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Last week's horrific Paris attacks and Wednesday morning's deadly shootout in St. Denis sent European markets' focus on international security issues . Investors exercised caution rather than concern with stocks falling and core bonds rising.
In general, financial markets have been resilient in the midst of the attacks due to already low interest rates and loose monetary conditions in Europe that have depressed investors' appetite for risk, according to market strategists.

                                                                          Source: Market Watch
However, these events will continue to play out in a variety of ways over the next few weeks, affecting everything from defense-related stocks to travel and tourism . It is all the more likely that the European Central Bank will supercharge monetary policy easing next month.
As European markets rallied later in the week and Japan's Nikkei hit a three-month peak, the dollar fell after the Federal Reserve flagged a rate hike next month. After closing lower earlier this week due to commodity prices, the TSX rose again mid-week with higher oil prices and better than expected retailer earnings.
                                                                                                Source: Globe and Mail
In general, 2015 has been a challenging year for investors with Canadian, U.S. and emerging markets down 10.6%, 1.7%, and 14.1%, respectively. Comparatively, our portfolios have remained in good stead and we continue to monitor things closely, as we look for opportunities while ensuring security during this turbulent period.
On another note, as we enter the final season of the year-the most expensive season-Canadians' credit card debt has reached a two-year high, according to TransUnion. The average credit card debt in the third quarter of 2015 was $3,745, up 3.04% from $3,634 during this time last year. It's no doubt that more than two-thirds of Canadians worry a lot about their financial situation.
If you are part of this group, it's best to lower this debt with a financial plan that takes your goals and values into account. My latest blog on the psychology of investing discusses the important role these values play in your financial future, helping you keep your spending in check. It also covers how you and your spouse can get on the same page with your finances.
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