of that sum was raised at this past November's Love Blue, Give Gold Gala with additional proceeds coming from the back-to-school Block Party. 

"I want to thank the Parents Guild for their tireless efforts in helping us bridge the gap between our costs and tuition. Their collaboration with our development office is vital to Marquette achieving its mission and maintaining its position as a premier Catholic institution," CEO/principal James G. White said.

The $23,400 will immediately become $46,800 once Most Reverend Bishop Donald Hying matches the funds raised. Bishop Hying has pledged to match every dollar raised up to $500,000. The incentive might help explain the 37.6% increase in proceeds from the 2016 Love Blue, Give Gold Gala.

"Bishop Hying has given us a unique opportunity to create a groundswell of donations and we're taking advantage of it," White said.

Coincidentally, the development office did confirm today that the 2018 Marquette Mulligan will be held on Monday, May 21st at Long Beach Country Club. More information is to follow.