Newsletter 8 | Week of October 9-13
Dear Park Maitland Families,

I had planned on sending a note about wonderful happenings around campus but with the recent news of the shooting in Las Vegas, I feel compelled to take a different stance for right now. The horrific event of this past week is indeed every American’s worst nightmare.  Our deepest condolences go out to the victims, families, and friends whose lives were forever altered by this senseless attack. We also extend our sincere appreciation to the first responders who rendered care and assistance. They represent the compassionate and giving spirit that dominates humankind. 

In the wake of the largest mass shooting in U.S. history, it’s inevitable that our children, no matter what age will hear of the news and be confused and even afraid. When talking with children about tragedy, parents often don't know where to start. Dr. Sharon Carnahan at Rollins College offers her advice:

1.  Turn off the TV. Avoid filling your child’s mind with graphic images or details. 
2.   Slow down a bit… bring peace and quiet to your home. Be a place for healing.
3.  If your younger child does not ask about it, don't bring it up. Children react to our anxieties and when we are anxious, we can tend to say too much. Ask your older children what they already know. Help them separate fantasy and reality.  Adults everywhere are discussing the tragedy and will be for some time. You can’t hide it. And, don’t you want to be the person your child asks about the tough things?

4.   Answer the tough questions. Choose a good time to talk. Find your own answers to your child’s main questions, and be ready. Your child may ask:
  • What happened?
  • Am I safe?
  • What are you doing to keep me safe?
  • Why was that killer so mad?
  • Why did he hurt those people?
  • How did he get a big gun?
  • Why did God let this happen?

5.  As a parent, know that violence is everywhere and we must work to stop it in families, towns, cities, and countries. We cannot protect our children well enough to avoid it, no matter how secure we are in our gated communities.

In this time of darkness for so many, let us take the time to show gratitude for what we have. Not the many material items but the most coveted and irreplaceable, our family, our friends…

At Park Maitland, we remain committed to maintaining a diverse and caring community helping our children learn to battle hate and embrace and celebrate differences in us all. 
With love, hope, and peace for all,

Cindy Moon

Head of School
Park Maitland School

Linked below you will find a great news clip discussing how to talk to your children about what happened in Las Vegas.

Calendar of Events
Tu. 10.10 - Williamsburg Chaperone Meeting
Th. 10.12 - Skate Night for a Cause 6:30-8:15 pm / Grade 1 to Brevard Zoo /K4 Pirate Day
Fri. 10.13 - No School For Students, Teacher Work Day
Mon. 10.16 - Gift Wrap Fundraiser begins /Dress Down Day for Down's Syndrome Awareness
T-F 10.17-10.20 - Grade 5 to Williamsburg
M-Th. 10.23-10.26 - Jack o'Lantern Contest
Wed. 10.25 - Parent Chat with Lori Smith, Smart Social Media Usage, 8:15 a.m.
Th. 10.26 - Admissions Open House
Fri. 10.27 - Gr. 6 Gothic Fiction
Tu. 10.31 - Halloween Fun Day
We d. 11.1 - Confidence T-shirt Day
Fri. 11.3 - No School - Teacher Work Day
Fri. 11.10 - Veteran's Day Assembly
Full Sail Gaming Workshop
Monday, October 9th
3:25-5:25 pm
Cost: $50/2 hr.                                       
Class size limit: 22 students 
Grades 4-6

Anybody can play a game, but it takes special knowledge and drive to create your own games in this workshop, we will explore the basics of the GameMaker Studio software and how it helps to streamline the development process. Students will design a new theme for an existing arcade-style game, and the create every aspect required to make it work. They will select pre-made game assets then use powerful tools to turn their still pictures into animations that enhance their games they love were made, and a much clearer picture of the design and development process.

Monday, October 23rd
2:35-5:35 pm
Cost: $75/3 hr.                                    
Class size limit: 22 students
Grades 1-3

Does your child play video games and tell you they are going to make their own games some day? If yes, then this is the perfect workshop to get your child started in the workshop, students will learn the principles of game design and experience the industry-standard development process through guided play and exploratory builds. By completing a number of hands-on games design activities, students will better understand how games are made and the collaboration required to make it happen.

Step Up For Down Syndrome!
Dress Down Day--
Monday, Oct. 16!
October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month and we are offering students a dress down day on Monday, October 16 to show our support! Students will be allowed to wear their favorite blue and/or yellow attire for a $2 donation (or a monetary donation of any kind). 

We also encourage Park Maitland friends and family to join Team Mae's Minions at the 19th Annual Step Up for Down Syndrome Buddy Walk™.

Learn more about Team Mae's Minions and Step Up For Down Syndrome by following the links below.

When looking at the grade level calendars on, the "Agenda" format can be useful for parents who prefer to see the calendar in a list format. Simply click "Agenda" in the top right corner of the calendar. Parents can also print the agenda at the beginning of each week to post as a handy reminder!
Park Maitland's students are well versed in the "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People." Each month we will focus on one habit and this month's habit is "Put first things first."
Brothers Liam and Landon showed their generous spirit when they emptied their piggy banks and their wallets to help the people of Puerto Rico!
I t's almost that time of year when festive fruits will line our driveway welcoming each of you with their friendly or fiendish demeanor. 

Return the attached entry form to the front desk by Thursday, October 13th!

PLEASE HELP!   Ms. Belle Warren is looking for parent volunteers to help organize this wonderful event! Please contact her by email at to volunteer.
This event is a lot of fun for our
parent volunteers!

Please plan to join us for the first "Skate for a Cause". Skate for a Cause is hosted by the Student Ambassadors and ALL of the proceeds will go toward helping the people in Puerto Rico rebuild after two major storms caused such devastation. (We increased skating party cost $1 to support this cause.)
Thursday, October 12th
6:30-8:15 pm 
at Semoran Skateway, 
2670 Cassel Creek Blvd.,
Casselberry, FL
Purchase your tickets now and SAVE!
Advance tickets are $7.00.
Tickets can also be purchased
at the door for $8.00.

Return this linked form to the front desk to get your tickets NOW! Please make checks payable to Park Maitland School.
Eagles Volleyball
There is only one regular season match left! Please come out to support and cheer on our UNDEFEATED Eagles volleyball team as they take on Christ School Green on Saturday!

All games played at 2008 N. Goldenrod Rd.

10 a.m. vs. Christ School Green


Click here to see a detailed schedule.
We would like to honor our veterans by inviting them to attend a special "Veteran's Day" assembly on Friday, Nov. 10th! If you or your family members that are veterans would like to attend this special event, please fill out the below form by Wednesday, Oct. 25th so that formal invitations may be sent by mail.
We wish that we had the space to invite all of our families, but space is very limited during assemblies, and we must limit attendance to veterans and their families only.
Gift wrap and Fun Goodies!
(Begins Monday, October 16)

Be on the lookout for information about the Charleston Wrap school fundraiser in your child's folder! Beautiful gift wrap and other goodies will be available for all occasions! (Our magazine sale fundraiser will take place after the new year.)

Participation in any school fundraiser is by your choice only. Tuition payments cover expenses at Park Maitland School (teacher salaries, plant maintenance, educational materials, etc. as per our annual budget). Fundraisers help to provide “extras” that will benefit the school and your children. We love children, and we love being able to provide the very best environment, materials, and teachers that we can find. In the rare instances that we plan a fundraiser expressly for the school, you have our assurance that we will always attempt to offer quality products for family and friends in return for your kind donations.
Yearbook Ads On Sale NOW!
*Sample Ad*
Celebrate your special student by purchasing a yearbook dedication! Ads can be purchased and designed directly through Balfour's yearbook ad maker.

The yearbook ad builder will close on January 15, 2018 , so don't delay. Follow the directions on the flyer and purchase your ad today!* (Ads are sold on a first-come-first served basis, until all allotted pages are sold.)

Full page - (6th grade only) $365
1/2 page - $265
1/4 page- $190

1. Visit & find our school
2. Select ad size
3. Create an account (name, email & password)
4. Enter student’s first & last name, click Create New Ad
5. Choose an ad design
6. Upload photos & design ad
7. Click Add to Cart & Checkout – Ad delivered to yearbook staff

(Yearbook ads can not be accepted
after January 15th.)
Cady Studios portraits will be sent home in approximately 4-6 weeks. If your child was absent on photo day there will be a retake day on Thursday, November 7 . Also, if you are not happy with the first portrait, students only need to return their package to the photographer on retake day and have their photo retaken.
October is underway for Club Read to Lead. Any students can participate in Read to Lead at any time! Check Ms. Talbert's Read To Lead info on her Teacher Page to download this months calendar activities and reading log, and learn more about how your child can participate. You can find a direct link to the Club Read to Lead page below. Happy Reading!

Parent Chat with Lori Smith
and special guest, Jim West

This important Parent Chat with Attorney, Lori Smith, will focus on the importance of smart social media usage. We also welcome special guest, Child Psychologist, Jim West, who will share the perils of technology addiction.

Wednesday, October 25th

Please sign in in front of the AAC/gym
and pick up your name tag.

Lori W. Smith of Zimmerman, Kiser, & Sutcliffe, P.A., will be here to discuss how youth can use social media in a smart way. She will highlight successes of young teens who have used social media in school, entertainment, and youth related businesses. Ms. Smith will also highlight common social media mistakes.

In today's world of fast-paced and varied technological communication, children and adults are often surprised at the ramifications of hitting that "send" or "post" button without careful consideration. As a result of Ms. Smith's previous presentations, many adolescents seem to be rethinking their social media and communication choices. 

We ask that at least one parent of our 5th and 6th grade students attend this timely and relevant chat. Mrs. Smith will also meet with grade 5 and 6 students following the parent session

Parent Chats with Carol Miller
and Matt Pearce


Mark your calendar for these very interesting parent chats. The coming sessions will be broken into four different events based on age groups so that you, as parents, get the most specific information relevant to your child or children. 

All chats will begin at 8:15 a.m. 
Please sign-in in front of the AAC/gym and pick up your name tag.

Grades 1-2 -- Wednesday, Nov. 1

  • Learn what your child is up to in personal and social development in this phase of life. 
  • Identify play and its purpose in the life of your child. 
  • Walk away with useful tools for talking to and playing with your child during this phase of life. 
  • Understand the social needs of your child. 
  • Learn about setting and maintaining limits. 
  • Parent to support your child in today's world.

Student Ambassadors had a wonderful time at Honored Elders last week. They played bingo and everyone, young and old, enjoyed their special time together!
Student Ambassadors are starting a collection to help the people in Puerto Rico who are suffering after the hurricanes devastated their country. There is a great need for the items listed. Any donations are greatly appreciated!

(Please place donations in clear plastic bins which will be located in various locations around campus.)
Water filters
Manual can openers
Canned food
Diapers all sizes
Adult diapers all sizes
Baby wipes
Hand sanitizer
Cleaning supplies
Toilet paper
Shop towels for cleaning
Battery operated Lanterns
Pet food can and dry (grain free preferred).
First aid supplies
Toiletries (toothpaste, feminine hygiene products, deodorant ect).
(Please note: Teacher pages are not updated for
the following week until Sunday at 4:00 p.m.)